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Slots not your thing? Or are you just looking for a change of pace? No worries! Check out and enjoy our huge variety of table games: Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, Pai Gow, Pontoon, Rummy, and many more!  

Pull Up a Chair to Our Wide Range of Exciting Table Games

The two most famous table games at any casino are blackjack and poker.  Our collection of Jackpot Capital table games includes several variations of these two eternally popular games plus baccarat, three card rummy, and more.  In fact, more than we even show here.  To see our full selection of table games, sign up to Jackpot Capital now and go to Table Games in the lobby.

All our table games are easy to learn, fun to play, and take the concept of “virtual gaming” to an entirely new level.

There is Poker and There is Poker

Let’s begin with poker.  Of all the online casino games, poker offers the most variety.  In fact, video poker has so much variety just within that group of games that we give it its own separate games category.

Of the poker table games there are two main groupings: poker which you play against live opponents and poker which you play against the dealer or the house.  The poker variations we offer as table games are all games that you play against the dealer.

Games of Skill

Perhaps the key distinction between our set of table games and such games as slots, craps, and roulette is that the table games, while having plenty of luck involved in every outcome, are really games of skill.  That means that you have to make strategic decisions on every hand.

Since every game has slightly different rules, we suggest that you always learn the rules of any game you wish to try out before putting real money on the outcomes of the hands.  That’s one of the reasons we offer unlimited free play.  The other reason, of course, is that we always want online gaming at Jackpot Capital to be fun!

Tri Card Poker

Normally, poker is played with five cards so Tri Card Poker immediately makes us wonder how we play with only three cards.  You make an ante bet and then you get three cards.  If you want to continue, you have to raise.  If you fold, you lose the ante.

The dealer qualifies with a queen high hand.  Anything less means that you win only the ante and the raise bet is a push.

In Tri Card Poker, you can also make a side bet which is independent of the main bet.

Let ‘em Ride

In this variation, you can continue and see one community card without having to place a raise bet. 

In Let ‘em Ride, you win only if you first qualify with at least a pair of tens.

Caribbean Stud Poker

This game has a progressive jackpot that you can win by placing a side bet.  You also win with less than a Royal Flush if you have placed the side bet.

In the actual hand, the dealer needs at least an Ace-king to qualify.  If the dealer qualifies, you compare hands and you win based on the power of your hand.

Caribbean Hold’em

In this variation, you can also make a side bet to qualify for the progressive jackpot.  Keep in mind that there are payouts for lesser hands as well but you have to make the side bet to qualify for the mega payouts.

In Caribbean Hold’em you use community cards to achieve the highest hand.  The dealer needs at least a pair of fours to qualify.

Pai Gow Poker

A lot of players love Pai Gow poker because there is the additional challenge of arranging your hand.  In this game, we use one joker.  In addition, you get seven cards that you have to divide into a high hand of five cards and a low hand of two cards.

After you have arranged your hand, the computer arranges the dealer’s hand.  The objective is to win both the high hand and the low hand.  In most hands, the player wins one side of the competition and the dealer wins the other.  If you can consistently win both sides of the completion, you can consider yourself a Pai Gow expert!


This is the classic version of blackjack.  You can split, double down, surrender, and stand with any holding.  The player sees only one of the dealer’s cards and that is what dominates the strategy.

The biggest error newer blackjack players make is to stand whenever they have 12 or more points.  The best strategy is to look at the exposed card in the dealer’s hand.  If the dealer has a card that can win the hand easily, it often pays to hit with 12, 13, or even 14 points.

Perfect Pairs

This variation is exactly like standard blackjack except that there is a perfect pairs side bet.  You make the side bet before the dealer deals the hand.  If you get a pair, you win the side bet. 

Super 21

This version is similar to standard blackjack but it has some interesting side elements.  The most important is that you can surrender late in the hand.  This is a huge advantage to players who see that the dealer probably has them beat and want to surrender half the bet rather than hit with 15 or 16 points and lose the entire bet.

To compensate for this big player advantage, blackjack pays 1-1.  In this game, you get an extra bonus for getting a six-card hand without going over 21 and another bonus for a five-card 21.

European Blackjack

Many players prefer this version of blackjack because it offers a larger challenge to them.  In European blackjack, the dealer gets only one card so you have to make all your decisions before the dealer gets her second card.

In European Blackjack, players can double down only with 9, 10, or 11 points.

Match Play 21

This is a variation of standard blackjack but it also has wins that are independent of the actual hand.  Some sequences pay 3-2 or even 2-1.  If you get three suited sevens and the dealer also has a seven, you get paid 40-1.  The biggest change in Match Play 21 is that all 10-point cards are taken out of the deck.

Statisticians say that removing the 10-point cards helps the house.  That is why there are enhanced payouts for certain hands.

Suit ‘em Up Blackjack

This is a relatively new version of blackjack.  The game itself follows standard blackjack rules.  The extra action is in the side bets.  Players decide if they want to play with two, four, or six decks.  The more decks you use, the more likely it is that you’ll get suited cards.

If you choose to make the side bet, you get two cards.  The side bet is first decided and then the hand continues as in standard blackjack.

The side bet has several great payouts so it is very important to know the rules before you start out on the suit ‘em up adventure!


Pontoon is a European or Australian version of standard blackjack.  We feature the European Pontoon variation which keeps all 10-point cards in the deck.  The Australian version of Pontoon takes all 10-point cards out of the deck.

Pontoon is a game that you should play for free to learn the game because there are several big differences between this game and standard blackjack.

  • The dealer’s cards are both face down.
  • A player can stand only with 15 or more points.
  • Ties go to the dealer.
  • A Pontoon, which is the same as a natural blackjack, pays 2-1.
  • A five card hand also pays 2-1.

21 Face Up

In this rollicking variation, you see both of the dealer’s cards!  This changes your strategy to say the least.  However, to compensate for the extraordinary advantage players have in seeing both of the dealer’s cards, ties go to the dealer.  Ah-ha....thus, the catch.


In this game, you decide beforehand whether to place your bet on the player or on the banker.  There is also a side bet for a tie.  The object is to get as close to nine points as possible.  If you get more than nine points, only the last digit is counted so 14 points become 4 points.

The odds are pretty even in this game between the banker and the player but there is a slight advantage to the dealer.  So most baccarat players bet only on the banker!  The return to player rate is about 99% so you can play baccarat for hours and win or lose a very small amount.

In that way, you can enjoy the fun of gaming action at little to no cost!

Three Card Rummy

This another great game with a side bet that can win big!  The basic game has many details so be sure to get to know the game well before you play for real money.  In the end, your biggest decision is whether to continue or fold.  Since you lose your ante bet if you fold, it’s very important to learn when to stay in the hand and when it’s best to fold.

Table Games Graphics and More

We will conclude by saying that RTG, our game provider, has always worked extra hard to make sure that the virtual table games we offer you at Jackpot Capital have great graphics, twists, turns, and FUN.

As you have seen, there are many different variations of classic games.  Learn the rules and strategies well in free mode and then when you're ready, deposit, get your bonuses and play for real money wins.