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What Happens After You Log In?

New gamers at Jackpot Capital and other top-level online casinos need to know a few things when they use their jackpot casino login for the first time.  There is quite a bit of information to cover so let’s get started!

The Welcome Package for New Gamers Sets the Tone for Online Gaming

The Welcome Package differs from online casino to online casino but the elephant in the room is that all of the casinos offering thousands of dollars in bonuses to new gamers are ALL ONLINE CASINOS!  Similarly, online casinos such as Jackpot Capital offer many other promotional bonuses that land-based casinos cannot offer.

Land-based casinos cannot offer large deposit bonuses because of one simple factor: the wagering requirement.

What is the Wagering Requirement?

In the first halcyon days of online casino gaming, many online casinos offered deposit bonuses without a wagering requirement and saw that many players took the bonus and cashed out immediately.

Now all online casinos have a wagering requirement for all bonuses.  This means that a gamer has to wager a factor of the bonus before he or she can withdraw their winnings.  A factor of 30x is quite fair but here is the rub: gamers at online casinos can take their time completing the wagering require net while players at land-based casinos cannot “take their time” because their time at the land-based casino is limited by the length of their gambling vacation, usually one to three days!

Gamers at Jackpot Capital are in for the Long Haul

Gamers can play for as little as five minutes at Jackpot Capital (actually even less time)!  Gamers can play as frequently or infrequently as they choose.  This is gaming as a long-term activity, similar to any hobby the gamer might have.

Players at land-based casinos cannot play for as little as five minutes because they would never travel at sizable expense to play for a mere five minutes.  Gambling at a land-based casino is the epitome of being there for the short haul!

Land-based casino gamblers come to the casino for one to three days, often for a long weekend, and spend hours not minutes on the casino floor!  That is the epitome of gambling for the sake of gambling!

Isn’t Online Casino Play Also a Form of Gambling?

In the sense that money is wagered, yes, online casino activity is a form of gambling.

But three is a huge difference between the act of casino play at a land-based casino and at an online casino such as Jackpot Capital.

Jackpot Capital Offers Free Play

Not only does Jackpot Capital offer free play, but it also offers it in an unlimited format.  No land-based casino can offer unlimited free play as it would quickly clog up the terminals the casino needs to generate profits to cover their extraordinary costs.

It is Easy to Set Time Limits at an Online Casino

While placing real money on the outcomes of games is technically gambling, it is in many cases virtually the same as paying to attend a concert, sporting event, movie, or even a nice meal at a top-level restaurant.

We all use the real money at our disposal to buy activities and experiences that will entertain us.  No one plans out a vacation that they are sure will be deathly boring!

It is infinitely harder to set time limits at a land-based casino because people want to get their money’s worth after incurring the high costs of travel.

So, one of the things new gamers at Jackpot Capital should internalize is that we see online gaming as GAMING, not gambling and that we see it as a very happy and positive form of entertainment!

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Online Casino Gaming Offers an Abundance of Games

It is true that there are a lot of games at land-based casinos.  The big truth about playing at a land-based casino is that players rarely play more than a small handful of games over a long weekend.  Players will spend hours at a single terminal because they don’t want to give up their seat to check out a different game.

At Jackpot Capital, gamers can go from game to game easily which means that a new garner should expect to sample, over time, all of the approximately 300 games we have on offer.

Retro is Hip at Jackpot Capital

We reside in cyberspace which appears to be infinite. That means that we have room for every game that SpinLogic, our game provider sends our way. SpinLogic develops at least one new slot every month.  We take in all of the new games easily and smoothly.

Land-based casinos have exactly the opposite situation. They are limited by their four walls. In addition, they need to use as much floor space for games as possible.  So, when a land-based casino wants to bring in a new terminal, it has to take out the same number of terminals.

This results in there being a lot fewer classic slots at land-based casinos than at Jackpot Capital and all other good online casinos.  New gamers should be prepared to investigate the retro at Jackpot Capital as much as they investigate the new and modern.

Blackjack, Video Poker, and Roulette Shine On at Jackpot Capital

We carry many variations of both blackjack and video poker.  At Jackpot Capital, the return to player rate for strategic play in both blackjack and video poker is about 99.5%!  A gamer can play for an hour or so and finish the session either a little ahead or a little behind.

Roulette has two main variations, American and European.  We carry American Roulette because a lot of gamers prefer it but the house edge in European Roulette, which we also carry, is half the house edge in American Roulette.

It would prove to be very difficult indeed to find a European Roulette table at an American land-based casino!  There are two reasons for the lack of European Roulette at land-based casinos.

The first is that the house edge “forces” land-based casinos to carry only American Roulette.  The other reason is that a roulette wheel takes up a lot of space and land-based casinos prefer to have slots take up the bulk of their floor space.

So, if you are a big roulette fan, we suggest you check out our visually stunning European Roulette table!

Blackjack Tables Also Occupy a Lot of Floor Space

This is the reason that most land-based casinos cannot offer as many variations of blackjack as we can here at Jackpot Capital.  The requirement of high profits to pay for the high operating costs at land-based casinos is also why so many now offer 6-5 blackjack instead of the formerly standard 3-2.

At Jackpot Capital we pay 3-3 for a blackjack and we offer many variations of this classic casino game.

Jackpot Capital Has an Abundance of Space

New gamers are sometimes truly amazed that they never have to wait to play at Jackpot Capital!  Eventually, these players get used to being able to play instantly, in cyberspace, upon entering their login number!

Then, if they return for a long weekend to a land-based casino, they rediscover firsthand the eminent advantages of online casino gaming!

Jackpot Capital Offers the Full Range of Online Casino Gaming Fun


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