Jackpot Capital features two Caribbean poker games

How to Play Caribbean Hold’em and Caribbean Stud Poker

There are about 300 games at Jackpot Capital online casino.  Every gamer at Jackpot Capital can, over time, play each and every one of these exciting games.  Now, some games are automatically attractive to the average gamer.  These would include slots, roulette, and blackjack.  A lot of gamers have come to love video poker.  This leads us to the two Caribbean Poker games Jackpot Capital online casino carries.

Are They Poker Games or Progressive Games?

Actually, they are both!

The Caribbean Poker games are listed under the “progressive games” heading.  That’s because there is a progressive jackpot in these games.  However, you can also play the Caribbean Poker games as straight poker.  That is, they are poker with a twist!   We haven’t spoken in depth about Caribbean Poker in a while so it’s time to return to these games, explain why the twist makes them so interesting, and see why you might play them first the next time you open Jackpot Capital!

Caribbean Hold’em

This is not Texas Hold’em!  There is no bluffing in Caribbean Hold’em.  By eliminating all the bluffing that goes on in regular poker, online casinos (and some land based casinos that can spare some floor space for the necessary terminals) have made video poker and the Caribbean Poker games enormously popular.

Video poker is still a lot more popular than Caribbean Poker so we will try in this article to boost Caribbean Poker.  The two versions we carry are great fun, very challenging, and give gamers who love poker the chance to play bluff-free poker!

Are There Other Players in Caribbean Poker?

Not exactly.  When you play at a land based casino, there may be other players at the table but they all play against the dealer.  In this sense, the Caribbean Poker games are like blackjack.

There is also a big difference between blackjack and Caribbean Poker.  In blackjack at a land based casino table with other players, if you play using the best strategy for all hands, you will probably be blamed for the other players’’ losses if you dare to take another card with 12 or more points!

One of the biggest reasons so many gamers prefer online blackjack is because they prefer playing without the harassment they seem to get all the time in land based blackjack games!

In Caribbean Hold’em, every player uses the same community cards and her or his hole cards to decide whether to challenge the dealer or not.  One player’s decision will never affect the outcome of the game for another player!

Players Ante and the Dealer Deals the Cards

You choose your bet.  This is important because you will have to add double the ante bet later if you want to win the hand!  So, the first step in playing Caribbean Hold’em well is to understand that the bet to raise the hand is double the ante bet!  This is a money management issue and a very important one.

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The dealer deals two cards to all players and to herself.  Then she deals the first three community cards which are also called the flop in Caribbean Hold’em.

Decision Time Has Arrived!

Now you have to decide if you want to go on in the hand and challenge the dealer’s hand or if you want to fold.  If you fold, you lose the ante.  But you can raise even if you don’t have a powerhouse hand.  This is important because the dealer cannot win if she doesn’t “qualify”.

The dealer qualifies with a pair of fours or better.  This means that after all seven cards have been dealt, if the dealer doesn’t have at least a pair of fours, and assuming that you have stayed in the hand, you win only the ante bet at a 1-1 rate and the raise bet is a push.

So, you don’t need a super hand to raise in Caribbean Hold’em.

Here are two rules of thumb on when to fold in Caribbean Hold’em.

  1. If you have low cards in the hole and the flop indicates that you and the dealer might share the highest hand.  That’s because with low cards in the hole, you will lose to the dealer on the kicker!
  2. If the first five cards completely pass you by but the flop gives the dealer some possibilities.  An example of this is three suited cards on the flop but you miss that suit with your hole cards.

You should probably raise on all other hands and hope that the dealer gets that pair of fours or better and nothing else!

Caribbean Stud Poker

In this Caribbean Poker game, you and the dealer both get five cards.  You can see only one of the dealer’s cards.  You raise with a bet double your ante bet.

The dealer qualifies with at least an ace and king.  As in Caribbean Hold’em, if the dealer fails to qualify, you get even money on the ante bet and the raise bet is a push.

It is harder to decide how to proceed in Caribbean Stud because you see only one of the dealer’s cards.  On the other hand, if the dealer doesn’t qualify, you’ll win even money on the ante.  Furthermore, it is not so easy for the dealer to qualify.

In Caribbean Stud, you should raise on almost any hand unless you have a very terrible hand.

Caribbean Draw Poker

In this variation, you and the dealer will get five cards.  You get to see one of the dealer’s cards.  Then you have to decide if you want to raise or not.  If you raise, you will discard and get new cards.  The dealer also discards according to a fixed set of rules that govern her play.

In Caribbean Draw, the dealer qualifies with a pair of eights or better.

The Progressive Jackpot

There is one progressive jackpot that applies to all three games.  It takes a sliver of every bet from players at each of the three Caribbean Poker variations. In this way, the jackpot can grow pretty facts and get to the six figure range quickly!

You can win part of the jackpot with a strong poker hand such as a straight flush, four of a kind, and a full house.  You win the entire progressive jackpot with a Royal Flush.

Some analysts tell gamers to avoid all side bets and the bet on the progressive jackpot in the Caribbean games is a side bet.  However, since you can win some of the jackpot with very strong but not an “ultimately strong” hand, the side bet in the Caribbean games adds a large measure of excitement.

Jackpot Capital and Online Gaming

The past year and some months has seen a lot of gamers come to Jackpot Capital casino since all land based casinos in most countries were closed for very long periods of time.

Even now that many have re-opened, they are but a shell of their former selves as many terminals and tables have been taken out to make social distancing easier.

This means that a lot of the gamers who first started gaming online in answer to their felt need to play casino games and the absence of land based casinos have come to realize that online casino gaming has many advantages over land based gaming.

The large selection of games is one such advantage and the ability to seamlessly move from game to game is another advantage.  As such, many gamers who never sat down at the Caribbean Poker table at a land based casino now can play these three exciting and ingenious games whenever they wish.

Finally, it remains a mystery why there are still so many gamers here at Jackpot Capital who don’t play the Caribbean Poker variations regularly.  We hope that this article will spur many gamers to check out the Caribbean games in free play mode.  That will give you a good insight into how the games work.

Then you’ll probably begin playing the Caribbean games regularly for real money and you’ll love trying to outsmart the dealer on every hand!

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