The Mobile Gaming Revolution Has the Overwhelming Majority of Gaming at Jackpot Capital on their Mobile Platform

What Hath Mobile Casino Gaming Wrought?

If someone from Jackpot Capital casino had presciently told you about twenty years ago that most online casino gaming in twenty years would be played on a mobile device, they might have fallen off their chair laughing.  It wouldn’t have been because mobile communications were so poor; they weren’t.

Everyone knew that mobile communication was in a dramatic upward trajectory similar to the expected upward trajectory for great young but inexperienced athletes but few people were far-sighted enough to see the same trajectory for mobile gaming!

Desktop Computers Were the Go-to Place to Play Online Casino Games

Desktop jackpot casinos were in their heyday and few people expected them to be taken over by a mobile jackpot casino!  The technology for graphics, sound, animation, and configuration for a mobile screen were present but they weren’t yet as good as they would become.

Then the technology for both mobile phones, the new iteration in mobile called the tablet, and for casino games suddenly improved to the extent that gamers found it a lot more relaxing to play at Jackpot Capital online casino through our excellent and getting better mobile gaming platform.

Cellphones Became PDA’s Became Smartphones Became Geniuses

In the early days of cellular communication, there was the cellular phone that became known as the cell phone or just “my cell”.  It must have surprised prisoners in jails around the world that the term “my cell” suddenly had taken on an entirely different meaning!

Cell phones could make and receive phone calls, voice and text messages, and had some built-in applications such as the calculator.  The term “app” had not yet entered the modern English language.  In fact, “app” started out as a slang, shortened version of the “correct” term “application” that is now almost never used!

Cellular technology was focused on communication.  Thus the early cell phone games used the simplest technology available at that time.  The games were fun but they could not compare to what is available on mobile devices today!

What was marketed as a smartphone just 15 years ago has evolved into a genius of a communication, internet savvy, portable office and secretary, and gaming center.  There are literally thousands of apps available and modern mobile devices can easily carry several hundred such “applications”.

Services based on GPS technology have made road maps obsolete; easy access to millions of pages of information have made printed dictionaries obsolete; ease of communication has made land lines obsolete; and the comfort of playing casino games while all curled up on the sofa or in bed has made the computer chair obsolete, at least as far as gaming is concerned.

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The App Revolution

We have touched upon the app revolution that is still ongoing.  Here we need to emphasize that mobile gaming platforms are basically a type of app that you download to your mobile device.  Just as apps have proliferated in the 14 years since the first app stores were opened, so has the technology that feeds the mobile gaming market.

But games are different than words sent on messaging apps.  Games are different than the printed text at a favorite internet site.  Games require excellent graphics to keep the gamer’s attention.  That’s the main reason that the early mobile casino games were okay as such but didn’t take anyone away from their desktop computer at first.

Graphics and Animation on a Mobile Screen

Just as television screens have become bigger, mobile screens on both phones and particularly on tablets have gotten bigger.  Still, for gaming purposes size really doesn’t matter!  What matters is the overall accessibility of the game.  This includes top notch graphics, excellent sound quality, and exciting animation.

You can play blackjack on a mobile device or on a desktop computer screen and get the most bland graphics or you can play blackjack on an excellent mobile platform and get graphics that make you feel like you at a land based casino!  Graphics today fuel the explosive growth of online casinos.

Many people have said that it was the Covid 19 pandemic that fueled the growth in online casino gaming.  We understand that the closures of land based casinos sent many gamers to online casinos such as Jackpot Capital.  Still, if the online experience were not top flight, gamers would have found other games to play and other ways to pass the time before they could return to their favorite land based casino.

This was especially true of mobile gaming since gamers at land based casinos usually play on the casino floor in a live version of desktop casino gaming.  That some land based casinos have begun to offer their guests mobile gaming simply points to the great growth in popularity of mobile gaming.

Mobile Gaming is a Wild Type of Gaming

We don’t mean that mobile gaming is like the animals at a safari!  We mean that the single biggest advance in online casino gaming and therefore in mobile gaming is the many ways the wild symbol can now operate.

Some slots have sticky wilds which mean that the symbol stays stuck to the spot on the reel it landed on.  It took years to develop the technology for this kind of wild symbol activity and now it has become common.

Another innovation in the way of the wilds is expanding wilds where the symbol grows as you watch.  It may cover one of the contiguous reels or both of them.  This is animation in the service of gaming at the highest level!

Some slots have exploding wilds which explode into a plethora of miniature wild symbols that land and effect wins all over the reels!

Many new slots have two types of wild symbols.  One type might simply provide a multiplier to the win while the other wild does the wild symbol boogaloo!  Sometimes each wild symbol adds a dimension that can only be delivered through excellent graphics and animation.

Slots Require Great Graphics and Animation

Since slots are all video slots these days, we have to point out that the technology that can deliver excellent graphics and animation to a mobile screen is still in the formative stages.  Thus, we expect graphics and animation to improve in the coming years.  This will fuel even greater growth in mobile gaming!

Jackpot Capital Remains in the Forefront of Online Casino Developments

We were one of the first online casinos to see the future value of mobile gaming.  This was at a time when many mobile devices were the size of a small office refrigerator. LOL!

But we at Jackpot Capital see ourselves as being on the leading edge in all things related to online casino gaming.  For example, you can get a deposit bonus almost any day of the week at Jackpot Capital

To discover the grand world of online gaming at its best we urge you to join Jackpot Capita casino NOW!

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