To participate in a Slot Tournament, you simply pay a Buy-In, which will be deducted from your account balance. In exchange you will receive a certain amount of Starting Credits. Only these credits can be used to partake in the Tournaments. Each Tournament will allow you a certain play period during which you may partake in the Slot Tournament. The Tournament duration usually varies, during which you may use up the amount of game play (Credits and Playtime) awarded by the Buy-In.

During the Tournament, your Credits decrease as you spin the reels. Credits are gambled in, while winnings are added to your score as Points. At the end of the game play (determined by whichever runs out first of Credits or Playtime), the slot games do not allow any more game play (if the allotted play period is over, no additional spins including free spins will commence), and the score that you have made will be posted in the Leader Board with that of other players, showing each player their placing and how far away they were from the leader.

Joining the Slot Tournaments is easy:

  1. Download the Casino Software.
  2. Log in to the Jackpot Capital Casino Client.
  3. Click on the Button "Slot Tournaments" in the Lobby of the Casino Client (on the bottom of the right-hand side).
  4. Choose your multiplayer alias (This is how other players see you)
  5. Choose the tournament you want to join and click on "Register".
  6. Click on Play.
  7. ... And away you go.

To view all our multiplayer slot tournaments open the Download Casino. Start playing today and discover the thrills of Jackpot Capital's amazing multiplayer casino.