Jackpot Capital Online Casino Advises Gamers about Wagering

In everyday English, a wager and a bet are the same thing. The term "bet" is a lot more common in everyday usage. At Jackpot Capital and other online casinos, the term "bet" refers usually to a single bet on any game. Some games offer side bets that are generally called "side bets" and not "side wagers"!

So, the simple answer to the question: What does wagering mean, is that wagering and betting are exactly the same!

Wagers Refer to Casino Bonuses

We use the term "wager" in the context of casino bonuses that have wagering requirements attached to them. Let's look at the concept of a casino bonus, why online casinos can offer casino bonuses and land-based casinos cannot, and what a wagering requirement is.

How Can Jackpot Capital Afford to Give away Bonus Money?

Of course, Jackpot Capital is far from alone in giving bonus money to gamers! All of the best online casinos offer bonus money to gamers while none (or possibly one or two) land-based casinos offer bonus money to players.

There are two main reasons why online casinos and not land-based casinos can offer bonuses. The first is that gamers at online casinos can play every day if they wish to. Normally, an online casino gamer will come to the casinos a couple to a few times a week.

No player at a land-based casino can go to the casino a few times a week.

Wagering Requirements Make Deposit Bonuses Possible

When online casinos started offering casino bonus money they did not impose wagering requirements on gamers. Some online casino gamers took the bonus money and immediately cashed out!

Thus, the Wagering Requirement was Born!

The second reason why online and land-based casinos can offer bonuses is because online gamers can complete the wagering requirement at their own pace while players at land-based casinos have a strictly limited number of days at the casino, not enough to complete a wagering requirement.

What is a Wagering Requirement?

Remember, we defined a bet and a wager as the same thing. Online casinos have taken to calling a "betting" requirement the "wagering" requirement but they are entirely the same!

A wagering requirement is a factor of the wager casino bonus that a gamer has to complete before she or he can withdraw any winnings.

What is a Fair Wagering Requirement?

Thirty times the bonus (30x) is considered fair. Some casinos offer a 25x wagering requirement for some promotions. Some impose a higher wagering requirement for most bonuses they offer.

Many online casinos also offer no deposit bonuses which may have a wagering requirement or not. These bonuses are small so some casinos simply don't place wagering requirements on them.

How are Wagering Requirements Calculated?

In theory, every dollar bet is recorded in the wagering requirement account, However, not all casino games are equal vis a vis the wagering requirement.

Online slots are always at the top in any accumulating account. This also applies to the comp points promotion.

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Is it Always Best to Take Bonuses and the Wagering Requirements that Go with Them?

It's important to know which games you can play to complete the wagering requirement. This information is always in the terms and conditions (t & c's). Here at Jackpot Capital, we try hard to make our t & c's readable to non-legal gamers who are by far the bulk of our gamer population.

If you like to play blackjack or video poker which have a very high return to player rate, but the bonus you want to take doesn't count these gamer-friendly games for the wagering requirement, you would be a lot better off looking for a more amenable bonus offer.

There are Also Wagering Requirements for Sports Betting Bonuses

Online sports betting is getting very popular and casino gamers are taking to online sports betting as an alternative way to play and bet online. Becoming adept at online sports betting takes time and involves a different skill set than what is needed in blackjack and video poker.

Sportsbooks often offer free bets instead of cash bonuses. Read the terms and conditions for every promotional offer a sportsbook might offer.

Free bets are a great way to get started betting on sports. We would simply encourage all online casino gamers to tread softly if you are a true neophyte in sports betting.

When Gamers Play Online they will Find Different Terms at Different Casinos

There are casinos that use the term "bonus wagering requirements". Another common term is "deposit match bonuses". These are promotions that offer a 100% bonus. That is what the term "match" means. Bonus credit is simply bonus cash or bonus money.

Always Know the Rules of Any Game or Any Promotion

The rules of any promotion are in the terms and conditions. The rules of games are usually in the games themselves. One giant advantage online casino gamers have over land-based casino players is that at a good online casino such as Jackpot Capital, gamers are allowed unlimited free play.

Learning the rules for any game by playing it in free play mode is a great benefit online casinos afford gamers!

Is it Possible to Beat Wagering Requirements?

While it is possible to beat any game through a combination of luck and skill, it is not possible to beat wagering requirements. Gamers need to complete wagering requirements in order to be able to withdraw winnings.

Although it is not possible to beat wagering requirements, it is possible to "game" them. To game something is simply to find small advantages in an otherwise difficult or impossible situation.

How Can Gamers Game Wagering Requirements?

We can start with reading the terms and conditions. If the casino has unreadable t & c's, it is probably not the place to play casino games online.

The t & c's should be a complete guide for any promotion or game a gamer wants to play or accept. While terms and conditions are the "fine print" for any promotion, they should be readable fine print!

Next, play games that you can win with skill and luck. If the casino allows video poker or blackjack toward the wagering requirements, play those games since they both have very high RTP (return to player) rates.

Respect the Reality of Volatility

If you want to play slots to complete a wagering requirement quickly, play slots with low volatility. This means that the slot shares its winnings with many gamers, each getting a small sum of money for most wins.

Slots with high volatility are the opposite: fewer winners with relatively high wins. In both types of slots, the return to player rate might be the same at about 97% but the potential for having winnings when you complete the wagering requirement are better in low volatility slots!

Jackpot Capital Offers Great Promotions and Games

Jackpot Capital is a lot more than a bonus casino! We have tournaments, several versions of blackjack and video poker, many different table games, and casual games such as Fish Catch and Banana Jones.

Believe us when we say that Banana Jones is worth the "price of admission" to our casino, the price of admission being our Welcome Package and the wagering requirements that go with it!


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