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How to Play Casino Games Online without Some Common Mistakes

Jackpot Capital online casino has many articles on how to play various games.  We especially want our gamers to play the games of skill well.  We give as sound advice as we can in the hope that gamers will always have a great time playing the 300 or more games on offer here at Jackpot Capital.

We would like to add this article to the large library we have at the bottom of the homepage.  This article will give good advice on how to avoid some common mistakes.

Mistake Number 1: Betting too Much

People who take their money seriously are always asking themselves, “Is it worth it?” or “Can I afford it?”  These kinds of questions apply to everything we buy.  It is a kind of Goldilocks and the Three Bears situation. Is the cable package we have too expensive or is it just right?   Is the sofa too hard or is it just right?  Is this bet too high or is it just right?

The basic mistake that some gamers make is that they don’t ask themselves if the bet they have made is too high or just right.  We might say that if a gamer can’t answer that question, he or she is not yet ready to play for real money.  Fortunately, we also offer unlimited free play for gamers who don’t yet know if their bet is too high or just right.

Mistake Number 2: Playing too Long

Here there are two parts to this common mistake.  This mistake is made much more often by players who used to play at land based casinos and came to Jackpot Capital when their local or favorite land based casino closed.

When players go to a land based casinos, they expect to play for hours at a time.  The idea of getting your money’s worth for the time and expense of traveling to an online casino drives the long gaming sessions there.

But there are no travel costs involved in gaming at Jackpot Capital or any other good online casino.  In addition, the casino is always open.  We are available to gamers 24/7/365!  The result is that there is no reason for gamers to play online for hours on end!

The second part of the playing too long mistake is not taking the time to stretch.  This, once again, is a mistake that many land based casino gamers carry over to online gaming.  At land based casinos, players protect their seats at all costs even to the extent that they cause some harm to their leg and back muscles by sitting too long.

Office workers are told to stand and stretch, walk around at least every half an hour.  Passengers on airplanes for even short domestic flights are advised to stand and stretch as often as they can.  On an airplane where everyone is crowded, even standing in the aisle by your seat and stretching your legs is a good, healthy thing to do!

The same applies to online casino gaming! You can’t lose your seat so get up, go to the bathroom, fix something to drink (not alcohol) and give your body a much needed break!

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Mistake Number 3: Playing for Real Money before You Know All the Rules

We offer unlimited free play for two main reasons.  The first and most obvious is that we want to help gamers who are restricted by their gaming budget form playing for real money at least for the time being.

The second reason is that we want gamers to be familiar with every game they play here at Jackpot Capital before they play them for real money.  You can research any game online or you can play it here in free play mode and get the hang of it that way.

Mistake Number 4: Playing too Fast

Gamers should savor the joy of gaming.  This means taking your time hitting spin or deal for the next game.  We don’t mean that you should ponder every spin or hand like a philosopher might ponder the big questions.  We simply mean that, even though you can take a mere half second from spin to spin or deal to deal, it would be better to take a full second or even…. a second and a half!

Over the course of a modest session, this extra time taken would result in fewer hands played or fewer spins.  This in itself is not the goal.  The goal is to always keep online gaming in its proper perspective as a pastime, an entertainment, and a happy activity.

Gamers who find themselves literally rushing to make the next spin or deal the next hand are possibly on the cusp of becoming irresponsible gamers.  We must always remain and maintain ourselves as responsible gamers!

Mistake Number 5: Always Playing with Your Own Money

The idea is to take matching deposit bonuses and to play with Jackpot Capital’s money.  Now, of course, if you have to deposit to get a bonus, you will at some point have to play with your own money!  We advise gamers to see playing with bonus money as if they were shopping for clothes.

If two stores have the same article of clothing you are looking for and one offers a discount of, say, 20% everyone would expect shoppers to take the garment at the discounted price.

Well, Jackpot Capital often offers “discounts” on money much higher than 20%!  Once a gamer has completed the wagering requirement for a bonus, we feel that it is a good idea to take another bonus.

A corollary to this piece of advice is to participate in as many of our promotions as possible.  We offer promotions almost every day of the week and twice on Wednesday!

Mistake Number 6: Not Playing Banana Jones

Cuddly ol’ Banana Jones should be like a mascot to your gaming!  The game he plays in is located in the Specialty Games section.  It is a variation in the famous kids game Chutes and Ladders.  Since this is Banana Jones, Indiana Jones’ “cousin”, the chutes are snakes….EEK….and the ladders are vines.

Banana Jones is a game that will put a broad smile on your face!

Mistake Number 7: Not Joining Jackpot Capital

We urge everyone to join NOW if you aren’t yet a member of the Jackpot Capital family!  We offer the finest online gaming experience and add as much good advice as we can along the way!

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