Have you ever had the urge to throw a few shirts into a suitcase, grab your passport, and just go?! Adventure is truly the greatest escape, and for most, it’s a rare chance to come by - let alone, travelling worldwide! But not with Air Jackpot! Perhaps you hadn’t imagined the chance to do such a journey in your lifetime, but we, Air Jackpot (your sky-high Vegas experience!) are about to change that!

Welcome aboard, take your seat, and get comfortable. You’re about to embark on a trip through some of the world‘s most beloved and wonderful places, experiencing cultures, the thrill of travel, and the real lifestyle of the rich and famous! Oh, and don’t forget, we’ve got $210,000 in bonuses hidden in the overhead lockers...!

Air Jackpot

6 Weeks, 6 Destinations Around the World with Air Jackpot!

Summer is a time for adventure and exploration, and whether you can indulge on a literal vacation (or not), no need to worry - You’ve got a round trip, first class ticket with Air Jackpot. Your Private Jet! With 6 worldwide locations ahead of us, you will discover parts of the world you never thought you’d see, making bonus wins along the way! Summer is also about relaxing, which is why our staff will take great care of you along our journey, ensuring your Champagne is topped up, and the $210,000 in bonuses is located and distributed from within the overhead locker! This is the highest amount ever in our monthly Headline Promotion, so it’s a trip you’ll want to take!

Our flight takes off July 19th - August 29th, which means we have a whole 6 weeks to travel to these amazing locations, with plenty of bonuses along the way! Surely you’re curious as to what destinations you’ll be travelling to - So let’s review the travel itinerary!

Week 1: Miami!

Starting off in Miami, you can bask in the sun, enjoy the Latin culture and sport your brightest beachwear! While you’re “beach chilling”, make sure you grab this week’s bonuses!

Week 2: San Juan!

Travelling not too far, to San Juan, Puerto Rico, catch more rays whilst listening to the renowned music culture (home of Ricky Martin!). Before you hit the museums, grab your bonuses!

Week 3: Rio de Janeiro!

The home of the Olympics 2016! Rio is hot, hot, hot right now in lieu of the games, so get involved and bring your winning attitude! Cheer on your team and make your own scores with your weekly bonuses!

Week 4: Sydney!

Flying East, all the way to Australia, you can join the locals in some witty banter and brews while you soak in this friendly culture! Don’t have too many, you’ve got a bonus to grab - after the pub!

Week 5: Singapore!

One of the most exclusive places in the world, Singapore, tucked away in Southeast Asia, is a city of wonder, lights and gardens, galore! Take a stroll through the magical Little India, then once back in your luxurious hotel, login and play with us!

Week 6: Monaco!

Brush up on your French skills and fly back up to the French Riviera; impeccable delicacies await your tastebuds, with a glass of Bordeaux to accompany you - and a bonus offer at your leisure!

… A virtual trip like this is hard to come by, and it’s nothing but luxury with us!

From the Staff of Air Jackpot…

… We’ve got plenty of on-board treats to keep you company while we travel across the world! Along with Champagne and caviar, we’ve got plenty of in-flight entertainment - like our all-week bonuses - and anything else you may enjoy while on board with us!

Make sure you check your email or register with us for the flight and bonus notifications, and above all, enjoy, relax, have a great time!

Now that you know your flight itinerary, check out the bonus itinerary!

  • Every Monday: Check the Air Jackpot Scoreboard ranking for $30,000 in weekly prizes ($180,000 in total!),PLUS, every Monday you’ll receive a Check In bonus when we travel to the next location!
  • Every Friday: Grab $5,000 in weekly Friday Random Bonus Boosts ($30,000 total!)
  • Weekly bonuses (and special VIP bonuses) ALL WEEK! (email only!)

Ready to start packing your bags? We hope so! The journey has begun, so be sure to join the fun and login to your account, exploring the world with us, one adventure at a time! We’re more than pleased to have you on board with us, and we hope you enjoy your flight with Air Jackpot. Your Private Jet!

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