How Does Gaming Increase Creativity?

What are the Benefits of Going out of Your Way to Have Fun?

The key word we hope every gamer uses when they accept the Jackpot Capital Welcome Bonus or log in to play once again is FUN!  Here at Jackpot Capital online casino, we feel that fun should always be the top priority of any gaming session.

In the title, we spoke about going out of one’s way to have fun.  That’s because there are times that fun simply falls into our laps.  Unplanned fun is great too, of course, but Jackpot Capital casino feels that planned fun has many benefits that unplanned fun may not have!

Let’s take a look.

Fun Should be Something we Look Forward To

An English teacher asked his adult students what the difference was between tie expect something to happen and to look forward to something.  In fact, in the native language of his students, these two concepts are expressed in the same way!  The teacher explained that in English these are two very different concepts.

(Pause the article if you want to try to figure out what the teacher had in mind)

As James Brown Would Say: I Feel Good

When we expect something to happen, we simply know that it will happen or we hope that it will happen.  When we look forward to something, we also expect it to happen or we hope it will happen and, when we do so, we feel good about it! In the context of everyday life, there are innumerable things we look forward to:

  1. The end of the corona virus crisis and a return to complete normality without vaccine and mask mandates and permission to hug people if they are consenting adults.
  2. Finally being able to go on a real vacation.
  3. A snowstorm.
  4. Our favorite sports team winning the championship.
  5. A big sale so we can buy some high end clothes at sale prices.

This is clearly a very short list.  We are sure you can add many more examples.

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Looking Forward to Gaming

In the context of gaming, we can look forward to going to a land-based casino or we can look forward to gaming at home.  As an online casino, Jackpot Capital naturally feels that planning an online gaming session is far superior to planning a once a year long weekend at a land-based casino.

The key here is that the planning is a big part of the fun.  When you play responsibly online, you can easily set both monetary and time limits on a gaming session.  It is very hard to set a monetary limit for gaming during a long weekend at a land-based casino and it is functionally impossible and even undesirable to set a time limit at a land-based casino.

After spending so much money to travel to a casino, most players want to spend as much time as possible on the casino floor.

Fun Allows us to be as a Child

There is a huge difference between being child-like and childish.  The latter is not to be desired.  This is the kind of behavior people talk about when they tell stories about how this uncle or that brother ruined Thanksgiving dinner yet again!

We don’t look forward to such childish behavior even as we often expect it!

Being child-like is the essence of healthy fun!  M. Scott Peck said in his long best-selling book, “The Road Less Travelled”, that we should look to the way kids get through the day: they play!  Some adults find it hard to let go and simply be child-like.

Online casino gaming can help in this way.  Slots are a perfect relaxation device!  After a long day at work, many people benefit greatly from spinning slots for 30 minutes or so.  At Jackpot Capital, you can play as many as 200 slots so there is always that sense of wonderment and a feeling of looking forward to playing the next slot selection.

Having fun helps people feel youthful!  This should be a goal as important as good health, success at work, raising well-adjusted kids and many more examples.

Fun Reduces Stress

As we said above, online casino gaming is an excellent mode of relaxing.  This is not the case at land-based casinos where many people feel somewhat trapped on the second of three days.  Online gamers never feel trapped.

Here is an example of a tautology in the realm of fun:  Fun reduces stress and if you are feeling stressed, it is a sure sign that you are not or are no longer having fun!

Relaxation Improves Creativity

This one seems to be counter-intuitive.  We are taught to believe that most creativity comes from deep passion and that deep passion (of the creative rather than the romantic type) comes from stress.  We may call the stress by other terms such as non-conformity, angst, rebelliousness, and so on but it is stress nevertheless.

It is true that stress is a factor in some forms of creativity but that is usually the realm of the hyper-creative souls.  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a musical genius but he was also torn by stresses that the average person never feels.  In other words, for the vast majority of people, relaxation leads to the calming effect that, for them translates into creativity.

Online casino gaming is one of many excellent ways to calm down and be creative!  We always encourage our gamers to develop hobbies and other interest that will complement gaming!

Online Gamers Eat Better and Sleep Better

It is quite obvious that players at land-based casinos don’t eat well and don’t sleep well.  Who wants to sleep when they have spent so much money to gamble?  People get to the buffet, for which they may have a free voucher worth as much as $20, when they are too hungry to eat slowly and methodically.

We are told by people who are not pushing gambling that mastication and slow eating are far better than chewing just a little and eating fast.

When you play online responsibly and set a time limit on your gaming, you will find that you may eat at 8:00 instead of at 7:00 but you won’t be famished.  You may also be able to take the time to cook your dinner and to invite a friend or two to share it with you!

Online gamers also have no special reason to stay up well past the time that they normally go to sleep.

This notion of eating and sleeping well is a general idea.  When we are relaxed we sleep better and we eat more slowly and with greater enjoyment.

Fun is the Way the World Should Go Round

Here at Jackpot Capital online casino, we see ourselves as providing a service.  We have about 300 games that help people relax and have fun!

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