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What Milk-based Foods and Drinks Do You Love?

January 11th will be a momentous Saturday indeed throughout the United States!  People from all over the world are invited to join in the grand celebration of National Milk Day!  Whether you like slots or blackjack, whether you will watch football or curl up with a good book or even play a few games at Jackpot Capital, your top casino online everyone should raise a large glass of milk and toast the day!

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Even if you are lactose intolerant, or vegan, or have sworn off dairy for other reasons, there is nothing that symbolizes easy affluence and security more than milk!  Add cookies to the mix and you have America par excellence.  Those of us who don’t drink milk can celebrate the day with a tall glass of their favorite milk substitute.

Does anyone remember that scene in the classic movie, “The Big Chill” where one of the husbands was unable to sleep so he got up in the middle of the night and made himself a bologna sandwich and a glass of milk?  Hhhhmmm - comfort food!

Milk: How Do I Love Thee; Let Me Count the Ways

Let us see how many different ways we can use milk.  Obviously, we can drink milk.  But do we drink it straight or do we mix it with something else?

  • A lot of people mix milk with chocolate.  Whether you drink it hot or cold, the chocolate changes the flavor dramatically.  Hot chocolate is a favorite in the cold winter months (don't forget the marshmallows) and cold chocolate milk works best in the summer.
  • Some people mix milk with ice cream, put the mixture in a blender, whir it around a bit, and call it a milk shake.  There are as many different flavors of milk shakes as there are flavors of ice cream.
  • Of course, ice cream itself is based on milk.
  • Some people mix milk with frozen fruit, once again whir it around in their handy blender, and call the concoction a fruit shake or smoothie.
  • There is a drink made of Irish Whisky and cream.  It is naturally called Irish Cream.  This milk-fat based drink is best served cold as ice straight from the freezer.
  • Alcohol goes quite well with milk.  In fact, almost any combination of whisky or liqueur with milk or cream will be acceptable to your guests.
  • In Great Britain, they put milk in their tea which most Americans think is weird and, frankly, a bit disgusting!
  • Fermented milk may be called yoghurt, kefir, labaneh, sour cream or many other types of milk beverage.  The fermentation is said to produce health-promoting bacteria that help many internal systems within our bodies to function well.
  • After you take frozen fish out of the freezer, soak it in milk as it thaws.  The milk will rejuvenate the fish!
  • Add some cream to a soup and you have an entirely different culinary delight!  So many vegetables work perfectly as creamed soup!
  • In Russia, people put sour cream into borscht which is the Russian way to say.... beet soup.
  • Cheese is based on milk.  There are so many different types of cheese but real cheese is always based on milk.  There are many foods that would be entirely different—actually, they wouldn’t exist at all— were it not for the cheese in them such as pizza, lasagna, good ol’ mac and cheese, plus cheeseburgers, and every other animal protein product topped with cheese.
  • What would a Bulgarian salad be like without the cheese?
  • What would Caesar’s salad be without the parmesan cheese?
  • What would pesto be without parmesan cheese?
  • What would cheesecake be without the cheese?
  • Milk chocolate is based on…milk!
  • There are hundreds of confections all over the world that start with milk.
  • We love to eat dry cereal with milk.  Without the milk, the dry cereal would just be…dry.  In the great movie “Where’s Poppa” the semi-senile matriarch put a famous cola-flavored drink on her dry cereal.  Audiences all over the world groaned when they saw this heretical act!
  • Do you love spicy food?  If the food is too spicy, do not try to dilute it with water!  Instead put some milk in your mouth and swirl it about.  The protein, fat, and lactose will become absorbed with the chemical that gives spicy food it heat and will make your mouth a lot more comfortable quickly.

Are There any Non-Edible Uses of Milk?

Certainly there are!

  • You can bathe in warm water with a cup or two of milk to have skin as smooth as Cleopatra’s.
  • A home remedy from long ago is a mixture of water, milk, and salt to ease the itch and pain from bug bites.
  • If you are a generation Z person, then this next use of milk was used by people in your great-great grandmother’s time but can still be useful today.  If a piece of good china gets a crack, you can gently boil it in milk for 45 minutes.  Sour milk is said to be the best type of milk for this surgical procedure.  The milk protein may magically heal and seal the wound to the china!
  • Cleopatra bathed in milk.  You can renew your silverware by bathing it in sour milk for about 30 minutes.
  • A little milk goes a long way to make your indoor and garden plants feel and look robust and healthy.
  • In Eastern Europe, a quick home remedy for a cold or low fever is a mixture of warm milk, a raw egg, and honey.  Kids in the countries often feign illness in order to get the delectable remedy!

Salute the Long Endurance of Milk`

The domestication of animals that give milk was one of the greatest achievements in world history.  In the west, we mostly use cow’s milk but in Mediterranean areas, they just as often use goat’s milk or sheep’s milk.  The chemical makeup of goat’s milk is said to be the closest of the animal milks to human mother’s milk.

In the 1950’s butter was considered a non-healthy food because of the cholesterol scare that began then.  Today, the fat that primarily replaced milk, margarine, is a dreaded trans-fat, considered to be a very unhealthy fat and margarine has been replaced in many kitchens by…butter!

There is even a modern diet of sorts in which people eat fat to be healthy.  One of the mainstays of the Keto diet is butter and other high-fat forms of milk!

Many people have stopped consuming animal flesh products.  Most of these people have not given up dairy products simply because it is too difficult to do so.  Milk is truly a staple in many people’s diet!

Ironically, milk is not used in traditional Chinese cuisine because most Chinese people are lactose intolerant.  Here in the west, the vast majority of people still enjoy milk and milk-based food and drink almost every day!

Drink Milk When You Play at Jackpot Capital

We, at Jackpot Capital casino, always say that you should never play casino games for real money when you have had some alcohol.  There are so many milk based drinks that you can easily sip one of them while you play and save the alcoholic drinks for later!  What's more healthy and down-home that a big, tall glass of milk while you slot away at Jackpot Capital?!?

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