Bitcoin Lightning

Bitcoin Lightning is an online solution to a problem that has arisen because of bitcoin’s great popularity.

Why Bitcoin Lightning?

Bitcoin has become a popular banking method at Jackpot Capital in a very short time.  Now, as a way to make banking with bitcoin even better, Jackpot Capital online casino is partnering with the Lightning Network and creating the Bitcoin Lightning banking option.

Using the Lightning Network to make bitcoin banking transactions has quite literally launched a lightning-fast banking option.  Deposits will show up in your account within seconds and withdrawals will take place at incredibly fast speeds.

There are no fees in Bitcoin Lightning transactions and the transactions are functionally instantaneous.

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What is the Lightning Network?

The Lightning Network is software that effectively “sits on” the bitcoin blockchain.  The two main values of the Lightning Network are that it allows you to make bitcoin transactions without using the bitcoin blockchain and that it is lightning fast.  In this way, Bitcoin Lightning effects a second-level solution to the problem of speed in bitcoin transactions and it increases the efficiency of bitcoin transactions – all with a few clicks.

In order to make the Bitcoin Lightning banking option work optimally, we are also partnering with the Muun and the Satoshi wallets.

The Muun Wallet

The Muun Wallet is an e-wallet that uses both the standard bitcoin blockchain or the Bitcoin Lightning off-chain transactional method.  The Muun Wallet is already well-known for its safety.

By using the Bitcoin Lightning banking option through the Muun wallet, you will enjoy enormous speed and reliability in their bitcoin deposits and withdrawals.

Learn more here from our short tutorial about the Muun Wallet💵⚡💵⚡