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How to Use the Insights of Great Writers to Further Appreciate Slots

The most popular of all the games we have on offer at Jackpot Capital online casino are slots.  That is really no surprise.  Slots have grown dramatically since the one-armed fruit machines of days gone by.  Today’s slots feature two elements that attract gamers to them.

Hit the Jackpot

The first is big jackpots.  There are progressive jackpot slots with seven figure jackpots.  There are also slots with smaller jackpots.  In either case, it is the chance to score a really big win of at least five figures that draws so many gamers to slots.

Loving Jackpots for Aesthetic Reasons

It is interesting that there are a lot of gamers who play slots for reasons other than the jackpots.  One such reason is the graphics and animation.  The digital revolution has been a fantastic boon to slots developers and slots players alike.  Most of the slots here at Jackpot Capital casino have 21st century graphics and animation.

Even in the 21 years of this century, we have seen such improvement in graphics and animation that it makes slots all the more exciting and enjoyable.  So, slots are popular because of the jackpots and because of the graphics and animation.

Are there any other Elements that Make Slots Popular?

Yes, there are.

We might view these as separate reasons that so many gamers come back to slots time and time again.  Or we can see then as aspects of the improvements in graphics and animation.  The first of these is the many ways that Real Time Gaming, our exclusive game provider, has found to make the wild symbol wilder than ever.

The wild symbol can stick, expand, become a wild symbol tower which RTG calls stacked wilds, explode, cause other symbols to become wild as well, and can multiply wins by a multiplier that is usually at least 3x and can go up to atmospheric numbers times your bet!

The second of these elements that we can see as sub-categories of the growth and development of graphics and animation are the characters themselves!  Every modern slot has characters that are unique to it.

We thought that it might be fun to find some interesting quotes about characters in works of fiction by authors.  We thought that we might be able to connect an author’s comments about his or her characters with the characters in our slots!

Let’s see if we were successful!

The Psychology of Characters

Anton Chekov, the great Russian writer of the 19th century, wrote in a letter: “In displaying the psychology of your characters, minute particulars are essential.”

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It seems that every one of our new generation slots can be used to demonstrate this point!  Dr. Winmore certainly looks like the mad scientist!  The guitar strumming skeleton in Diamond Fiesta is appropriate to get gamers into the idea of the Feast of the Dead in which Mexican families hold a feast to remember and commemorate their deceased ancestors.

The tiny and delicate smiles on the faces of the imps in Magic Mushrooms are one of the elements that have made that slot so popular.  The imps look completely at one with their forest existence.  They like it so much that they draw in gamers who like the imps’ forest life as well!

Voices Speak Volumes

Christie Silvers writes: “Just me, my music, and the voices in my head.”  If the characters in a slot are portrayed realistically, gamers can imagine these characters interacting with the other characters.  This is especially true of slots that are placed in long ago times.

What exactly did Cleopatra say?  What sounds did Tyrannosaurus Rex emit?  Was he a squeaky sounding giant dinosaur or a mild mannered sweety pie like the massive Brontosaurus?

The old fashioned slots featured a never ending litany of bars, cherries, and lemons while every new slot that RTG brings out—one new one every month—creates a unique story line.  The characters have to be realistic in the reality based slots and humorous enough in the tongue in cheek slots to be believable for modern gamers to play them!

Is this What RTG Does, Too?

The great American author of the twentieth century, William Faulkner, had this to say about characters in his novels: “It begins with a character, usually, and once he stands up on his feet and begins to move all I can do is trot along behind him with paper and pencil trying to keep up long enough to put down what he says and does.”

RTG has to create many characters from whole cloth.  Gamers want serious and realistic slots and humorous slots as well.  Do the creative people at RTG chase after characters like the Novel Prize for Literature winner did?

These Feets are Made for Walking

Amit Kalantri is an Indian author, mentalist, magician, and aphorist.  Here is a link to over 1000 of his greatest aphorisms:

One of our favorites is a sublime description of sorts of the value of slots as an entertainment, a pastime, a hobby, and a pursuit:

“The job of feets is walking, but their hobby is dancing.”

We might also say that just as Amit Kalantri often eschews grammar for a better effect, so do slots eschew ultimate reality in pursuit of the joy of the game!

Slots Characters as Members of the Family

The family as a distinct social unit has been one of the main subjects of literature for centuries.  Shusako Endo has put into words the place that characters, be they from fiction read many years before or the characters in slots that you might not have played for an extensive period of time, have in every individual’s memory:

“Over the years I have forged familial ties with these characters, who are reflections of a portion of myself.  Consequently, even a character who appeared only once in a short story waits now in the wings, concealed by the curtain, for his next appearance onstage.  Not one of them has ever broken free of his familial ties with me and disappeared forever.”

One of the great values of gaming at Jackpot Capital online casino is that slots lovers can play any slot from the most modern to the most old fashioned at their leisure and with the slightest click of the mouse.  We never have to take one slot out to make room for another!  Thus, gamers at Jackpot Capital have access to every favorite character from every favorite slot however long it has been since said gamer played said slot!

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