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How to Make Mobile Gaming Work for You

Jackpot Capital online casino is many things to many gamers.  We are a sterling online casino with about 300 games in many game categories.  We are also an online casino with bonuses and other promotions almost every day.  Finally, Jackpot Capital casino is a top mobile jackpot casino.

We have spoken about jackpots in other articles so in this article we will talk at some length about mobile gaming and just plain mobile.

Why is Mobile Gaming So Popular?

This is a question that really requires expansion and embellishment.  After all, mobile is the primary method of communication in our shrinking world!  It stands to reason that if the gaming platform and all of the elements that go into fun online casino gaming are available on a mobile platform that the mobile platform will become more popular over a relatively short period of time than the formerly dominant desktop gaming platform.

So, what is it about mobile that has made it the go to method of communication in the cellular world?

Technology that Allows Many Users

We aren’t presenting a tutorial on mobile technology itself; just the effects of that magnificent technology.  In short, mobile technology allows many users to access the same “line” without interfering with the next person’s communication.

Some of us are old enough to remember when two or more families shared a telephone line.  These shared lines were called party lines but it was never a party for the users since they often had to wait to make a phone call or, even worse, had to tell an eavesdropping neighbor to mind his or her own business!

The ability for millions of people to use a single mobile line and not interfere with any other user’s activity has made online casino gaming possible.  Online casinos were a godsend for many gamers who were devoted and committed land based casino players but were suddenly shut out of all their favorite casinos.

Many gamers discovered just how convenient the technology that powers online casinos is: they were able to access any game they wanted to play any time they wanted to play it!  This stood and continues to stand in stark contrast to so many players’ experience at a land based casino where they might have to wat for a long period of time until a gamer gives up his or her terminal or a seat at the $2 blackjack table became available.

This never happens at an online casino because the technology allows millions of gamers to play the exact same game at the same time anywhere in the world!

Mobile Technology Makes Life More Comfortable and Easier

Of course, it isn’t just in online casino gaming that mobile has had beneficent effect!  We all feel it every day!  Mobile has already to a large extent replaced telephone land lines and old fashioned postal services that we now called snail mail.

We now can use GPS tracking, internet surfing, instant messaging, online shopping, and much more in addition to online gaming.  GPS tracking has all but eliminated the paper maps we used to use to navigate our way in unfamiliar areas.  Today, kids play games with the manner in which tracking services tell drivers what to do: “at the roundabout, take the second exit.”

Kids can record their own voices for the routing service!

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Social Media Explodes Everywhere

There was a time not so very long ago when there were no social media sites.  Today, we are already in the second if not the third generation of social media sites.  Already some millennials are saying that Face Book is “so nineties”! The size of the platform has allowed social media to advance far beyond what people envisioned twenty years ago.

And mobile technology continues to evolve.  No one can say with certainty just when mobile technology will reach its outer limits!  It may be within a decade or to or a century or two or a millennium or two.

Social media has branched out into other areas such as in apps that allow small groups to communicate as a group.  The corona crisis added impetus to this aspect of mobile technology’s reach.  Since travel for meetings was not available, mobile technology had to take over and thousands of companies and families held “meetings” using the mobile technology gamers use to play simple online casino games!

Mobile Technology is Like the Electrification of Texas!

Actually, when electricity comes to any area, it is a very big thing.  It changes lives!  In his great biography of Lyndon B. Johnson, the man who succeeded John F. Kennedy as President of the United States after the latter’s assassination in November 1963, Robert Caro wrote about the electrification of Texas during LBJ’s young adulthood!

The electrification of Texas was a huge thing in the 1930’s and the advance of mobile technology into areas that lacked it previously is also a huge 21st century deal!  When mobile comes to a rural area life changes in an instant.

Now even young children have mobile phones because their parents are concerned about the kids’ safety and the kids have a social media footprint!

It is not the point here to talk about whether this is good or not; it is to talk about the reality that mobile has changed the way people live and will continue to do so as more and more communities come on line.

The Effect of Mobile Technology on Business and Tournaments

Mobile allows meetings to take place across thousands of miles and different continents without the need to travel to a central meeting location.  Big meeting halls will likely go bankrupt or find some other way to use their big rooms.  Land based casinos are in a fight for their futures with online casinos which can multiple like rabbits while land based casinos are dinosaurs even as they are being built.

Tournaments used to be held in land based casinos among the players who had travelled to the tournament.  Today, slots tournaments especially but also tournaments in games like blackjack and, of course, online poker are held among gamers from every corner of the globe!

The online casino is the conduit that brings all of these diverse people together and the mobile technology is the “brains and the brawn” that allows the casinos to do so!

Mobile Introduces an Economy of Scale

Mobile information can be transmitted by a few towers correctly placed as opposed to the ubiquitous telephone lines of the 20th century.

Mobile is mobile while land line phones were attached to a wall usually in the kitchen where everyone could here Johnny’s conversation with his female love.  The phone cords were short.  Then a revolution took place and long telephone cords became popular but they always got all tangled up!

Mobile allows people to work remotely which had been a trend and now, with Covid 19 still on the march, has become a deluge affecting many large metropolises such as New York which is said to have lost at least 300,000 people!

Newspapers, Newspapers, We Don’t Need No….. Newspapers!

There is simply little need for the daily newspaper which always has old news anyway!

People shop online.  Location, location, location used to be a mantra for land based businesses.  Now it refers to the placement an online store gets on search engines!  And in this way a new industry called SEO or Search Engine Optimization was born!

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