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What Unusual Advantage Does Gaming on the Internet Give Gamers?

We talk often about the many advantages of gaming online at Jackpot Capital casino such as the ability to play a wide range of jackpot slots from the comfort of your single virtual seat!  The advantages of online gaming are so pronounced that they are a theme of many articles!

And, still, we seem to always discover new and amazing reasons to play online casino games rather than travel to a land based casino!  In this article, we will go into some depth about the unsung hero of online gaming at Jackpot Capital online casino: the great internet!

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Why Not Just Say Digital

The term digital is much more than just the internet.  It covers social media, modern technology, apps on your smartphone and many other aspects of modern life.  We want to stick with the internet here.

The reason is simply that the very existence of the internet is the heroic character in the online casino saga and is, by itself, representative of the most basic advantage of gaming at an online casino such as jackpot Capital. 

The internet is an entire world of information, entertainment, and just plain fun and games unto itself.  When you play at an online casino, you have this amazing world at your fingertips.  You can take advantage of the internet or not as you choose.  At a land based casino, you might have free Wi-Fi in your hotel room but why would anyone go to the hassle and expense of going to a land based casino in order to spend time on the internet back in their hotel room?

The Power of Surfing the Internet

We talk about gaming when you feel good, when you aren’t hungry or tired, and when your other pressing responsibilities or fun activities allow you an hour or so for gaming.  Well, when you’re gaming at Jackpot Capital, you have access to the massive world of the internet and you can turn internet surfing into one of the fun activities you do!

What Should I Surf?

We don’t know!  The answer to that question is: What do you want to surf?  You might look at maps one day and listen to online short talks the next day!  You might do a tutorial on baseball statistics or watch a famous baseball game the next.

Have you ever seen the 23-22 game the Philadelphia Phillies and Chicago Cubs played at Beautiful Wrigley Field back in the day?  It’s a great game and it’s there on the internet!  It might take a little surfing to find the full game but it’s there!

You might want to listen to the top 50 songs from 1943.  Maybe the best movies of all time.  Maybe a list of the best Italian Beef restaurants in the United States.  If you really love Italian beef and are planning a road trip, this information might come in very handy.  Did you know that there’s a very good Italian Beef place in central Illinois?  Neither did we but now we’re glad we looked it up!

Brainstorming Internet Search Categories

We are now going to brainstorm 10 topics for surfing on the “net”.  We will then surf the net for them.  We won’t use the newfangled verb that derives from one search engine so we will simply use the verb, “to search engine”.

These are obviously ten out of hundreds—probably thousands—millions!—of categories we could search for.  You can add topics as the muse comes upon you!

  • The top ten places for birdwatching in North America.
  • The best baseball stadiums.
  • Mushroom soup recipes.
  • The top ten National Parks.
  • Childhood homes of famous people.
  • Most nostalgic places.
  • Best YouTube Speeches.
  • Eastern medicine.

Now for a Surfing Trick

Search engines all have their formulas for which sites go on the first page and so on.  The sites that get on the first page are not necessarily the best sites for that search.   They are on the first page primarily because they know how to provide what the search engine is looking for.  So, we suggest working backwards from page ten and see what happens.

Birdwatching in the United States

We search engined this and got a site that promoted birdwatching near Ashville, North Carolina.  We found some other helpful information on page ten such as a guide to birdwatching, and birdwatching tours.  Now, when we decide to go birdwatching we might look for a tour of people like us.  It might be as good as or better than doing it by ourselves.

Baseball Stadiums

This one was a bit of a trick question because the best baseball stadiums in the United States these days are all minor league stadiums.  We have a particular affinity for minor league baseball.  The price of admission is much lower than to a major league game and the people are all locals who very likely know each other.  That lends a local ambience to the games.

Here is a story about Wrigley Field in Chicago from a bygone era.  A vendor was working the last game of the season and the hometown Cubs were nowhere near the top of the league.  The vendor was selling peanuts.  To his surprise, many people in the box seats, season ticket holders, bought entire boxes of peanuts.  He asked one man why he was buying an entire box of peanuts.  He said that even in January he needs his “Wrigley Field peanuts”.

At the end of the game, many fans shook hands with their ballpark neighbors, wished then a good winter, and “see you next year”.

Mushroom Soup Recipes

We love mushroom soup and, as it turns out, so do the Slovenian people.  They call it Gobova Juha and it has very specific ingredients.  One of the ingredients is white wine vinegar.  Regular vinegar, red wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar, rice vinegar, or balsamic vinegar will not do!

National Parks

We don’t mean to limit the search to National Parks and also not just to the United States.  The idea is that parks offer so much in the way of outdoor activity that you can plan a trip down to minute detail just by surfing the internet in between games at Jackpot Capital.

Childhood Homes of Famous People

Everyone knows about Mark Twain’s house in Hannibal, Missouri.  On page ten, we found references to childhood homes in Lowville, Kentucky and in rural Indiana.  On page nine, we found sites about Bob Dylan’s childhood homes and people from Arkansas.

YouTube Speeches

Many of these are from sites that are actually selling something but you have no obligation to buy.  Just perusing the lists of topics and presenters is a great way to spend some time.  You can listen to one or two right away or make notes for future YouTube time.

Eastern Medicine

This also includes eastern forms of exercise such as yoga and Tai Chi.  Many people are not aware that there are many different forms of yoga.  Many people also are not aware that Tai Chi is both a martial art and a very profound series of exercises.  One of the strangest and least “western” in any way is called Standing Like a Tree.

Eastern medicine includes the Indian variations such as Ayurveda medicine, acupuncture, and other forms of medicine that people in the west know little about and sometimes downplay since they don’t involve prescriptions!

The Last Word

We have talked about the fun of surfing the internet.  We also include in the fun of planning for a trip that might come about from this type of surfing.  Obviously, the searches you would do would naturally go far beyond the scope we have presented here.

The point is that when you play casino games online at Jackpot Capital, you can easily take a break to do a search engine or you can close up the gaming session to search.   When a person goes to a land based casino, they do so with one idea in mind: gamble. 

No one goes to a land based casino to surf the internet!  A lot more people go to land based casinos for the free alcohol and free buffet meals than go to surf!  We suggest that the ability to move easily from gaming to surfing in one of the unsung advantages of gaming online at Jackpot Capital!

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