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Jackpot Capital is Already So Good So How Can it Get Any Better?

People involved in online gaming—from gamers to game providers to casino managers—talk often about the future.  The future is truly fascinating.  However, since the cliché is “the past is prologue to the future” it might be a good idea to look to the past in order to see the future!

The Network

Every successful game provider has a number of online casinos that run its games.  This creates a network of casinos that can be intertwined one with another even though they are also, in a sense, in competition with each other.  The most common way this network works is in the area of the progressive slot machine jackpot.

When the first online casino came to the gaming market some twenty years ago, there was naturally no such market and therefore no big progressive jackpots.  The multi-million dollar progressive jackpots of today are the direct result of two important historical developments: the proliferation of online casinos and the amazing success the online gaming business has had overall.

Size Doesn’t Matter in Cyberspace

No land based casino can accommodate the number of gamers who are playing at the same time at any reliable online casino.  A land based casino may have customers from lands far away but most of their gamers are relatively local.  An online casino such as Jackpot Capital has world-wide reach at the swipe of a finger!

The future may be for more millions of people to play casino games online where they have more flexibility and control and can set more reasonable time schedules for gaming.  An exponential rise in the number of gamers will inevitably create a massive increase in the size of progressive jackpots!

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The graphics in the earliest online casinos were primitive.  Every couple of years the software that produces the graphics of online games improved.  What we once thought of as impossible is today commonplace and therefore we cannot underestimate the great improvements to come in online casino game graphics.

Most of the graphics research goes into games like slots.  In the future, we will surely see more 3D slots and characters who talk a lot more than they talk now.  We might see the time that gamers can write dialogue for the characters as the story line in the slot unfolds.

We might see the time that gamers will be able to determine the course of the story itself.  Gamers may be able to create their own characters out of a data base of features.  To say that the graphics and animation of today are the height of graphics and animation forever is quite probably a foolish statement indeed!

Online Casinos are in Competition with Each Other

This is obvious and yet we probably have only just started to see how casinos can react to competition.  The marketing of online casinos is still in its infancy.  Where once there were very few online casinos, today there are thousands and soon there will be hundreds of thousands (!).

We might find niche casinos serving a narrow clientele.  We might find boutique casinos.  It isn’t important that we don’t know today what the niche or boutique casinos of the future will look like.  It is only important to understand that no industry can say that it is not viable to a niche or boutique client base.

Twenty years ago, baseball teams relied on individual fans for their support.  Today teams rely on corporations that buy sky boxes.  Just as we cannot predict the next ten years in baseball, so we cannot predict exactly how online casinos will look in ten years but we can say that niche or boutique casinos would not surprise us!

Innovations in Blackjack and Video Poker

Gamers at Jackpot Capital can choose from several variations of both of these exciting games.  Perhaps Real Time Gaming will develop new variations that will be enormously popular with our gamers.  There are already video poker variations with wild cards.  Maybe in the future, there will be variations with more wild cards or different wild cards.

The sky truly is the limit when it comes to the imagination behind the games.  Maybe one day RTG will come up with a slot that combines the skill set needed to win at video poker or blackjack with the luck that drives slots.

People are Becoming More Affluent All the Time

  • People have more money.
  • People have more time.
  • People have more freedom.

We don’t wish to enter sensitive political discussions but we see everywhere that people are wealthier than ever before and people crave freedom.  The combination of wealth, freedom, and the availability of online gaming will naturally expand the client base of online casinos dramatically.

In response to a growing population of affluent people, the number of casinos will increase and the number of game providers will increase as well.  How long will we wait until a developer introduces a slot in which the players can change the direction of the reels in the middle of the game?  How long will we wait until many more changes than the ones we speculated about earlier will come to pass?

In video poker, we now have multi-hand for 50 hands or more.  Will we someday see multi-hand video poker for 200 hands?

Office Casino Party

With large screens falling in price even as the screens themselves grow ever bigger in size, we might see the development of casino parties.  The office casino party may be quite close at hand.  Rather than play casino games for real money and to enlarge one’s own pocketbook, we might see office casino parties for charity where the company or each player “contributes” some money with the participation of the casino as well with all “winnings” going to charity.

When We Talk about the Future, There is no Final Word

The casinos of the earliest days gave way to sleeker casinos with more options.  The online Jackpot Capital of the future will probably be quite different than the Jackpot Capital of today and we can assure all of our gamers that the future Jackpot Capital will be a grand casino indeed!

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