New Games

Every month, our loyal gamers anxiously await the new game or games that Real Time Gaming, our exclusive game provider, releases.  We usually run a fun promotion to go along with the release of all Jackpot Capital new games. Check out our latest casino games here and see why new game releases are so important to gamers and online casinos alike.  

Sweet Shop Collect
05/31/2023Sweet Shop Collect
Masks of Atlantis
05/17/2023Masks of Atlantis
Bonus Wheel Jungle
04/26/2023Bonus Wheel Jungle
Mighty Drums
04/12/2023Mighty Drums
Cash Bandits Museum Heist
03/29/2023Cash Bandits Museum Heist
Fortunes Of Olympus
03/15/2023Fortunes Of Olympus
Warrior Conquest
03/01/2023Warrior Conquest
Giant Fortunes
02/15/2023Giant Fortunes
Alien Wins
02/01/2023Alien Wins
Tarot Destiny
01/18/2023Tarot Destiny
Mermaid Royale
12/21/2022Mermaid Royale
Goblins Gluttony Of Gems
12/07/2022Goblins Gluttony Of Gems
Santas Reel Wheel
11/23/2022Santas Reel Wheel
Divas Of Darkness
10/26/2022Divas Of Darkness
Count Cashtacular
10/12/2022Count Cashtacular
Vegas XL
09/28/2022Vegas XL
Desert Raider
09/14/2022Desert Raider
Neon Wheel 7s
08/31/2022Neon Wheel 7s
Doragons Gems
08/17/2022Doragons Gems
Nine Realms
07/27/2022Nine Realms
Gem Strike
07/13/2022Gem Strike
Sweet 16 Blast!
06/29/2022Sweet 16 Blast!
Meerkat Misfits
06/15/2022Meerkat Misfits
Khrysos Gold
06/01/2022Khrysos Gold
Penguin Palooza
05/18/2022Penguin Palooza
Fortunate Buddha
04/27/2022Fortunate Buddha
Run Rabbit Run
04/13/2022Run Rabbit Run
Copy Cat Fortune
03/16.2022Copy Cat Fortune
Thai Emerald
02/16/2022Thai Emerald
Lil Red
01/26/2022Lil Red
Hyper Wins
01/05/2022Hyper Wins
Twister Wilds
12/22/2021Twister Wilds
Big Santa
11/24/2021Big Santa
Egyptian Gold
11/10/2021Egyptian Gold
Bubble Bubble 3
10/13/2021Bubble Bubble 3
Princess Warrior
09/22/2021Princess Warrior
Legend of Helios
09/08/2021Legend of Helios
Sparky 7
08/18/2021Sparky 7
Lucky Catch
07/21/2021Lucky Catch
Miami Jackpots
06/30/2021Miami Jackpots
Jackpot Cleopatra's Gold Deluxe
06/16/2021Jackpot Cleopatra's Gold Deluxe
Epic Holiday Party
11/25/2020Epic Holiday Party
Frog Fortunes
10/28/2020Frog Fortunes
Witchy Wins
09/23/2020Witchy Wins
Achilles Deluxe
08/26/2020Achilles Deluxe
Cash Bandits 3
07/22/2020Cash Bandits 3
Wild Hog Luau
06/24/2020Wild Hog Luau
Vegas Lux
05/27/2020Vegas Lux
Diamond Fiesta
04/22/2020Diamond Fiesta
5 Wishes
03/11/20205 Wishes
Dr. Winmore
02/19/2020Dr. Winmore
Magic Muhroom
12/11/2019Magic Muhroom
Rudolph Awakens
11/27/2019Rudolph Awakens
Halloween Treasures
10/09/2019Halloween Treasures
T-Rex II
09/12/2019T-Rex II
Storm Lords
08/21/2019Storm Lords
Mermaid's Pearls
06/05/2019Mermaid's Pearls
The Mariachi 5
04/17/2019The Mariachi 5
Trigger Happy
02/13/2019Trigger Happy
Fire Dragon
02/13/2019Fire Dragon
Pig Winner
01/30/2019Pig Winner
Scuba Fishing
09/19/2018Scuba Fishing
Panda's Gold
07/18/2018Panda's Gold
Secret Jungle
06/20/2018Secret Jungle
Lucha Libre 2
04/10/2018Lucha Libre 2

Every Gamer Waits Anxiously for the New Month’s New Games

What's more fun than anticipating something new each month?! That's what our players experience every month looking forward to our new game releases. With anywhere from 1 to 5 new games released each month, Jackpot Capital gives its players tons of new fun each month. Also, check out our promotions page, adding new game bonus cash or free spins to the excitement. And don't worry about getting your chance to play our new games. Because we're in cyberspace, we can accommodate everyone at the same time. No waiting in lines to try the new game - just check in and start playing!

