How do I enter a Slot Tournament at Jackpot Capital?

  1. Download the Casino Software.
  2. Log in to the Jackpot Capital Casino Client.
  3. Click on the Button "Slot Tournaments" in the Lobby of the Casino Client (on the bottom of the right-hand side).
  4. Choose your multiplayer alias (This is how other players see you).
  5. Choose the tournament you want to join and click on "Register".
  6. Once the Tournament has started click on "Play".
  7. ... And away you go.

What is an alias and how do I get one?
In order to protect your privacy, your real name or account username is not published on the scoreboard. Instead, you will be requested to create a nickname or alias, which will be published on the scoreboards instead.

When you register for your first tournament, you will be prompted to create an alias. The alias you create will remain your alias for all subsequent tournaments that you join. Choose your alias carefully, and remember these rules:

  • No offensive aliases are permitted. If you select an alias that is considered offensive, your alias will be rejected, and you must select another alias.
  • Your alias CANNOT be changed.

What is a Buy-In?
The Buy-In is the fee players have to pay to be admitted to the tournament, and which goes toward the Prize Pool to be won. The Buy-In is automatically deducted from the playable balance on your player account.

Can I play with bonus money/credits?
The Tournament Buy-In is deducted from your account balance. It must be paid with real money. Bonuses cannot be used for Buy-Ins to Slot Tournaments.

What happens if I signed up for a tournament and forgot to play it?
First of all, the Casino makes it easy to remember your tournaments. If you are logged in to the casino, we will send you a reminder when your tournament is about to start.

Nevertheless, it may happen that you forget your tournament. If you remember while the tournament is still in progress, you may log in and join the tournament. However, if the tournament has been completed, you cannot play it and your entry fee will not be refunded.

I signed up for a tournament and changed my mind. Can I get a refund?
You may change your mind and withdraw from a tournament up to half an hour prior to the tournament start time. Your buy-in fee will be refunded. After this time, withdrawals from Tournaments cannot be facilitated and buy-in fees will not be refunded.

Can I play the same tournament more than once?
Each player can register one time to each tournament. However, in some tournaments you have a "Rebuy" option that allows you to play the tournament again from the beginning. Only your highest score will be counted for your position at the end of the tournament. (You won't be able to win more than one prize.)

What is the "Rebuy" feature?
Some tournaments have a "Rebuy" feature. At the bottom of the tournament results table there is a "Rebuy" button. If you select "Rebuy," your account will be debited with a fee amount and you will be able to play the tournament again from the beginning. Only your highest score will be counted for your position at the end of the tournament. (You won't be able to win more than one prize.)

What if I win free spins or bonus rounds during the tournament?
Everything you win during the tournament goes to your Win Box, including winnings from bonus rounds and free spins. If your Play Time ends before you complete your free spins, no additional time will be given, but if you choose to continue to play another cycle, your free spins will be carried on to the next cycle.

What happens if I am disconnected from the software in the middle of a tournament?
If you are disconnected from the system during tournament play, the following rules apply:

  • If you are disconnected during play, the slot will not spin on your behalf.
  • If you reconnect within the tournament time, you can continue playing in the tournament.
  • If you cannot reconnect, your Win Box total will remain static, reflecting the amount at the time of disconnection.

How do I know my position compared to other players?
At all times while the tournament is in progress, your position will be displayed in the "Leaderboard" at the bottom of your screen.

How do I collect my winnings?
All winnings will be automatically added to your casino cash account. You will be able to see them once the tournament is completed and your name appears on the final scoreboard.
If, while playing a tournament, you win a sum of money or any other prize regarded by us as worthy of publicity, you grant to us the right to use your first name in any press releases and/or promotional materials, and agree to make yourself reasonably available for any event(s) arranged by the Casino, at the Casino's cost and expense.

Can I win comp points playing a slots tournament?
No. Slots tournaments do not count towards earning any comp points.