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Whether you’re an experienced veteran of the online casino world, or a newbie looking to break into the fun, you’ve surely come across the term “wagering requirements”. These requirements are a vital part of online casinos, and without them, there wouldn’t be many lucrative bonus offers for you to collect. But, what are they? Well, this week we want to take the time out to teach you all about wagering requirements, how they work, and why they’re important. Keep on reading to take advantage of our transparency and educate yourself about online gaming at Jackpot Capital!

What are Wagering Requirements

Online casinos are one of the joys of the internet, giving you the opportunity to play your favorite games from the comfort of your own home while working to hit a jackpot and earn some extra cash. When you sign up to play with just about any online casino, you’re committing yourself to fun and fair play on the internet. With so many different casinos, there’s a lot of competition, which is why we work hard to put our players first. Part of putting players first is creating innovative and large bonus offers for you to collect. The idea of a bonus is to give our loyal players an advantage on the field, and an extra boost while playing.

By collecting a bonus with Jackpot Capital, as with just about any other online casino, you’re agreeing to redeem the offer along with its wagering requirements. A wagering requirement means that the bonus amount collected must be wagered a certain number of times before the player can withdraw their winnings. Sometimes, the deposit total is added in, and one must wager the total amount of the bonus plus the deposit together. Wagering requirements are a simple rule, in place to protect the operating casino.

Why would the casino need to be protected? Because if wagering requirements weren’t in place, a person could simple collect a bonus, withdraw the money, and walk away without ever playing a game, effectively pocketing free money. By signing up with a casino<link signup>, we’re entering into a relationship, and every relationship needs a balance, offering something in return! By having wagering requirements in place, the player is obliged to spend the bonus money, and can’t simply run away in bad faith. It may even be tempting to cash in after hitting it big, but you still must fulfill your wagering requirements. It’s easy to track how much you have left to wager via the account page, or if you prefer human contact, it’s always easy to contact our highly professional and friendly customer support!

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A New and Improved Experience

It’s important to understand that just about every time you claim a bonus at an online casino, you’re accepting new wagering requirements. We always recommend reading the terms and conditions before claiming any bonus and to fulfill your previous wagering requirements before claiming a new bonus.

Typically, wagering requirements lie between 30x-40x. It’s possible to lower your wagering requirements by frequently playing. Slots offer the best way towards lowering your requirements. Though, here at Jackpot Capital, we often lower our wagering requirements as a part of a bonus!

Right now we have a low wagering requirement for our VIPs, as a part of our New Game promotion! This month, we’re featuring the brand new Gemtopia, sparkling with hidden treasures for you to collect!

We pride ourselves on fair gameplay and providing our players with the best the world of online casinos have to offer, so come on over and collect one of our incredible bonuses!

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