Enjoy All of the Many Advantages of Mobile Casino Gaming

Take Weekend Trips and Take the Casino with You

The incredible advances in mobile jackpot casino gaming at Jackpot Capital and other online casinos have made mobile gaming the default way to play online casino games. Just as with desktop online casinos, players no longer have to travel to a land-based casino.  The difference here is that with mobile gaming so technologically advanced gamers can TAKE THE CASINO WITH THEM!

And the upshot of the mobile casino boom is that all that time that people spent traveling to and playing at land-based casinos is now available to people for all other manner of travel fun!

Oh Monty, Monty Where Should We Go?

The list of possible vacation destination is endless, of course.  A lot depends on travel budgets—both in terms of available time and money—so we obviously cannot cover everything that would take a full length book to cover in a short article.

So, we will talk here about state and county fairs and state parks as vacation destinations.

What Makes a State Fair so Much Fun?

A state fair is a kind of carnival with the ubiquitous rides and carnival games.  Farm animals take center stage at all agriculture based fairs. There is also a standard menu of food items such as corn or chili dogs or cotton candy.

Any food product that fits into the category of comfort food will be featured at a state fair.  Fried pickles in Virginia come to mind.  Mountain oysters are another “delicacy” that most people would not even try!

State fairs might have a bake-off competition although these are usually found in county fairs.

Where Does the State Put on the State Fair?

A state fair is normally held in a large city, not necessarily the state capitol.  This is an important distinction between state fairs and county fairs.  The fairgrounds are designated for the fair.

Are There Still State Fairs to be Held in 2022?

Many state fairs are still about to take place even in October although most take place in the summer.

So, if you look up a state fair near your home and your discover that it has already taken place in 2022, you can always start planning for a long weekend at next year’s state fair.

How Does a State Salute its Citizens?

A lot depends on the state.  School kids might be honored for their winning essay on that year’s subject.  The teacher of the year might be presented with a special award.  In 2022, state fairs have been recognizing the heroic medical staffs that dealt with the corona virus on a daily basis.

State Fairs Prove that Art is Prominent Everywhere

Artists also have a major role in making state fairs so much fun.  Many artists hawk their products at the fair’s bazaar.  Somme of these artists are carvers, jewelry makers, sketch artists, painters, carpenters and other types of wood workers and many other kinds of artists.

That makes a state fair a great place to find that special gift you want to give to a son or daughter or grandchild or anyone else on your Christmas shopping list.

Large Successful Agricultural Companies Take a Big Part

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State fairs also make a point of giving a big shout out to in-state agricultural companies.  These large and small operations often will have samples of their product for visitors.  This works especially well with cheese, beer, and wine.  A major distillery in a state might have tastings of their different whiskeys.

Music Sets the Tone

Music also has a major role to play in setting the tone for the entire fair. While state fairs tend to emphasize country music, they have begun to fan out into many other musical genres.  The great bandstand might be the venue for jazz one night, classical music another night, hip hop, and singer-songwriter music.

How are County Fairs Different than State Fairs?

The big difference maker is that state fairs take in a much larger area.  County fairs are truly local.  The artists who display their work are local.  They might be from the next county over but that still makes them local.

Honoring Locals

Local people who have succeeded at something during the year may find some time “under the bright lights” at a county fair.

If You Bake it They……

It is at county fairs that bake-offs usually take place.  These competitions might be for pie or cake or cookies each in their own category.  Local ice cream makers will sell cones or cups of a variety of flavors.  Local breweries have proliferated tremendously in all parts of the United States in the last twenty years or so and many might be featured at the county fair where their brewery is located.

Local wineries and distilleries will also offer tastings.

The Charm of Rural Towns

Small towns are different in innumerable ways from larger cities.  While a city of, say, 100,000 residents is different than a Chicago, Los Angeles, and Boston not to mention New York City, that moderately sized town is not small when compared to a town of 10,000 residents or less.

Small towns have a unique charm that villages and cities cannot match.  At one time, it was felt that the many fast food chain restaurants would overwhelm the small townness of small towns but to a large extent this has not happened. Small towns have many people who left larger cities for the bucolic rustic atmosphere of a small town.

Some people have opened small businesses that may cater to tourists or may cater to locals but which always retain the small town flavor we are talking about here.

The Corona Virus Pandemic and Small Towns

Possibly millions of people left large cities during the pandemic and relocated in rural areas and small towns since they can work remotely.  A very large number of these people will not go back to the big city life they left behind.  As a result, former big city people are creating a new type of small town atmosphere.

The bottom line is that small towns are still small towns even though many big city people have moved to them.  It is the small town milieu that these city people looked for during the pandemic.

So, small towns have an evolving uniqueness to them that makes a long weekend at local fairs and festivals well worthwhile.

Mobile Casinos Makes Brick and Mortar Casinos Obsolete

We are well aware of the fact that many people still like going to land-based casinos.  However, this article started as homage to mobile casinos.

That feeling—that taking the casino with you on our excellent mobile platform—is infinitely better than going to the casino for a long weekend as it opens up a  massive number of weekend and vacation fun options.


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