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How to Make the Most Efficient Use of Jackpot Capital Promotions

In the online casino world there are two kinds of new player promotions: the kind where the sign up promotion is huge but the follow up promotions are relatively small and the casinos with a relatively modest sign up bonus but follow it up with matching bonuses almost every day!  The Jackpot Capital Casino signup bonus falls into the second category: the signup bonus at Jackpot Capital casino may be modest but we follow it with great promotions almost every day—and twice on Wednesday!

There are also major differences in the kinds of promotions run by online casinos such as Jackpot Capital online casino and land based casinos.  Let’s look at this difference before we talk about Jackpot Capital’s great line of promotions.

What Kinds of Promotions Do Land Based Casinos Run?

The types of promotions that land based casinos can offer has a lot to do with the casinos’ locations and availability.  A matching deposit bonus for $1000 (or more as is often the case at online casinos) may be completely impractical from the land based casino’s point of view.

A large bonus of this type requires long hours of gaming on the part of the player in order to complete the wagering requirement.  Very few people who go to a land based casino will have the time or the inclination to bet so many times in order to qualify to cash out winnings.

Land based casinos can in theory offer free spins.  The problem with free spins that a land based casino might offer is that the player might win a lot of money from a single free spin.  At online casinos, free spins usually accompany sizable deposits and matching bonuses.  This is simply not feasible for land based casinos.

At online casinos, there is also a much larger group of players so the risk to the casino is lower than in a land based casino that is limited by walls.

What Do Land Based Casinos Do?

They offer travel deals.

They offer free buffet meals.

They offer free whisky.

They have excellent programs for VIPs where the VIPs are coddled and treated like royalty.

Why Do Land Based Casinos Treat VIPs Like Royalty?

Because land based casinos have a very low return to player rate.  This is because they have so much more overhead than online casinos do.  So, land based casinos rely on high rollers who they turn into VIPs to cover the bets of the large group of low risk bettors.

Most low risk players at land based casinos have to add to their gaming budget the cost of getting to the casino and staying there if they have come for a long weekend.  So, low risk players at land based casinos bet less than low risk gamers at online casinos.  This is a counter-intuitive aspect of land based casino management.  They attract players on the basis of the atmosphere and ambience in the casino knowing that these players will not make very big bets.

Thus, land based casinos treat their high rollers like royalty.  Jackpot Capital also has a VIP program in which gamers get a few extra benefits.  But we don’t depend on getting VIPs to make massive bets in order to turn a profit.  So, we can spread the wealth in terms of promotions among the many thousands of modest bettors who find great gaming here at Jackpot Capital.

What Kind of Travel Deals Do Land Based Casinos Offer?

They might offer a package that includes a cheaper flight, a discount on a room, and free buffet meals, in exchange for a commitment by the player to buy an unrefundable sum of casino chips usually amounting to a few hundred dollars’ worth of casino chips or credits.

This sum is a commitment by the player so if the weekend ends without them having bet all of the committed money, they have to carry the money with them in the form of a player’s card until the next time they come to that casino which may be the next day, the next week, the next month, the following year or…..never!

And if the day should arrive that they do return to that land based casino they have to make sure to have brought that player’s card with them!

How Does Jackpot Capital Keep Track of Bonuses and Other Benefits?

At Jackpot Capital, everything is digital which also means that you don’t have to remember to bring and use a player’s card when you sit down to play at the casino.  Every new player is automatically enrolled in the comp points program and every bet you make adds points to the number of comp points in your account.

Online casinos use very powerful and sophisticated computer software to keep track of every bet and every gamer’s activity.  In this way, we know when you have finished the wagering requirement for any bonus you may have taken and are eligible to withdraw winnings, how many comp points you have in that account, and what your gaming activity has been.

What Kinds of Bonuses Does Jackpot Capital Offer?

In addition to the new player package we have many other promotions that include a bonus.

    1. The sign up package starts with a 100% bonus up to $100 and 100 free spins on the great slot Achilles.  From then on, Jackpot Capital continues to give you bonuses until your bonuses add up to $1000!
    2. Every Tuesday we give a bonus to many gamers who have played on our stellar mobile gaming platform in the last week.
    3. Every Wednesday we give a bonus to many players who played at Jackpot Capital on Monday and Tuesday.
    4. Also every Wednesday we give a Hump Day bonus t a number of gamers.  Along with the Hump Day Bonus we offer a bonus of 40 free spins on Enchanted Garden with your next deposit.
    5. Every Friday we award Mystery Bonuses to a large number of gamers.
    6. The weekend bonus runs all day every Saturday in which gamers get a sliding scale of bonuses up to 150%.

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Jackpot Capital Casino Never Closes

Many land based casinos close late at night and reopen the following morning.  That’s because these casinos are located in out of the way places and need actual physical people to play on the casino floor to justify being open.  In out of the way casinos, there are usually not enough players gambling after midnight so they close for the night.

These casinos are limited not only by their walls but by their physical location.  At Jackpot Capital we never close.  While half of the planet is asleep the other half is awake and gaming at Jackpot Capital!

Land based casinos depend on gamers spending long hours gambling.  Jackpot Capital never expects gamers to spend hours and hours at the casino.  After all, we are available every day.  So, we serve a very different purpose for our gamers.  We offer a leisurely and fun calming down period.

Our large selection of games makes gaming at Jackpot Capital fun.  You can go from game to game with ease.  We also have an excellent mobile gaming platform so most gamers curl up on the sofa or in bed to play!

Jackpot Capital Does Not Offer Free Whisky

The cost free alcohol players get at alnd basewd acsinos is “returned” to the casino in the form of exxtrvagnat bettoing by tippppsy palyeers.  At Jackpot Capital Casino our approach is totally the opposite.  We encourage all gamers to save their drinking for after the gaming session!

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