Digital Technology Reaches Online Gaming

Slots began as simple mechanical devices. Players pulled the arm and the reels spun round. There was very little imagination in the production of such slots. Since each one was a machine, it was a lot easier for every slot to have the same features - no creativity needed.

The digital age dawned in the not so far past, except to millennials for whom digital is all they have ever known! Digital and computer technology made it possible to produce software that could be replicated thousands and millions of times at online gaming platforms at less cost than producing just a handful of the old fashioned mechanical slots we see in land-based casinos.

Online Casinos Lead the Way

Online casinos are all digital. When the few game providers in the early days of online casino gaming discovered the vast world of the imagination that was suddenly available to them in designing new online slots, the providers started to create slots and other new online casino games at a ferocious rate.

Land based casinos had to change their formats too to keep up with the online casinos. Today, at land based casinos, you can play at terminals the same video slots that we offer online. Online slots still have two great advantages over land based casinos: you never have to wait at an online casino for a game and because we have unlimited space we can offer many more games than a land based casino can offer.

Creative Imagination

We offer many variations of table games such as blackjack and poker and many different types of video poker. Still, the great sea change that digital gaming hath brought is in the imagination that goes into every new slot.

Remember, we offer a new slot every month and it doesn’t take up any "space" in our casino. Land based casinos can also introduce new slots but when they do, they have to take out an older slot. We can offer several generations of video slots. This gives you, our gamers, a great variety of slots experiences!

Themes and Story Lines

Digital slots allowed the game providers to experiment with themes. Way back, oh, twenty years ago, that was a revolutionary idea: to have story lines in slots! Today, nostalgia buffs play the older, 3-reel fruit slots but almost everyone plays the themed slots.

There is only one thing that keeps the number of theme categories down: the imagination of the game providers. Out game provider, Real Time Gaming, has a long history in developing exciting slots with accessible, interesting, and fun themes.

This, then, is the reason so many gamers await the arrival of every new slot: they want to see what theme RTG may have developed in a different way or has developed for the first time. Gamers want to see how the wild symbols work to make winning easier and more fun. They want to see how the free spins bonus rounds are configured to create exciting game play and solid winning spins.

Great Gaming Flexibility and Convenience

Since you can play all of our slots, the new ones and the older ones, without giving up your seat, you can go from dusty and dry as a bone, ancient Egypt to a modern luxury, air-conditioned seaside vacation. You can go deep beneath the oceans and far away in outer space. You can revel in tongue in cheek stories or ferocious adventures with pirates, dragons, and explorers.

Classics with Humble Beginnings

Every slot that by now is considered a classic had its humble beginnings as a new slot brought out as every month by Real Time Gaming. It isn’t enough to become a classic simply to be a new game. A classic is a game that many thousands of gamers come back to time after time. As much as we gamers love playing the vast variety of slots at Jackpot Capital, we also like to come back to the tried and true. That is the very definition of a classic.

The Mariachi Five came out in time to help players celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Now it is one of the most popular games we offer. Cubee is a perfect example of how RTG uses colors and shapes plus comedic facial expressions to create a slot that entertains thousands of gamers every day.

The Naughty and Nice series began as a single slot with a Christmas theme. Today, there are three slots in the Naughty and Nice series and, who knows, RTG might soon make it four!

Cash Bandits is already a series of two and Popinata might become a series soon. Both are extremely popular slots with a lot of room for the creative teams at RTG to work out new angles on their themes.

Fish Catch and Banana Jones

Lest you think that only slots are new games, we present our two most popular specialty games, Fish Catch and Banana Jones, as examples of how the creative geniuses at RTG can come up with new ideas that capture the imagination of our online gaming audience.

Fish Catch is a fishing expedition. You get to choose the area in which you’ll fish and the weapon you’ll use to catch the colorful, toothy denizens of the deep.

Banana Jones is a tongue in cheek variation of the theme of an intrepid searcher trying to recover a priceless artifact in order to bring it to its proper resting place: a museum. The only things that stand in Banana Jones’ way are the snakes ;) - we all remember the famous quote from the inspiration for Banana Jones: "Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes?"

Come Play with Us

We offer new games every month and a great set of bonuses to new players totaling up to $1000. After you join Jackpot Capital, you can take advantage of everything we offer from new games to established promotions. So, come play with us!