Let the Jackpot Capital Login be Your Entry-way to Great Gaming Fun

The jackpot casino login here at Jackpot Capital is the portal through which a great world of online casino gaming awaits. We would like to explain briefly what is contained in that great word of online gaming and, then for fun, we will examine a few of the amazing portals in world history fact or fiction.

Jackpot Capital Offers Great Games

We carry about 300 games from SpinLogic, one of the top game providers. We feature a new slot every month! This is no small feat as gamers have become quite sophisticated and want an exciting new slot every month!

Slots are a perfect game to demonstrate one of the big advantages gaming at Jackpot Capital has over land-based casinos. On land casinos have limited space that they have to use to full capacity in order to generate enough revenues to turn a profit.

Here at Jackpot Capital, we do not have any space contingencies so we can bring in a new slot every month that thousands of gamers can all play at the same time while a land-based casino might bring in 8 to 10 new terminals and then has to take out the same number of terminals!

If a land-based casino brings in 10 terminals of a new slot, that means that only 10 players can play that slot at the same time. Contrast 10 with thousands and you see one of the top differences between an online casino such as Jackpot Capital and a land-based casino!

Jackpot Capital Offers Many Variations of Video Poker and Blackjack

Blackjack tables take up a lot of floor space that a land-based casino would rather devote to slots which they calibrate in the factory at a few percentage points lower return to player rate than we have our slots calibrated!

Video poker terminals take up the same amount of floor space as slots terminals take up so, in theory, a land-based casino can carry as many video poker terminals as slots terminals. This is true only in theory! Video poker, like blackjack, when played correctly on every hand, has a return to player rate of about 99.5%!

As we mentioned above, slots at land-based casinos return a lot less to players! So, land-based casinos carry a lot more slots games than video poker games.

Jackpot Capital Offers Many Deposit Bonus Promotions

Online casinos such as Jackpot Capital excel at bonus promotions. Land-based casinos cannot offer bonus promotions since the wagering requirement would in almost all cases take too long to complete in a long weekend at the casino!

What are Some of the Most Immortal Portals in History?

As we said earlier, the casino login here at Jackpot Capital is your portal to great, fun online casino gaming! Now it’s time to look at some of the great portals in history.

Ellis Island

From 1892 until 1924, over 12,000,000 immigrants came through Ellis Island to resettle in the United States. Many settled in New York City itself but many millions settled in other parts of the US. In Manhattan, the first neighborhood a new immigrant lived in was a portal in itself.

Hundreds of books and dozens of movies have been made about the immigrant existence in New York City alone!

Before Ellis Island was established, the individual states were responsible for processing new immigrants. Thus New Orleans in the south and San Francisco in the west were prominent ports of entry for new immigrants.

Gates of Walled Cities

We have seen many movies where giant gates separated outsiders from the residents of walled cities. The great gate of the Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz is one such portal.

In real life, a gate to a walled cut was constructed so that an invading soldier had to turn to the right in order to get into the city. As most people are right handed, the soldier would have his sword in his right hand and his shield in his left hand.

The turn to the right would expose the soldier’s torso to the sword of a defender!

Although the Rabbit Hole in the great fantasy Alice in Wonderland is not a structural portal, it is still an entrance-way to a world of immense fantasy and is as famous as any real portal!

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Great Structures Have Massive Portals

The entrance to the Taj Mahal and the entrance to the Temple of the Sleeping Buddha are two famous portals in history. Nathaniel Hawthorne, in his epic of early Boston spent several paragraphs talking about the door to the local jail and the ponderous door of the church.

Many high school students learned the meaning of the word ponderous from Nathaniel Hawthorne!

The Grand Tradition in Europe

Wars have destroyed many buildings in Europe over the centuries. In cities where centuries old doors are still standing, every door seems to be an elaborate portal with great stone work or wooden lattice-work acting as an entrance for residents and visitors.

The entrances of the great cathedrals of Europe were all built in the tradition of the door as a symbolic pathway or gateway to salvation. Today, in cities like Prague and Vienna, concerts are given in churches as Europe has fully embraced a post-religious way of life. So, in those cities, the portal to the church serves as a promise of great music to be heard within!

Ceremonies as Portals

We often refer to ceremonies as rites of passage. A wedding, for instance, is a rite of passage in which two families become intertwined. So, the wedding ceremony is considered a portal to a future life of familial happiness between the couple and their extended families.

Long before the wedding ceremony itself is the rite of passage as the couple meets each other’s families! This is a portal of emotionality as ponderous as the doors we mentioned above in the Scarlet Letter!

Graduation ceremonies are far more elaborate than the actual reality of graduating form one level of instruction to another as in high school graduation but they are also portals to a future life as a professional in one’s chosen field of interest.

The Entrances to Sports Stadiums

Every young boy and a growing number of young girls can remember long into adulthood the first time they entered the stadium of their favorite sports team. This emotional response is most pronounced in baseball, football, and soccer.

In the movie “Rudy” the protagonist Rudy brings his nearly-blind father to the stadium where Notre Dame plays football. It was the father’s first time in that stadium and he called it “the most beautiful sight these eyes have ever seen”.


Make Jackpot Capital Your Portal to Online Casino Gaming Fun!

The login is your portal to great games and promotions! It may not be as ponderous as some portals, nor as historically significant as others, but it serves a great purpose: to bring gaming fun to the fingertips of millions of gamers!


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