Find the Best Bet in the Casino

There is an obvious sense that the best casino bets are the ones with the lowest house edge. Certainly, any casino game with a low house edge is a great game to play! Another way to ask this question is: Which casino games have the best odds?

Here at Jackpot Capital Online Casino, we would like to say at the outset that the best casino bets are those that your bankroll is designed to make and the ones that maximize fun!

Play Casino Games that Maximize Fun and Minimize Risk

One way to minimize risk is to play some casino games online. Games like video poker and blackjack have the same house edge at a land-based casino as at an online casino. That's because the games both are played with a deck of cards that cannot be adjusted.

However, modern slot machines can be calibrated to have any return to player rate the casino desires and land-based casinos do calibrate their slot machines to have a higher house edge than does Jackpot Capital and all other reputable online casinos!

So in answer to the question: Which casino game has the best odds, the answer is a tie between video poker and blackjack with both having a 99.5% return to player rate!

Playing Online Casino Games Eliminates Travel Costs

Playing casino games online not only reduces the house edge, it also puts money in gamers' pockets which they can use for any purpose from enlarging their gaming budget, to paying for a hobby, to budgeting for travel on a "real" vacation!

All of these advantages and many more accrue to online casino gamers.

Two Times When Betting the Maximum are the Best Bets

One is when you are playing at a progressive jackpot slot machine and the other is in video poker. In order to qualify for the gigantic progressive jackpot, gamers are required to bet the maximum on the winning pay line. We consider this a great bet in moderation.

The maximum bet in video poker qualifies gamers to win the extra bonus for a Royal Flush.

Volatility is a Major Consideration in Slots

Of all the casino games, volatility is most pronounced in slots. The house edge might be the same for two different slots games but  volatility may affect how many gamers share in the largesse.

House edge can also be understood as the return to player rate. Two slots might have a return to player rate of 97%. If one of the slots has low volatility, relatively many gamers will share in that 97% return to player rate.

On the other hand, a slot with high volatility means that relatively fewer players share in the return to player rate.

The Best Bets Reduce the House Edge

Blackjack and video poker are the top games of skill at Jackpot Capital. In many situations, the best bet is obvious. Gamers should stand with 12 or more points in blackjack if the dealer is showing a 5 or a 6.

Sometimes, however, the best bets are not obvious. A good example in blackjack is not splitting tens. It might seem to be a good chance to double one's wins with two twenties instead of one! However, statistical analysis has shown that splitting tens is a poor bet.

The Best Bets in Video Poker are Often Counter-intuitive

It is quite common in video poker to give up a winning pair in order to go for a better hand with the cards you keep. This applies to having four or even three to a Royal Flush or a straight flush.

Online casinos offer many variations of video poker games and it is a good bet to become fully acquainted with the best strategy for each of the video poker games you would like to play!

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Sometimes the Best Bets are the Bets a Gamer Does Not Make!

Here we are back at blackjack and video poker.

We spoke about these casino games in terms of strategy in games of skill.

Now we can say that the worst bets a gamer can make in these games are playing for a reduced payout for some hands!

Jackpot Capital Always Pays Out 3-2 for a Blackjack

Land-based casinos have really high operating costs so many of them now pay out only 6-5 for a blackjack. This increases the house edge by a few percentage points and changes the dynamic of the game!

Jackpot Capital Always Pays out 9-6 in Video Poker

It has become common for land-based casinos to pay out only 8 coins or a full house and five coins for a flush. Here at Jackpot Capital we maintain our commitment to 9-6 video poker which makes the house edge a meager 0.5%.

Reviewing What We Already Know about the Best Bets at a Casino

  1. The best bets keep you within a sound gaming budget.
  2. A great bet may be counter-intuitive. It is the sign of a skilled player to make a "odd" bet that is also the best bet!
  3. Volatility in slots may be more important tan making a "good" bet.
  4. Betting the maximum is easily the "best bet" in slots and in video poker which offer the best odds in the casino.

Let's Look at Good Bets in Other Casino Games

  1. Making the banker bet is considered the best bet in baccarat.
  2. New craps players are encouraged to make the pass line bet before venturing out to all of the other bets available on the craps table.
  3. Following the basic strategy in blackjack and video poker reduces the house edge to less than 1%.
  4. French Roulette has a lower house edge than European Roulette which has half the house edge of American Roulette.
  5. Online casinos such as Jackpot Capital offer the best odds in many games where a land-based casino can tweak the rules to its favor.
  6. While the odds of winning in the long run favor the house, gamers can have a lot of fun gaming at relatively low entertainment cost if they stay within their means.
  7. At a blackjack table at a land-based casino, you might encounter a player who blames you for his or her losses because you are increasing your odds of winning by using the best basic strategy on every hand.
  8. While surrender is a very good play in blackjack, taking insurance may be the worst bet in blackjack.
  9. A poor bet in roulette is one that contradicts a different bet that you have also made!
  10. The most popular casino games are progressive jackpot slots but any table game will have better winning chances.
  11. It is easy to have fun playing at an online casino where you can control your gaming time.
  12. Side bets are fun to play but have a higher house edge than regular bets in those games.

Enjoy Playing our 300 Games at Jackpot Capital

Jackpot Capital has a lot more to offer gamers that we have not spoken about here. These include almost daily promotions, lots of slots tournaments, excellent and safe banking, great customer service, and more!  After all, fun is the name of the game!



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