Princess Warrior Raises Her Shield at Jackpot Capital

Athena, the Princess Warrior, was a LOT More than a Warrior

Jackpot Capital online casino is thrilled to return to the theme of ancient Greek mythology in our new slot from Real Time Gaming called Princess Warrior.   The princess in this case was a true warrior!  In fact, Athena was the goddess of war!

As such, Princess Warrior not only depicts the beautiful princess, it also depicts some of the accoutrements of war such as a helmeted soldier, a shield, and two swords intertwined to form an “x” indicating the soldier’s intention to mark his spot in battle.

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Play Princess Warrior at Home or on the Go

Princess Warrior is available on the classic desktop platform and also on our excellent mobile jackpot casino platform. Princess Warrior has three random jackpots that you can win in the regular game at any time.  The biggest jackpot in this new slot is fully 96,000x your bet on the winning payline.

The Shield Was Like a Separate Soldier!

The shield was one of the more important pieces of battlefield equipment in the days of hand to hand combat.  As most soldiers were right handed they held the shield in their left hand.  Then, as they stormed a city’s walled fortifications, they were able to guard their bodies with the shield as they advanced through the “gates” of the city.

The shield also released the full force of the soldier’s right hand which in almost all cases was tremendously powerful!

The Skill to Produce War-ready Equipment

The shield and the helmet had to be forged from the strongest steel alloy to protect the soldier’s body.  The danger the soldier was in as a constant of battle is shown in Princess Warrior by the massive swords.  The Indiana Jones movies have given us the impression that this type of sword was unique to Middle Eastern societies but heavy, powerful swords were common in warfare two to three thousand years ago!

By the way, Jackpot Capital casino has a casual game that is a kind of spoof on Indianan Jones.  It is called Banana Jones and has a cuddly, little hero bravely encountering snakes and other dangers on his quest to bring the Crystal Banana to a museum where it belongs!

A Bejeweled Necklace for a Princess Warrior

No slot about a princess, however warlike she may have been, would be complete without at least one piece of exquisite jewelry!  In Princess Warrior, this piece of jewelry is a beautiful necklace.

Was Athena a Single-minded Princess?

No, indeed she wasn’t!

Athena was the goddess of war but she was also the goddess of creative skill. Thus, she inspired the skilled craftsmen who forged the helmets, sword, shields, and armor.  As the goddess of handicrafts, it was Athena that the simple Greek craftsman and women looked to for inspiration and all of the other characteristics of good craftspeople.

These characteristics include stamina, perseverance, patience, calm, as well as the eye-hand coordination weavers, seamstresses, and other craftspeople needed.

How Did Athena Impart These Qualities to Average People?

Athena was also the goddess of everyday knowledge.  We might call this knowledge “common sense” but in very early times, when technology was still in its long infancy, simple knowledge was extremely valuable.  What we call common sense was not necessarily common in those days.

What is the Nitty-Gritty of Princess Warrior?

Let's get to it!

Princess Warrior has 40 fixed paylines.  There is a wild symbol, the Princess herself!  There is also a scatter symbol which leads, as the scatter symbols lead in almost all slots, to the free spins bonus round.

However, Real Time Gaming has taken the ever present ideas of wild symbol and scatter symbol to a 21st century place ironically befitting a slot based on ancient verities!

The Wild Appears Only on the Third Reel

This is how Princess Warrior begins.  It is almost like how wars used to begin, slowly and quietly, and how crafts projects often begin, slowly and quietly.  When the third reel becomes stacked with wild symbols, it triggers the Princess Warrior Feature.  Here the game will randomly choose one of ten different prizes or conditions.   You could get a 2x, 3x, or 4x multiplier; you could bet any of the five reels stacked with wild symbols; you could get random wilds on all five reels, or, finally, you could win the Olympic Reward.

Be Careful not to be Scatter-brained when the Scatter Provides the Bonus Round!

When you qualify for the free spins bonus round in the usual manner of getting three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the five reels, you will have the option to choose how you want to play the free spins round.

  1. You can choose to spin the ten free spins with a random multiplier on every spin.  The random multipliers are for 2x, 3x, or 4x. The random number generator will decide on each spin what the mu7ltiplier for that spin will be.
  2. You can choose to have a stacked reel on each spin.  Once again, the RNG will decide which reel will be stacked with the wild symbol on each free spin.
  3. You can choose to play the free spins with random wilds.
  4. You can choose to have all of the three options apply in your ten free spins.  On this case, the RNG will decide which of the three features will apply to each spin and how it will apply!

Online Casino Gaming is the Perfect Venue for the Goddess of Handicrafts

We have long recommended to gamers to play relatively short sessions and to thus find time to pursue many other fun and interesting activities.  Athena, as the goddess of crafts, is the perfect source of inspiration for gamers as they pursue their hobbies!

There are so many excellent hobbies!  We hope that you all get inspired by Athena!  We also hope that you get inspired to JOIN JACKPOT CAPITAL if you aren’t one of the family yet!

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