How Did Mobile Casino Gaming Get so Popular so Fast?

What Has Brought about the Explosion in Mobile Casino Gaming?

There has been a revolution in online casino gaming brought about by the extraordinary improvements in the technologies that run mobile casinos and mobile jackpot casino games. Gamers at Jackpot Capital Online Casino have benefited and continue to benefit from all of the technological advances we have seen in the past 30 years or so.

What is the Attraction of Playing Casino Games?

People have been playing casino games for real money for generations and, at first, one had to travel to a land-based casino to play casino games. Then, in 1994, the first online casino came aboard and the floodgates opened as far as online casino gaming was concerned.

Gamers Like the Excitement of Betting on the Outcomes of Games

Here we have two very interesting aspects of the attractiveness of online casinos. The first is that people find it exciting to place wagers on games. This applies to many different kinds of games but the idea is the same: there is an element of excitement when a player has even the smallest amount of real money riding on the outcome of a game.

The second element here is the concept of "game". A bit later on we will talk about how games have made major inroads in many aspects of daily life.

How Does Mobile Technology Fit into This Picture?

In our discussion, we are still at the beginning of the movement towards playing casino games at an online casino. The internet was new, a lot of people were not yet connected to the internet, and casino players were used to the idea of travelling to a land-based casino.

The very idea of mobile casinos, mobile casino games, and mobile casino apps taking over the online casino market was less than a pipedream; it was also not technologically available.

Mobile Technology Had an Inauspicious Start

The first mobile device was a giant telephone that could only make and receive phone calls and send and receive messages. They were extremely expensive, very heavy, and were seen as a useful device only by a very few business and government people.

These people bought enough mobile devices to enable manufacturers to bring the prices down and to spur research to develop better technologies for the fledgling mobile device market.

Fast Forward Two Decades to See the Technological Revolution for Mobile in Full Force

When mobile casino technology was just revving up, a player could play casino games for real money only at a land-based casino or at a first-generation online casino.

Gamers enjoyed the flexibility of playing online slots and the long list of other casino games online.

Gamers also loved being able to receive a sizable deposit bonus simply for signing up to play casino games at an online casino.

Unexpectedly, once the tech for mobile online casinos came into early maturity, there was a slow but steady movement towards playing mobile casino games.

What Was the Great Technological Innovation?

Most people would say that the invention of the smartphone was the single greatest technological catalyst for the advance of mobile casinos and mobile casino games.

So many of the things that gamers had come to expect at desktop online casinos were now available on their newfangled mobile device. This was true even though the very first mobile casinos left a lot to be desired in terms of the quality of their mobile games.

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The First Hesitant Mobile Casino Steps Laid the Groundwork for Technological Research

Gamers realized quickly that mobile casinos offered infinitely greater convenience than either land-based casinos or desktop online casinos. However, at that time, mobile casino games were reformatted desktop casino games.

Reformatting made these early mobile games available but the graphics and animation were truly not very good.

After Early Generation Smartphones Came Tablets and Improved Smartphones

With the better technology, gamers were able to play mobile casino games almost anywhere they were. The increased flow of players led to a huge increase in mobile casino sites, mobile casino bonuses, and mobile gaming.

Most gamers today would say that their favorite casino games are all on the online casino's mobile app.

Access Continues to be Added to the Internet and to Mobile Communication

There are still many places in the world with little to no internet access and very poor mobile communication. This is quickly changing! Even in the United States, there are many rural areas with low-quality internet and mobile technology but, again, this is changing fast.

The next wave of online casino gamers will likely bypass the desktop stage and go directly to a mobile casino app such as the one we offer here at Jackpot Capital.

The Mobile Gaming Infrastructure at Jackpot Capital is Perfectly Set Up

Jackpot Capital is one of the best mobile casino sites for good reason. The best mobile casinos offer mobile players state-of-the-art mobile slots, a large selection of real money games, high deposit bonuses that start with a giant welcome bonus, video poker, blackjack games, and many promotions that include free spins.

The Convenience of Mobile Gaming Cannot be Matched

While desktop online casinos offered great convenience to gamers, mobile gaming takes convenience to another level entirely.

At Jackpot Capital, we like to say that our stellar mobile gaming platform enables gamers to "take the casino with them" when they commute to and from work or when they go on a vacation.

What is a Real Vacation?

This is a vacation in which a gamer eschews a stop at a land-based casino. There is so much to see and do without going to a land-based casino, that the idea of taking the casino with you should make it easy to explore vacation options.

Where Do People Go on a Real Vacation?

Everyone has a special place they would like to go to that is not a land-based casino. City dwellers might be fascinated by the countryside and small towns.

Small town residents might enjoy the fast pace of a big city.

People who live in a valley could explore a nearby mountainous area and mountain people might enjoy the attractions in the valley.

Mobile Casinos are a Genre and Market in and of Themselves

The sheer convenience and accessibility of good mobile apps such as ours at Jackpot Capital make mobile casinos a truly revolutionary concept in casino gaming.

Modern mobile devices are sleek, light, and relatively inexpensive.

The graphics and animation are fantastic now and are always improving.

Mobile is Dominant in Many Ways

We spoke about taking the casino with you on vacation. No one would consider leaving their smartphone or tablet at home. The entire internet is "in" the mobile device! Apps proliferate every day.

There are apps for everything people need. One person's apps can communicate with another person's apps through mutual agreement.

Michael McIntyre Riffs about Mobile Devices

The comedian Michael McIntyre has a tremendously funny monologue about our obsession and need of mobile devices. As much as he pokes fun at us for this obsession, he also points to just how important our mobile devices have become!

Gaming Is Now Pervasive in Modern Societies

There is a relatively new concept in education, business, science, and government: gamification.  A deep analysis of gamification is available at the link.  For our immediate purposes, the idea of adding elements of games to very serious matters, means that games are so important in daily life and are so well understood by average people that an entire field of explanation and serious thought can take what we all know about games as a jumping off point.

This means that casinos, as emporia of games, are a perfect enterprise at which to develop insights in matters of everyday significance.  Here at Jackpot Capital feel that online casinos are by far and away the better gaming venue from which to begin starting to analyze serious matters.


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