How Many Jackpots are there at Jackpot Capital?

Are All Casino Jackpots Created Equally?

The short answer is a resounding NO!

There are a couple of different kinds of casino jackpots at online casinos like Jackpot Capital.  A casino jackpot might be worth more than one million dollars or it can worth barely one thousand dollars.  Guess which one is easier to win!

Some Progressive Jackpots are World Famous

The most common casino games with big jackpots are the ubiquitous progressive jackpots. There are a couple of different kinds of progressive jackpots.

The jackpots that pay out high six or seven figures are all sponsored by the game providers.  That is because any big and proficient game provider will have a worldwide reach with many casinos that carry that provider’s slot games exclusively or in conjunction with the games of one or more other game providers.

Online Casinos are Small Compared to Game Providers

An online casino, even one with so many gamers from all over the world, can’t compete with a big time game provider so the game providers take a penny or so from every bet on the progressive jackpot slot and put that penny toward the big jackpot.

Feel the Excitement as the Jackpot Grows!

You can follow the progression of the jackpot and it is truly amazing how fast the jackpot increases by hundreds of dollars!  That means that there are a massive number of gamers playing that slot at the same time at Jackpot Capital and many other casinos.

Become an Online Casino Star

Progressive jackpot winners are ballyhooed at all of the online casinos that carry that slots game. While progressive slot games are popular at land-based casinos, they are a lot more popular at online casinos where no one ever has to wait to play! Online gaming has many advantages over land-based casino gaming and the ability to play and win without waiting is a big advantage!

Some Slots Have Jackpots Embedded in Them

These jackpots are usually also progressive jackpots but, since they are part of the slot itself, grow much more slowly than the huge progressive jackpots.  Some slots with embedded jackpots have three jackpots of differing sizes.  They are called mini, minor, and major or some similar nomenclature.

Would You Like Four Jackpots?

Some slot games like these actually have four embedded jackpots.  It is not unusual for the smallest of these jackpots to be won for a few hundred dollars and for the big ones to be won in low five figures.

They are a lot easier to win since they are triggered at random and a gamer can win one of these jackpots even in a spin that results in no wins on the paylines he or she bet on!

Some Jackpot Winnings are Not Progressive

That means that the amount the casino pays for a jackpot doesn’t increase as in a progressive jackpot.  Of course, these jackpots are smaller than the progressive jackpots.

The biggest difference between a fixed jackpot and a progressive jackpot is that in the progressive jackpot, the gamer has to bet the maximum on the winning payline.  This makes playing for a progressive jackpot quite a bit more expensive than playing a slot with a fixed jackpot.

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Take Care when Betting the Maximum

Playing the maximum on paylines in a progressive slot takes a large chunk of any gamer’s bankroll for that gaming session.  At Jackpot Capital, we always urge our gamers to set reasonable monetary limits on gaming.

Putting the cost of betting on a progressive jackpot against the gamer’s overall budget for gaming might mean that he or she can reasonably afford to play perhaps ten spins on the progressive jackpot and then to segue to a doddering game.

Some Jackpots are Just Big Wins

The term jackpot can be used in almost any situation where a large sum of money is won.  It can also be used when someone makes a discovery that many researchers were looking for.  The proverbial cure for cancer will “hit the jackpot” someday when some intrepid researchers discover it.

In many slots, the game description uses the term jackpot to refer to the highest paying regular spin which would be in the 10,000x to 50,000x range.  These “jackpots’ are also hard to hit so the gamer who wins it is considered quite lucky!

Caribbean Poker Has One Jackpot

That is, there is one jackpot shared by the three Caribbean Poker variations.  This jackpot is also progressive but it is won quite often so it never gets into the get rich quick area that the really big progressive jackpots can reach!

Caribbean Poker is a fascinating game beyond the possibility of winning a progressive jackpot.  The game can be played in Stud, Draw, or Hold’em variations.  The gamer has to ante before the dealer deals the cards and then the player has to decide whether to fold or call.

The Caribbean Conundrum

A call bet is always double the ante bet.  Here is the kicker in these great poker games: the dealer cannot win at all if he doesn’t “qualify” with a minimum hand!  The qualifying hand differs from variation to variation.  Even if a gamer has a poor holding, it is often better to call since if the dealer fails to qualify, the gamer retains her ante bet and the call bet is a wash!

Caribbean Poker Players Love the Challenge

With such deep complexity on every hand, it is no wonder that winning the progressive jackpot in Caribbean Poker is secondary for most gamers.  That is clearly not the case in the regular, high-paying progressive jackpots in slots where getting rich quick is the primary motivation for most gamers to play these slots.

Where Does the Term Jackpot Come From?

Since there are so many English words that derive from French (remember that the French controlled England for a couple of hundred years a millennium ago) it would seem understandable that the term jackpot came from French.  It could be Jacque’s pot!

But, NO!

In this case it is not Americans butchering the French language!

Jackpot is as American as…

The term jackpot is a purely American term!  It comes from poker of the late 19th century where the term pot had already been established as the money to be won at the showdown.

In keeping with our theme of progressive jackpots, there was a side bet in some poker games where a player had to have a pair of jacks in the hole to win the antes.  The antes increased progressively until one player won the Jack’s Pot!

Here at Jackpot Capital Online Casino, we didn’t know this little tidbit of trivia until we did the research for this article - for you!

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