Special Leap Day: Cashback!

Leap Day: Use the Extra day to Play! (25% Cashback!)

Every 4 years something magical happens, the moment us earthlings synchronize with the sun (or, the solar calendar, to be technical!), giving us 1 extra day of the year! What to do with an extra day on this glorious planet? Well, when a 25% Cashback offer awaits you at Jackpot Capital, why not use that extra day to play?!

Grab a plentiful offer of 25% Cashback on your last 4 days of deposits, available today only, here with us! Such a galactic day (literally!) and bonus offer only happens every 4 years, so come celebrate with us, grabbing 25% Cashback today with a minimum deposit of only $45!

Special Conditions:

  • The cashback percentage is 25%.
  • This cashback offer can be redeemed only on the 29th of February.
  • To get the cashback the players should contact customer support.
  • The cashback should be calculated on the deposits made in the last 4 days.
  • Maximum playable balance must be below $0.50.
  • Minimum deposit amount eligible for the offer is $45.
  • The wagering requirement is 10times the cashback amount.

General terms and conditions apply.

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