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Game Details - Cosmic Crusade

Man the spaceship, tap the controls and head off into deep space. The mission? To search for gemstone-quality crystals alongside the Cosmic Crusade crew.

The reward? Free spins around the universe, multipliers in DOUBLE DIGITS and a cache of Mercurian money that tips the scales at 50,000 x! That, fellow space travelers, is up to $12,500 in Earth equity!

That is not all. There are constantly accumulating jackpots in orbit. The defensive systems are poor. Hit a cold streak and black holes do not suck you in. They spew out progressive jackpot prizes instead!

Now for the nuts and bolts of the 5x3 SpinLogic Gaming slot. Take a Cosmic Crusade with Conor and Carey and symbols are more high-energy gamma rays than falling stars. They pay out for 2 symbols and up – and that is a game changer!

The challenge for all you payline plunderers is to search for the largesse in the wide expanses of the universe. To do that, you have to unlock the signature feature and pick the perfect planet.

You may find there is more than time crystals and chunks of peridot in it for you. If the galaxy permits, you could be doing 125 FREE SPINS around the sun. Better still, all payline wins are boosted by a factor of 10!

What does it take for you to go out with a big bang? First, you have to train to become a reel-based rocketeer. Then you must play Cosmic Crusade online slot at Jackpot Capital Casino with a real money stake. What happens next is written in the stars!

Game Structure and Payouts

Cosmic Crusade online slot has 25 fixed paylines and a 5x3 reel configuration. You can bet $0.50 through to $6.25 a round, smack the spin button and that is it. Payouts are generated by dropping matching game tiles from left to right on adjacent reels.

The amount you win is determined by:

  • your stake
  • the number of symbols in the winning combination
  • the payouts corresponding with that symbol

In this online slot machine, the game board is fashioned as the controls and main display console of a spaceship. There are buttons that allow you to adjust the reel speed, increase or decrease the stake and activate the auto-spin function for fully automated gameplay!

As for the payout action? It aligns with the video slot’s medium volatility rating. In layman’s terms that means you can expect mid-size payouts that occur at an average high frequency. What makes the Cosmic Crusade slot exceptional is the fact that prizes start from a low of 2 identical game tiles.

As far as the regular symbols go, it is the cosmonauts that pay out the most. Conor, the bearded dude in blue offers up to 2,000 x for 5-of-a-kind. Carey pays out a maximum prize of 1,500 x. The red crystal delivers up to 1,000 x the bet per line.

There is a bounty of up to 600 x for the satellite and bot. The flaming asteroid and playing card ranks 10 through ace deliver between 100 x and 250 x the payline wager. That is the story when you drop 5-strong configurations on the game board.

Hit reduced patterns on the grid and the payouts for 2, 3 and 4 symbol sets are progressively lower than the top prizes. They are also easier to achieve on the reels. As with all the online casino games at Jackpot Capital, the winnings are commensurate with the odds.

Prizes have little meaning until they are converted into genuine currency. Play Cosmic Crusade online slot at the highest available stake and you can bank up to $500 in regular play. That is compliments of Conor the cosmonaut.

Listen up, gamers. When the wild and scatter appear in multiples on the grid, you can coin it in cosmic cash. Take the multiplier-enriched free games into account and here is the deal. You can give Elon Musk a run for his money and jump-start Jupiter first!

Cosmic Crusade Bonus Features

Wild planets are the gift-givers on the grid. They stand in for all the regular game symbols and fulfill the role of a wild card or joker. When they appear stacked on the reels to form a 5-planet cohort, you bank 5,000 x the payline bet. That, Space Cadets, is $1,250 in hard cash with a maximum bet in play.

The spaceship scatter symbol pays out when it appears anywhere on the grid. Hit 5-of-a-kind and you get 50 x the stake. What is that in dollar bills? A quick $312.50 that goes directly from the board and into your Jackpot Capital account. Sweet!

Here is the thing, flyers. The scatter is the key to gravity-free gaming. It transports you to a second screen where you have to select one of 6 spinning planets.

Each planet conceals a tranche of free games that have prize multipliers in the mix. The available in-game bonuses in the Cosmic Crusade slot range from 5 free games with 2 x multipliers to 125 free games with 10 x multipliers.

There is an even richer 12 x multiplier on the board. It comes with a slightly diminished tally of complimentary spins – 90 free games to be precise. That is not cosmic conjecture. It is a hard fact!

Consider this. If you drop Conor five-fold on the grid during the free games round, you can take the 2,000 x prize and multiply it by 12. That gives you a possible disbursement of 24,000 x or $6k in cash! No wager required!

Throw the wild into the equation and that is where the Big Bang in the universe resides. What can you learn from this? The 50,000 x major prize is firmly lodged in the free games bonus round.

Now for the real space crystals – the potentially HUGE single wins that can boost the balance in your Jackpot Capital Casino far beyond the Kuiper Belt! What we are referring to are the randomly activated Minor and Major progressive jackpots.

In the Cosmic Crusade slot machine, the jackpots seed at $250 and $1,000 respectively. They continue growing in value, fed by every wager placed by every player at Jackpot Capital – and beyond.

What is especially neat is one or both jackpots are winnable but only after any spin that does NOT deliver a payline prize. When you play Cosmic Crusade online at Jackpot Capital Casino one thing is for sure. There is no dark matter or black dwarfs to spoil the show!

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