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How Does Planning ahead Help Enhance Gaming Fun at Jackpot Capital?

Imagine deciding to go on a vacation and doing no planning beforehand!  Impossible you say.  Well, the same idea applies to many areas of life including setting out to win jackpot slots at Jackpot Capital online casino! 

Let’s see how advanced planning helps make online gaming even more fun—and everyone agrees that fun is the reason we are all here today!

Having Fun Means Going Where No Man Has Gone Before

Actually, this is an exaggeration.  But it is also points to one of the most important ways we can all make online gaming more fun.  At Jackpot Capital casino, we offer about 300 games.  It is obvious that no gamer can play all of these games in one gaming session! 

But we also know for a fact that if a gamer sits down—or curls up, which is the far more common position gamers take these days as they play on their mobile device while comfortably curled up on their sofa—with the idea of playing just one of our great games, they will probably play just that game and no others!

So, plan ahead to play, say, five different games.  By looking ahead in this way, you will actually be doing some gaming research, finding the games you want to play today!  If slots are your primary source of gaming fun, you can choose the general themes or even the specific themes of the slots you want to play today.

Scrolling Down the List of Slots is a Daunting Task

This, too, is an exaggeration but there is also some truth to it!  We obviously can’t list every one of the 200 and more slots in a simple line.  The line would be so long that no one would ever get to the end of it!  The same happens when we list four slots in a row and you have to scroll down to see the slots that are listed at or near the bottom of the scroll.

So, by planning your gaming ahead of time, you will naturally do some of the scrolling as you research that day’s games.  Many gamers “discover” a slot with a theme that grabs their interest only after they have scrolled down toward the bottom of the list.  In other words, planning a gaming session in advance increases the chances that you’ll find another great game down wind, so to speak!

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Planning Ahead for a Real Vacation

What do we plan in advance when we decide to go on a vacation?

  • When to travel.
  • How to travel.
  • Where to go.
  • Where to stay once we get there.
  • How long to be there.
  • What to do or see there.
  • How much money to “invest” on the vacation.

Let’s look at each of these points as they apply to gaming.

When Should We Play?

Some people play every day; some play once a week or every other week.  The most important parameter for deciding when to play are when will I have time to play and are there more important things to do during that window of gaming opportunity?

The best gaming comes about when we play for the amount of time that is best for us, at the time that is best for us, and for the amount of money that is best for us.  So, the first and last items on our vacation check list are actually co-residents of the top priority for gaming.

Online Gaming is a Lot Easier to Plan than Land Based Gaming

When you play casino games online, you don’t have to make any reservations at all!  There is another very important side to the benefit of online gaming.  How often does someone go to a land based casino for a weekend of gambling only to end up in their hotel room on their laptop computer doing some work-related project because they really knew that this weekend they needed to work at home?

But they had planned this land based casino excursion in advance!  Airplane tickets, hotel reservation, tickets to a show!  All done in advance!  If they had chosen instead to stay home and play online, they could have played a little and worked a lot according to their need to work.

How to Go, Where to Go, Where to Stay, How Long to Stay

These are all questions that you don’t have to answer when you play online!  Let’s see what you do have to decide.

Let’s say that you have decided that a 30 minute gaming session is just about right for you.  If, during the 30 minutes you have allotted to gaming, you start to feel that you need to start working on that project, or that you have some other responsibility to attend to, our advice is always to end the gaming session early and do what you know you really have to do.

The biggest gaming mistakes are made by players who are distracted so if you get distracted by hunger, tiredness, work responsibilities, or family responsibilities end the session for now.  You can always come back to the casino when your mind is at ease!

Online Gaming is a Pastime Not a Substitute for Time

Online gaming is the exact opposite of land based gaming in this regard.  Land based casinos are designed to be substitutes for time.  Substitutes for time are also important but we always say that if you are going to leave town and have a vacation, however long or short it might be, take a real vacation!

The Joy of Planning a Vacation

When you plan a real vacation, you look up the general location you want to go to and then plan moving forward.  You might be going to Europe for a four night trip to a famous city.  In that case, you can plan concerts, walking tours, museums, restaurants, or whatever suits your fancy.

If you’re planning a road trip in Great Britan or the United States, you’ll decide on a starting location and follow the highways.  In your research, you will discover many gems that don’t jump out at you just from looking at a map.  The joy of discovering a gem that you can easily fit into your itinerary is one of the great moments of early planning.

The same applies to online gaming.  You can plan to play five different slots in a gaming session.  We have heard from many gamers who say that they just stumbled over a game that they had never considered playing but once they started it they found that it had “overnight” turned into one of their favorites!

The World Will Soon Return to Normal

We will soon be able to say that the coronavirus pandemic is behind us.  We will then be able to plan trips that are just daydreams now.   We can always use our new freedom to go to a land based casino.  However, we hope that the time you have spent at Jackpot Capital has shown you the ease and great enjoyment online gaming offers.  This discovery will lead you to make many other great discoveries as you plan your next “real” vacation!

We wish continued good health to all and a speedy recovery to everyone who is now under the weather with the virus.

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