Bonus Love!

We’re embracing everything ‘romance’ here at Jackpot Capital for the month of February, as it is most certainly the ‘Month of Love’! It’s the final stretch of the winter months, and as we take the last blasts of cold, head on, we manage it swiftly, because we’re more than warmed up by the feeling love - What else?! Sweet notes of affection to our loved ones, the potential surprise of a bouquet of roses, cinnamon hearts, chocolate hearts, evening walks… We just love to get a little romantic, every once in a while! Given how filled with love we are at this time of year, we hope you feel the same, because if so, you’ll be happy to join us for a hefty amount of ‘Bonus Love’ - We’re giving away $80,000 in loving bonuses! Just like every great moment with us, you won’t want to miss this - Keep reading to find out how you can get hit by the Jackpot Capital Cupid!

Can You Feel The Bonus Love?!

When it’s all said and done, isn’t what we all want, is to feel a little love? For sure! Love can be a strange thing, something that makes us do the wildest of things, but there sure is no better feeling than falling in love - In this case, falling in bonus love! Here at Jackpot Capital we are always on the lookout to find ways to make our beloved players (That’s you!) feel more appreciated and cared for, and when you’re playing with us, that means plenty of ‘love’ from our Bonus Cupid! Watch out, you just never know when he’s going to strike - Especially during the month of love!

This month’s Headline Promotion is giving all of our players the chance to join us on a mission to find ‘True Bonus Love’, and we will ensure you don’t leave empty handed! Perhaps this Valentine’s Day you were spoiled with candies, kisses and flowers, which is nice, but what’s even better, is being spoiled with bonuses! If you’ve already joined us in competing against your opponent players to reach the top spot on our Scoreboard, then chances are, you’ve already felt the wrath of that generous Bonus Cupid we have flying around here at the Jackpot Capital ‘Headquarters of Love’. Have you yet to join in on the fun? No worries, there’s still plenty of time for you to get involved and finally fall deep in ‘Bonus Love’. Sounds pretty tempting, doesn’t it? Just like the first time you fell in love, our big question of “Will you play with us?” will leave you with the strong urge and temptation to experience those feelings all over again!

$80,000 in Bonus Love - Open Your Heart!

Is love all you need? If we were going by anything The Beatles ever taught us, then yes, we would say that’s correct! ‘Love’ is certainly the most powerful emotion of all, and with it, many say you can conquer anything you put your mind to, so just imagine what this could mean when you put ‘Bonus Love’ to work while playing your favorite games with us! Over these 4 weeks, we are happily and lovingly giving away $80,000 in bonuses to our players who love us the most. You know what they say, “You get what you give”! We know you choose to spend your time playing with us because you feel satisfied with all of our exciting bonus offers and great customer service, and we want you to know that we very much appreciate you “choosing us”! It’s an honor to have you playing with us, and you can bet that if you join us on this Bonus Love Mission, you’ll never have to look any further!

Are you ready to fall deep in Bonus Love? Now’s your chance - Come join us!


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