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What Would a New Post-corona Bucket List Look Like?

The coronavirus has changed the way we think about a lot of things.  For gamers at Jackpot Capital online casino, the question of how to win on slot machines keeps coming up but many gamers are putting that question aside for another one: what will I include in my post-corona bucket list?

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What is a Bucket List?

This is a list of things that you would really like to do eventually even though some of the items on the list might be either entirely impossible like hiking the length of Antarctica or simply difficult to achieve like swimming the English Channel.

Coronavirus has given many people a different perspective on things.  Where most bucket lists contained a lot of exotic goals, new bucket lists might include things that we have long taken for granted.  So, here goes a newer version of an exciting bucket list.

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Bird Watching

Everyone likes to see the birds flying high above.  In many places we can see birds flying for the winter to a warmer clime and the back again when winter turns into spring.  There are relatively few people who are committed bird watchers.  Really committed bird watchers are willing to travel to see birds.

Many places are absolute havens for birds such as Horicon Bird Sanctuary in the United Sates state of Wisconsin, the Black Water Morass in Jamaica, the mountainous country of Bhutan with many different climates and many different species of birds, to the Hula Nature Preserve in the north of Israel.

Bird watchers need top of the line binoculars plus shoes and clothing for wetlands, hot and humid climates, and cold and wet climates.  It’s well worth the time and money!

Learn to Read Classical Music

Many people can read music.  Most of us can read a simple song but very few people can read a complex work such as a symphony.  The great composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein explained in a film clip what a conductor has to consider when he or she sets out to learn a complex classical piece.

Learning to read classical music is a far greater challenge than learning to read a Beatles song.  Most people like to listen to classical music and we take the composers’, musicians’, and conductors’ skill for granted. 

This item is on the post-corona bucket list because you will need a mentor and you’ll need to be closer than 6 feet away from her!

Take up Jogging

In order to take up jogging, you need a very good pair of running shoes.  We suggest starting by walking.  When you can comfortably walk ten kilometers, you might start jogging lightly.

Many people would like to take up jogging but we admit it is time-consuming and difficult.  However, now that so many7 millions of people are stuck at home with restrictions to stay no further than 300 feet from home, we might look at jogging as something that we should take a lot more seriously.

Hike the National Trails

Many countries have at least one national trail.  These trails may be very difficult to quite easy.  They go up into the mountains, down to the seacoast or through fields, orchards, and forests.  Hiking a national trail can be as easy as you need it to be or as difficult as you are capable of.

The key here is to rejoice in the freedom to spend many hours in the great outdoors.  On thing that corona has taught us all is the great outdoors are a lot greater than the great indoors!

Get a Gama Rufa Pedicure

This is like no pedicure you may or may not have had in the past.  The gama rufa are small fish that will nibble away all of the dry skin from your feet.  For most people, getting this kind of foot treatment involves travelling to a city where it is available.

Many people find the first five minutes to be excruciatingly ticklish!  If you last these first few minutes, it will just seem incredibly weird the rest of the time!  But your feet will come out oh, so smoooth.

Go Shopping

We all go shopping.  For many people, shopping is a very boring experience.  We take all of the merchandise we ignore at most stores for granted.  Since the coronavirus has severely limited the amount of time we can spend at stores, we suggest that in the immediate post-corona period we go to stores and pay attention to all of the products we bypassed in the past.

A large supermarket or big box store will have tens of thousands of different products!  By looking at a lot of products that never interested us before, we might find that we have gotten an idea for a product that no one ever thought of before. 

Go Outdoors in the Winter

We mean to spend more time outdoors in the winter than just running from house to car to office!  Go ice skating on a frozen pond or lake.  Go ice fishing.  Take a New Year’s Day dip in the ocean with the polar bear club.  Even if all you do is walk, feel the cold air!  Appreciate the great benefit of being able to spend time outdoors even during the coldest time of the year.

As long as you can stay safe, a great winter experience is to stand on the shore and watch a lake effect snow squall move in.  You will start with the sun out and the sky as blue as can be.  The cloud will get closer and closer until the very leading edge obscures the sun. 

Soon after that, you’ll be in a veritable blizzard of snow.  It might last a long time or just a few minutes but as long as you can get to shelter easily, it is a great wintertime experience!

Explore the Back Roads

We can’t even explore the front roads these days!  The back roads were at one time the only way to get from one point to another across a country.  Now air travel is relatively cheap, airlines are plentiful which means that routes are plentiful, and if you decide to drive, the super-highways offer a lot faster driving than the back roads do.

So, in the aftermath of the coronavirus crisis, when we decide to get back on the road again, go for the back roads.  You will go through many small towns.  Stop and walk around.  It will be good exercise for your legs and you’ll see a way of life that is fast disappearing as more and more people leave small towns for the big cites.

Back roads will have small shops, museums, antique stores, motels, and bars.  The life in the small towns on the back roads is one of the most taken for granted cultural aspects of many countries.  Reclaim the back roads!

There is a Lot More to Put on the New Bucket List

The key to the new bucket list is to get outdoors, to mingle once again with people, and to take things less for granted.  We can appreciate things a lot more simply by looking at them!  So, after corona, get out and look.

While we are still homebound, we can look at and play all of the 300 or more games on offer at Jackpot Capital casino!  We wish good health to everyone; happy gaming; and happy post-corona bucket listing!

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