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Spring has certainly sprung here at Jackpot Capital, and our Spring Bonus Fairy has come to celebrate with us! Finally, it’s time to put away all of those sweaters, scarves and mittens, and trade them in for those bright summer clothes, Hawaiian shirt included. We all look forward to that very first day of Spring, and that day is finally here - March 20th is the official Spring Equinox! Chances are, you may have some leftover snow lingering in your yard, but those days are soon behind you. If you want to celebrate the start of a new season, in style, then the best place to be is here with us at Jackpot Capital, where we’re offering you the chance to vote on your favorite Spring-themed slot, rewarding you with a blooming bonus! Yes, the Spring Bonus Fairy has come to town, and she wants you to get a winning start this season!

Make Way - The Spring Bonus Fairy has Arrived!

What, exactly, does it mean when the Spring Bonus Fairy comes to Jackpot Capital for the brand new start of the season? In truth, it means many things - And we’re sure you’ll be pleased with all that’s to come in this next week! Generally speaking, you’ll have warm air, sunshine and (hopefully!) green grass sprouting out, in all directions, and while we’re sure you’ll be happily enjoying the warmer weather outside, you have something extra special waiting for you at Jackpot Capital! Be sure to get out all of those bright colors and florals, for you’ll want to get in the mood for when our Spring Bonus Fairy arrives - Today!

For the this week, from March 20th - 27th, we’re giving both our regular and VIP players a chance to vote for their favorite Spring-themed slot at Jackpot Capital, and for your vote, we’ll reward you with a bonus! Your vote is decided based on the coupon code you use and don’t be surpised, based your deposit amount the bonus can be up to 150 free spins! So depending on how lucky and ‘bright’ you’re feeling, you can take your pick of which blooming bonus and slot appeals to you most, make a deposit, and collect a rewarding bonus! We’ve chosen our slots based on the most popular amongst our players, all with very Spring-inspired themes, and the Spring Bonus Fairy can’t wait to reward you for your votes!

Take a look at our voting options for our Regular Players! Choose your favorite game and use the matching Coupon code! We reward you with a great bonus, where the higher you deposit the more free spins you get!

Game of Your Choice: Coupon Code:
Enchanted Garden SPRINGFAIRYEG
Enchanted Garden 2 SPRINGFAIRYEG2


Deposit: Get:
$45 - $99.99 50 Free Spins
$100 - $149.99 75 Free Spins
$150 - $199.99 100 Free Spins
$200 - $249.99 125 Free Spins
$250+ 150 Free Spins

Additionally, for our VIP Players, go ahead and make your vote on your favorite Spring slot and bonus! Your vote is based on the coupon code you use as well and additionally to the 50% bonus money we also give you free spins on top – the higher your deposit the more free spins you will get on top! Simply make a deposit and use the coupon code of your choice and don’t be surprise to get up to 200 free spins on top of $400 bonus. Remember, as a VIP, you can claim both the Regular and VIP offer!

Game of Your Choice: Coupon Code:
Enchanted Garden 2 VIPSPRINGFAIRYEG2


Deposit: Get:
$100 - $149.99 50% (up to $75) + 100 Free Spins
$150 - $199.99 50% (up to $100) + 125 Free Spins
$200 - $249.99 50% (up to $125) + 150 Free Spins
$250 - $299.99 50% (up to $150) + 175 Free Spins
$300+ 50% (up to $400) + 200 Free Spins

Make Your Deposit & Vote Today!

 Vote with Spring Fairy

Choose Wisely - Your Vote Depends on It!

With five thrilling slots to choose from, you are best advised to choose wisely - Your blooming bonus depends on it! We pride ourselves on having some of the best slots available online here at Jackpot Capital, and with our Spring Bonus Fairy visiting for the week, the focus is certainly on the most green, fresh, Spring-themed slots we have available. Are you in the mood to travel through the Enchanted Garden, picking up bonus flowers as you float through the magical paradise of the most secretive gardens? Or are you in the mood to get to work on your next big win, heading out to the farm with Henhouse, or helping the busy beavers in Builder Beaver? If neither of these entice you, how about going straight into the action with Triple Twister? The choices are, indeed, all good ones, but you only have one vote for your favorite Spring slot - And blooming bonus!

If you needed a reminder about our great games, let us review the bonus benefits of each one, ensuring your choice of vote will not go to waste!

We know that many of our players here at Jackpot Capital love the Enchanted Garden and Enchanted Garden 2 slot games; they are amongst the top favorite slots here at Jackpot Capital! Both titles emit a complete feeling of ‘fantasy’, with your journey taking you into a world filled with fairies, never seen before flowers and butterflies, with the potential of seeing the majestic unicorn - If you’re lucky, that is! While, generally speaking, both of these online slot games are incredibly relaxing and enjoyable, they keep you equally stimulated with plenty of bonus features. Look forward to the progressive jackpot available in Enchanted Garden, with additional chances at Scattered wins, a Wild Multiplier, and an exciting Free Spins feature! Enchanted Garden 2 reveals two bonus features, with both Free Games and Free Spins, and, naturally, a fixed jackpot! Either of these great slot games could make your Spring Bonus Fairy dreams come true!

If you’re more the type who likes to get to work, rather than frolic in the garden, then Henhouse may be your slot to vote for! You’ll have plenty of time to work on your farmer’s tan while you’re out in the back, working with chickens, in hopes of collecting plenty of ‘bonus eggs’ to take home with you. Hard work is rewarded, after all! Haystacks, pigs, chickens and the evil fox will be amongst the symbols you’ll come across. Work hard enough, and you may be the lucky one to trigger one of the two progressive jackpots, while you can also look forward to the bonus game, Henhouse Pick. Choose your lucky hen in hopes of uncovering the ‘Golden Egg’, rewarding you with Free Games and the chance to move to the next round! Let’s see if hard work pays off!

If the farm isn’t your favorite place to spend a fine Spring day, not to worry, you can join the busy beavers in Builder Beaver! An impressive creature of the animal kingdom, beavers work hard and long to make some of the sturdiest habitats in all of nature, and if you share their undeniable hard work ethic, this may be the slot that takes your vote! Not only does this slot game offer a non-progressive jackpot to a lucky player who truly ‘sinks their teeth’ into the experience, but you can also trigger one of the two bonus features - A Free Spins bonus round, or the Beaver Feature, with more free spins and a 3x Multiplier! The only question remains, are you an eager beaver?!

Last, but certainly not least, we have our Triple Twister slot game, showing us the not-so-calm side of the Spring season. If chaos and a fast adventure is what you’re after, this is certainly the right slot for you - It’s a nonstop thrill, with a bit of danger, for the risk-taking player in all of us. Not only does this slot game have a very enticing progressive jackpot, but you can also reap the rewards of triggering the Triple Twister Feature. Collect nine free games and look out for the Twister replicating itself into two additional reels - Giving more chances to win during the storm!

As you can see, there is plenty of bonus potential in all of our top-rated Spring slots, and in order to cast your vote, all you have to do, is pick your favourite spring slot, use the matching coupon code, make a deposit and enjoy the bonus on your account! The Spring season is the time for new beginnings, new life and a ‘blooming’ chance to raise above the odds and make a change - So don’t miss your chance! This week, the Spring Bonus Fairy will be treating all of the Jackpot Capital players well, as long as you make your choice, vote and let your blooming bonus flourish! Go ahead, choose carefully and join in on the fun. If you’d rather stay outside, just bring your mobile and play, while you bask in the rays!

Make Your Vote, Collect Your Bonus!

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