Jackpot Capital Offers Over 300 Must=play Games!

What are Must-play Jackpots?

This is an incredibly subjective question!  The quick answer is: whatever jackpot game here at Jackpot Capital casino rocks your boat!

However, there is a lot more depth to this question than just what we like to play at the top jackpot casino! While playing for a big jackpot is exciting and attractive, many gamers choose to play other games that don’t even have a jackpot!  In some games, such as the Caribbean Poker variations, the jackpot is a side bet that gamers can choose to make or not, as they wish.

So, let’s see if we can look at the games at Jackpot Capital online casino and see which games are must-play games for YOU!

What Kind of Gamer are You?

The first characteristic we hope all of our gamers have is responsibility.  That means that every gamer plays within the parameters of responsible gaming.  We bet real money but only what we can afford to pay for a form of entertainment.

We might play at Jackpot Capital online casino often since as an online casino we are open and accessible all the time; we also make sure to keep our gaming sessions relatively short so we can pursue other leisure time activities and our everyday responsibilities.

Gaming is great!  Hobbies are great!  Getting together with family and friends is great!  Acting on our many responsibilities is also great!

Some Gamers Prefer Games of Chance

Roulette, craps, slots, and many others are pure games of chance.  Those gamers who like to play games of chance usually prefer slots to the others but even our casual games such as Fish Catch and Banana Jones have devoted followers!

Many slots games have big maximum jackpots.  You have to get very lucky to win the top jackpot and that is the appeal to a lot of slots players.  Some slots have a top jackpot that is thousands times the winning bet!

Still, a lot of gamers play those slots that employ color, razzmatazz, and great animation to entertain as well as to offer big rewards!

Choose Carefully

At Jackpot Capital, we offer unlimited free play so every gamer can explore all of our games in order to find those games that are perfect complements to their personality.  Some gamers like historical themes and we supply a full library of historical slots with ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, and the cultures of the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayas in the forefront.  Even if an historical slot doesn’t have a gigantic jackpot doesn’t mean that thousands of gamers can’t prefer it over a progressive jackpot game!

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Games of Chance Help Players Unwind

After a long day, many gamers just like to “chill”. This often can mean watching television, taking long walks, or playing online casino games.  The games of chance are perfect for unwinding, relaxing, and calming down!  Going after a progressive jackpot may be good for some as well.

Keep in mind that to win a progressive jackpot, you have to bet the maximum.  This means that you need to be careful about bankroll management.  For a lot of players, a budget of ten spins on a million dollar jackpot game per session is right for them while others can play progressive jackpot games much longer.

Some gamers like to combine the comfort and convenience of mobile casino gaming with games of chance for the most relaxing gaming sessions all curled up on the sofa or even in bed!

So, What are the Best Games of Chance?

Once again, we say that this is subjective!  The fact that Jackpot Capital casino is available every day on a 24/7 basis plus the fact that we offer unlimited free play means that gamers can find many “best” games of chance that they love to play for personal as well as universal reasons!

The Games of Skill Present Different Challenges

There are many games of skill that people can play.  Everyone is familiar with Sudoku.  There are also Hidato, Kakuro, Griddlers, Logic Problems and many more.  There are variations of all of these games as well!  In addition, players can play games of skill against other players.  Chess, checkers, and GO easily come to mind!  SET is another great game of skill.

So, where do online casino games of skill fit on this spectrum?  The answer is that our games of skill fit very well on this spectrum!  We offer video poker and blackjack as our primary games of skill with many variations of each.  One big difference between our games of skill and the others we listed above is that our games allow players to play for real money.  Playing for real money is a human trait since time immemorial!  We love to bet on the outcomes of games!

In the bleachers at Wrigley Field in Chicago, the so-called Bleacher Bums used to bet pennies on many outcomes such as the next pitch, if the batter would get a hit or not, and hundreds of other small time bets that entertained the bettors even as they watched the hometown Cubs play (at least that is what the Cubs were alleged to be doing) baseball!

The games of skill offer a return to player rate that is about as close to 100% as a real money game can be.  When you couple the regular return to player rate with accumulated comp points, the RTP rate nay actually exceed 100%!

Some Gamers Prefer Blackjack and Some Prefer Video Poker

There is no real telling why some choose one game of skill while others choose another.  Both games offer excellent challenges to play with the best strategy so as to enhance the gamers’ chances of winning.  Games of skill do require close attention to detail so they are a lot less conducive to relaxation and unwinding.

In fact, some gamers play slots to unwind after a session of online games of skill!  Another interesting sidelight is that the two most popular casual games, Fish Catch and the intrepid Banana Jones, are the best games of chance for unwinding after playing either blackjack or video poker!

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The one thing that we can guarantee is that you will have a lot of fun playing the 300 or so games on offer here at Jackpot Capital.  Whether you go for a big jackpot, a small jackpot, or no jackpot at all, we have many games that will tickle your fancy and will be great fun to play!


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