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Game Details - Buffalo Mania Deluxe

Is it a bull run or a bear market at Jackpot Capital Casino? That depends. In the Buffalo Mania Deluxe slot, bears and (buffalo) bulls unlock the loot. That is along with two apex predators that prowl around the Wild, Wild West!

Hit a hot streak of luck and both bulls and bears can pay out a lot. Themed symbols can vanish and be replaced by just one matching game tile – and a top-paying one at that. Then there is a little matter of an expanding grid that may or may not synch to the random replacement.

Yep, that is a fact. The game board in the Buffalo Mania Deluxe slot machine is flexibly structured. At times it has the usual 6x4 configuration. At others, it dilates, inflates and balloons out to give you thousands of extra ways to win!

Take into account buffalos that stampede across the reels depositing extra wilds in their wake and what have you got? A fresh new SpinLogic Gaming slot that is programmed to drop filthy lucre into your casino account!

In truth, that is just the beginning of the action in the Buffalo Mania Deluxe. The big-ticket bonus features are yet to come. When they do, you could be in line for a maximum prize of 2,060.80 x. That is not a multiple of the bet per win way. Heck no. It is a multiple of the TOTAL STAKE!

What is the knockout special effect in Buffalo Mania Deluxe slot machine? How about a bonus wheel with prizes ranging from free games and a 10 x multiplier to a big old jackpot? Bears pfft! It is bulls all the way – buffalo bulls and not Buffalo Bills, mind you!

Game Structure and Payouts

Buffalo Mania Deluxe is predominantly a 6x4 online slot with 4,096 win ways. Every once in a while, the structure explodes into a 6x5 or 6x6 configuration. When that happens win ways increase to 15,625 and 46,656 in number, respectively.

As with all online slots, the aim of the game is to land matching game tiles from left to right on the grid. Do that and coins go jangling off the board and into your Jackpot Capital account. The amount you win is commensurate with the number of identical tiles on the board.

In this game, the cash generators are the themed icons – the bears, bulls, cougars and wolves. The playing card ranks from 9 through Ace are the high hit frequency symbols. These geezers won’t blow you away in terms of dollars and cents but they do keep the loot trickling on in.

What is standard across the board is this. The higher the number of matching tiles there are on the grid, the more money you win. Hit 6-of-a-kind and that is when ‘Big Win’ flashes across the screen.

In Buffalo Mania Deluxe, you get 200 x for the buff and 150 x for the bear. The cougar and wolf deliver up to 100 x and 75 x apiece. As for the ‘low’ paying symbols, they unlock payouts of 25 x through to 50 x. That is for a 6 symbol alignment. Now for the big reveal – the winnings in cash.

In this online slot game, you have to divide your stake by 25. The answer you get is the figure that is multiplied by the payouts on the pay table. In other words, prizes are a direct reflection of your wager.

The betting range in Buffalo Mania Deluxe is $0.50 to $6.25 a spin. Reduce that to the bet per win way and you get a range of $0.02 to $0.25. As a result, you can bank up to $50 for the buff, $37.50 for the bear and $25 and $18.75 for the cougar and wolf.

That is for the maximum alignment of matching symbols on a maximum $6.25 bet per spin. The Playing cards deliver between $6.25 to $12.50. As for the really big win that is concealed somewhere on the game board? That clocks in at a grand total of $12,880!

Buffalo Mania Deluxe slot has a medium volatility rating. Both bets and payouts are middling in value. They are neither low nor high. That applies to average hit frequency too. The risk and reward element is evenly weighted.

Now for the slot’s showstoppers, the crowd pullers, the bonus features. They are the factors that determine whether you are a winner or a BIG WINNER at Jackpot Capital Casino!

Buffalo Mania Deluxe Bonus Features

In Buffalo Mania Deluxe video slot, the major mania replacement and bursting wilds features are randomly activated. In the former special effect, the software reveals one themed icon that automatically replaces all the other major symbols on the grid.

The feature can and often does recur on consecutive spins. A new reveal is conducted after each back-to-back spin to determine the next replacement icon. That of course means you can win multiple times without juicing the machine!

When the buffalos stampede, the grid is momentarily clouded in dust. When it clears it reveals a changed game board with one, two or more wild symbols in the mix. That may or may not result in a paying combination with a FREE PRIZE to match!

Now for the only feature you can actually activate. It is triggered by three or more scatter symbols which, by the way, pay up to 20 x the stake. That is $125 on a maximum wager.

This time, the icons do not have to align from left to right. Nor do they have to drop on adjacent reels to unleash what is unquestionably the most exciting sequence in the game – the Bonus Wheel.

Unlock the feature and you have one spin of the wheel. As with all prize wheels, it is segmented. In this case there are eight segments, each displaying a free gratuity.

The question is, what can you win on the Buffalo Mania Deluxe Bonus Wheel? How about 6 free games with bursting wilds or 7 free games on a 6x6 grid or any other free games combo? The complimentary game rounds max out at 15 free games playable on a 6x5 game board.

That is the one component of the feature – lots and lots of free games. The other equally enticing component is two instant win prizes. The first is a 10 x bet multiplier. The other is a CASH JACKPOT!

With prizes like that on the wheel, one thing is for sure. That is where the top award of 2060.80 x the total bet is hanging about. If you are lucky it could be a cash lump sum of $12,880 juicing your Jackpot Capital money machine!

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