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How to Get Started Playing Craps Online

Everyone who thinks about joining an online casino should ask themselves first “what can I expect after I sign up?”  New gamers at Jackpot Capital casino can claim their Jackpot Capital casino signup bonus.  This is fine but it is way not all there is to find at Jackpot Capital.

Games, Games, and More Games

Players who used to play at land based casinos before they were laid low by the corona virus pandemic may have been surprised that here at Jackpot Capital online casino, they could access about 300 great games.  Without waiting to play.  Anytime they wanted.  And on their mobile device, too!

That means that when these players would go to their favorite brick and mortar casino, they might have played one, two, or maybe three games even over a long weekend and that would have been “it”.  Here at Jackpot Capital gamers can play as many games as time allows.  TodayTomorrow.  The next day.  Every day.  Forever!

Finally, that means that if there was a game that many players stayed away from at a land based casino, either because they didn’t know the rules, they were intimidated by the other people at the table, or they felt that they didn’t have the time to play it, at Jackpot Capital they can play that same game and enjoy it to the fullest.

Craps is Fun

One of the most exciting games at brick and mortar casinos in the past has been craps.  And craps is a game that can intimidate some players.  There are so many different bets that that alone causes many players to avoid the craps table.  In addition, there are a lot of people around the table.  They all seem to know what they are doing.  And they are making a lot of noise.

These two factors kept many players away from craps at land based casinos.

Happily, you have as much time as you need to play online.  So, time should never be a factor.  As we said so poetically above, you can play craps every day or every so often but time should not be a factor in your craps play.

Learn the Rules of Craps

So, really and truly, the only thing keeping a lot of online casino gamers, new and experienced, from playing this classic game is learning the rules.

So, let’s learn the rules of the game!

There is a Shooter and There is Everyone Else

In blackjack, everyone plays their own cards against the dealer.  In video poker, everyone plays their cards against the pay table.  In slots, we play hoping to get a winning combination.  We don’t have any adversaries except those that Real Time Gaming has included in that particular slot.

In craps, there are a lot of people betting, there are confusing bets going on, and some of the people at the table seem to be supporting the shooter and other seem to be hoping he loses!

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Indeed, there are!

Rule Number 1: The Shooter Sets the Point

The entire game of craps relies on whether the shooter will roll his or her Point before they roll a seven.  So, the shooter has to set his Point.  Before doing so, the shooter has to bet.  She can bet:

  1. Pass
  2. Don’t pass

A pass bet means that the shooter will hit her Point before she rolls a seven.  Don’t pass means that the shooter will roll a seven before rolling the Point.

But, first, the shooter has to set his Point.

This called the “come out” roll.

Before the come out roll, everyone has also made a pass or a don’t pass bet.  There are three possible results from the come out roll.

  1. A 7 or an 11 is a natural” and wins automatically.  All pass bets also win at once and all don’t pass bets lose at once.
  2. A 2, 3, or 12 is called craps and loses automatically.  All pass bets also lose at once and don’t pass bets win on 2 and 3 but push on 12.  By the way, the push result on a 12 and a don’t pass bet adds to the house edge.
  3. Any other number (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10) becomes the Point.  Now the shooter keeps shooting until he shoots the Point or a 7.  If he wins all pass bets win; if he shoots a 7 first, he loses and all don’t pass bets win.

Now the shooter continues to roll the dice until he or she either gets a seven and all Don’t Pass bets win or gets the Point and all Pass bets win.

Rule Number 2: A Pass Bet and a Don’t Pass Bet are Opposites.

When one wins the other loses.  The only exception is that the 12 in a come out roll is a push so, in all rolls after a Point has been set, Pass and Don’t Pass are true opposites.

In craps at a land based casino, there might be a roll after the Point has been set that also acts as a come out roll for another player.  In the online version which we run from Real Time Gaming the game play is much simpler.

The Craps Table is a Cornucopia of Bets

You should take some time to look at the craps table layout.  There are several what you might call side bets such as whether a pair will come up.  Until you really get the hang of craps we suggest that you stick to the Pass and Don’t Pass bets.

You can also play in free play mode for as long as you like.  This is a good way to get familiar with the game.  In free play mode you can make any bet and find out what it means and how it can win extra money for you.

Jackpot Capital Provides Great Online Gaming

Our online casino has been growing steadily ever since we came online.  In the past year, we have grown even more than before since so many gamers came to online casino gaming for the first time after brick and mortar casinos had to close.

Craps is only one of the many games we offer gamers.  Online craps is a good extra way to have fun at Jackpot Capital casino.

We invite everyone to paly short sessions often at our casino.  We offer many bonuses and cash prizes so you can always play to some extent with our money.

If you have not yet joined, we invite you to join TODAY and find out what so many gamers already know: Jackpot Capital casino is a great online location for excellent gaming!

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