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How to Manage Your Progressive Jackpot Play

Aside from the gigantic lotteries, a progressive jackpot at Jackpot Capital online casino is the game with the greatest upside for making you an instant millionaire.  Of course, the odds are long but the payoff for that lucky gamer is huge!  So, as a service to all of the gamers here at Jackpot Capital casino, we felt it incumbent upon us to talk about the upside and the downside of playing progressive jackpot games and how playing online at Jackpot Capital is a lot better and safer than playing at a land based casino.

Managing Your Bankroll is Essential for Ongoing Gaming Fun

We emphasize gaming fun above all else including spinning the reels for a huge progressive jackpot!  In order to qualify for the big win, you have to bet the maximum on the eventual winning pay line.  This might limit the number of spins you can make on a progressive jackpot slot to just a few.

It is a lot easier to do this when you are playing online at home and especially when you take a break for a few lucky spins during your busy day.  Our exemplary mobile gaming platform is perfect for these short excursions into progressive jackpot land.

Progressive Jackpots are Designed for Few Spins

Gamers at land based casinos often budget massive sums to play for a progressive jackpot because they hoard the seat at the progressive jackpot terminal.  It is very hard for these gamers to say “enough” and go on to a slot with low variance that will give them a lot of small wins but do not give them a chance at a progressive jackpot.

Since gaming at home is supremely fluid and flexible, you can spin a few spins on a progressive slot and then switch to any of the 300 or more games we have on offer here at Jackpot Capital.  Unlike gaming at a land based casino, that you might visit once or twice a year, most gamers at Jackpot Capital visit us at least once or twice a week!  So, there is no pressure to play for the progressive jackpot beyond a reasonable bankroll on any given gaming session.

Who Actually Runs the Progressive Jackpot?

The big jackpots at Jackpot Capital are actually run by Real Time Gaming, our exclusive game provider.  As broad as the reach our casino has worldwide, RTG has an even broader reach!  So, they can take a few pennies out of every wager and apply those pennies to the progressive jackpot and in this way the big jackpot grows very fast!

Some smaller progressive jackpots are triggered randomly as part of the normal game paly of that particular slot.  These are run by Jackpot Capital which is responsible for the payout.  A random jackpot may also not be progressive; it is simply triggered randomly whenever the random number generator aligns the algorithm correctly.

Random jackpots, because they are smaller, are triggered more often than a top level progressive jackpot is triggered.  So, gamers whose bankroll is in the in between level might play a few spins on a progressive slot and then a few more spins on a slot with a random jackpot.  Then it is best to go to a low variance slot and get a lot of great slots gaming for very little cost if any at all!

Progressive Jackpot Games at Jackpot Capital

We run six games with progressive jackpots.  Three are slots and three are Caribbean poker variations with a progressive jackpot side bet.  Many gamers love the Caribbean poker games independent of the progressive side bet because these poker games give gamers the chance to think deeply about the possibility that their hand will win.  In the Caribbean variations, you double your bet if you think you will win!

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Jackpot Capital’s Progressive Slots

The three slots are Cleopatra’s Gold, Megasaur, and Spirit of the Inca.  So, you can travel back in time to either ancient Egypt, the time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, or the Golden age of the Incan Empire!  The excitement of playing in the present while reveling in the past is quite exhilarating for many gamers, independent of the chance to win the progressive jackpot.  Still, we recommend spending more time on other slots and save the progressive spins for just a few every day or every time you play.

Once again, we repeat our advice from earlier: at an online casino such as Jackpot Capital, you can play every day if you wish.  A few spins on a progressive slot played on your mobile device will often go a long way to satisfy a gamer’s need to go for the gold, as it were.

Let the Casino Give You Gaming at its Fullest

Whatever game you play at an online casino there will be the temptation to play one game for the duration of the session and maybe for the duration of the next session as well!  We recommend allowing the casino to provide you with a wide range of gaming fun rather than sticking with a single game.

This contrasts completely with what happens at land based casinos where a player might spend hours on a single game.  We say that since at Jackpot Capital you can play every day, you can budget an hour or less per session and when one session ends you can look forward to the next session.  It may come in 24 hours or a few days but you won’t have to wait months like so many gamers at land based casinos wait!

This also applies to progressive games, especially progressive slots.  In the Caribbean games, the progressive jackpot is a side bet that you don’t have to make.  A lot of gamers play the Caribbean poker games and never make the side bet!

In progressive slots however, the jackpot is really the reason we are playing.  Gamers have to bet the maximum on the winning pay line to qualify for the big jackpot.  This puts a lot of pressure on most bankrolls so we recommend budgeting the number of spins you will make on a progressive jackpot slot.

In the meantime, we offer many other slots in many genres and with different game play.  The wilds are wild and the scatters take you to the free spins bonus rounds where big wins, although not as big as a million dollar progressive jackpot, can be won!

We also offer several variations of blackjack, video poker, and specialty games such as Fish Catch, Banana Jones, and Roulette.  Jackpot Capital really has a world of gaming fun at your fingertips.  There is no need to book a flight or a hotel room to play at Jackpot Capital.  There is no need to pack a bag and get to the airport a couple of hours before your flight.  There is no need to drive for hours to a “nearby” land based casino!

Join Jackpot Capital online casino NOW and find out what tens of thousands of happy gamers already know: Jackpot Capital is a great place for online casino gaming!

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