Jackpot Capital Recommends a Few Games for New Gamers

Of course, to some extent this is a very subjective question. Every gamer has a set of games they get the most fun out of playing. Still, and keeping in the interest of maximizing fun, we here at Jackpot Capital Casino, have a short list of games that new players should consider playing. Here is our list:

  1. Low volatility slots.
  2. Video poker.
  3. Blackjack.
  4. Bingo.
  5. Caribbean poker.
  6. Baccarat.
  7. Pai Gow Poker.

Yes, we know that this is a mouthful so let’s get right on to the explanations!

Low Volatility Slots Have a Truer Return to Player Rate

Volatility is the term we use to describe how winnings in slots are distributed. Two slots could have the same return to player rate, say 97%. The slot with high volatility will distribute those winnings to a relatively small number of gamers. The slot with low volatility will distribute the winnings to a larger group of players.

It should be obvious that the size of the average win in a slot with high volatility will be larger than the average win in a slot with low volatility. However, in the slot with low volatility, more players will share in the winnings.

This points to one of the most important skills any casino gamer, whether they play online or on land, has to master: Good Money Management.

Money Management is a Life Skill

We say that new gamers should play games that can and should lead them to learn the skill of good money management. In the larger scheme of things, good financial management in online and land-based casino gaming is vital but less vital than good money management in gamers’ everyday lives.

Sound money management enables people to save money for the future. The future might be a house or a great fun vacation. Saving money is not so easy to learn since everyone likes to go out. We go out to restaurants, sporting events, shows and concerts, and vacations.

How many times have we heard someone say about a purchase they would not consider making at home: “I’m on vacation”.

One of the money management skills gamers can learn is to play the low-volatility slots. Your money will last longer and you will have a lot more fun playing.

Video Poker and Blackjack are Similar in One Very Important Way

We are not talking about the fact that video poker and blackjack are both card games. As card games, they could not be less similar!

We are talking about the return to player rate in these great games. The RTP in both video poker and blackjack are about 99.5% if the gamer uses the best strategy on every hand.

Becoming immersed in concepts of strategy is another life skill it behooves us all to learn.

We use strategies in many other areas of life. Take buying a house, for example. Here are some “considerations” a house buyer needs to think about before settling on a house. We say considerations; they are actually strategies pertinent to house buying!

  1. Are you married or single?
  2. Do you have school-age children?
  3. How far from family and friends do you want to be?
  4. Is the area safe, relatively speaking?
  5. How far will you be from urban amenities such as a municipal pool, health club, sports arena or stadium, concert hall and so on?

New home buyers looking to relocate further from an urban area than where they presently live will ask themselves the same questions. The answers might be the reverse of another prospective home buyer but the strategy of asking the correct questions is the same for both buyers.

And asking oneself the correct questions is also very important in blackjack and video poker.

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Jackpot Capital Has Another Big Benefit for Gamers

We have spoken about the return to player rates in slots, video poker, and blackjack. Now let’s see what many land-based casinos do with the RTP rates in these games at their land-based casinos.

Slots are controlled entirely by the random number generator. It can be calibrated to return much less to players and many land-based casinos do so. So, playing slots at land-based casinos is a lot less fruitful for most players than playing slots at online casinos such as Jackpot Capital is.

Video poker is also controlled by the RNG but here the RNG cannot be calibrated so a lot of land-based casinos pay only 8-5 or even 7-5 for a full house and a flush. Here at Jackpot Capital, we pay 9-6 which is the only pay schedule that can earn gamers a 99.5% RTP.

Finally, blackjack is not controlled by the RNG at land-based casinos. The trick these casinos use to reduce the RTP rate is to pay only 6-5 for a blackjack. Here at Jackpot Capital, we pay 3-2 for a blackjack and this is the only pay schedule that can consistently return 99.5% or more to blackjack players!

Why is Bingo a Great Game for New Online Casino Players?

Simply put, almost everyone loves to play bingo! If we are talking about having the most fun at a casino, we need to talk about bingo! In bingo, there is no strategy involved. You get a card and play!

Bingo reminds us that the purpose of online casino gaming is FUN!

Why is Baccarat a Great Game for New Online Casino Gamers?

In baccarat, there are three possible bets. Gamers make these bets before the deal. They are a bet for the player, a bet for the dealer, and a bet for a tie.

Statistically speaking, the tie bet is not a good money management bet. Baccarat is unique in that you can BE the player but bet for the dealer! In fact, betting on the dealer is considered to be slightly better than betting on the player!

Caribbean Poker and Pai Gow Poker are Two Excellent Games to Improve Analytical and Decision-making Skills

In Pai Gow poker, you get seven cards. You have to make a five-card hand and a two-card hand. The dealer does the same based on a fixed set of rules. In order to win the bet, you have to win both he high hand and the low hand.

The five-card hand has to be better than the two-card hand. Most hands in Pai Gow Poker end in a tie as the player wins one of the hands and the dealer wins the other.

This game trains players to analyze, decide, and accept the vicissitudes of luck in gaming!

There are three Caribbean Poker variations. In each, the gamer makes an ante bet and then the dealer deals the cards. The player can see one of the dealer’s hole cards. The gamer then has to decide if he or she wishes to continue or to fold.

If the player continues, they add another bet that is twice the ante bet. This makes Caribbean Poker a great game to learn all about money management!

There is yet another kicker in Caribbean Poker: the dealer has to have a minimum hand in order to win both bets. The dealer cannot win only the ante bet. So, even if a player has a poor hand, he or she can continue if the dealer’s up card is also poor.

The player cannot win the second bet unless the dealer qualifies. This makes Caribbean Poker a great game to hone one’s skill at quick analysis and decision-making!

Jackpot Capital is a Great Online Casino

We offer about 300 games from SpinLogic. We also offer easy and safe banking. We run promotions almost every day. We offer gamers the chance to increase their fun factor exponentially in tournaments with low entry fees or no entry fee at all and concomitant low prize pools.

Tournaments are yet another way Jackpot Capital adds to the fun of online casino gaming!


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