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Here at Jackpot Capital Casino, we are well aware that casino gaming can be a great entertaining activity.  We emphasize gaming fun and its entertainment value in almost every article we publish in the blog.

There are a few things that gamers should know and apply to their gaming experience in order to get the most enjoyment from gaming.

Here are a few of the pitfalls gamers may encounter along the way to gaming fun!

Play at Jackpot Capital Online Casino

The point here is that online casino gaming has many palpable advantages over land-based casino gaming.  Convenience is one.  Convenience leads to some other points we will make soon.  Here we want to urge all gamers to pay attention to the sheer cost of getting to a land-based casino.

When gamers realize that online gaming is as fun as land-based gaming and more fun in important ways, they will save the enormous cost of going to and staying at a land-based casino.   The pitfall, then, is playing at a land-based casino!

The money saved can be earmarked for any other happy activity.  It can be saved for a major purchase.  It can go into a vacation fund.  Gamers can use the money to buy holiday gifts for friends and family.

Finally, gamers soon realize that travelling to a land-based casino is highly inconvenient!  Walking to one’s soft and comfortable sofa with a cup of coffee in hand is highly convenient!  That is the “getting to” experience of online casino gamers.

Play in Short Sessions

Here is where the convenience of online casino gaming begins to be felt.  There is no reason for a gamer to spend hour upon hour at the casino if he or she will be able to visit the casino the next day and the day after and so on ad infinitum.

This is demonstrably not the case at land-based casinos.  The pitfall here is to play for too long a period of time in any single gaming session.  At a land-based casino, many players feel that they have already spent so much just getting to the casino that they HAVE TO play on and on.

This is clearly not the case when one plays at an online casino!

Playing in short sessions is also a good way to maintain the integrity of one’s bankroll.  But there is more about that which we will get to a little later.

Make Good Use of Casino Promotions

The pitfall here is to be at a land-based casino where players are not offered deposit bonuses in the thousands of dollars!  Land-based casinos cannot offer large bonuses because of the wagering requirement which is a factor of the bonus gamers have to wager before they can withdraw winnings.

The wagering requirement came about because in the early days of online casino gaming, some players cashed out as soon as they received a bonus!  Clearly, this was not a good business model.  Very few players at a land-based casino can complete a wagering requirement in the few days they will be at the casino.

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Save the Alcohol for After Gaming

The pitfall here is one of the ways land-based casinos get players to make mistakes in betting and game play.  They offer free alcohol while we say to not drink any alcohol until after gaming.  We ask, who has the gamers’ best interests at heart?

This is another aspect of the convenience of online casino gaming.  If a gamer sets out to play for 30-60 minutes, he or she should easily be able to wait until having a drink.  That drink can be at a local pub with friends.  Given the much longer gaming sessions that are common at land-based casinos, it is a lot harder for players to wait to have a drink.

Land-based casinos are so accommodating in this regard. NOT!  They know that even one drink will affect a player’s cognitive ability which leads to mistakes and unnecessary losses to the casino.

Use Blackjack and Video Poker Strategy Correctly on Every Hand

The return to player rate in blackjack and video poker is about 99.5% but the elephant in the room is that players have to use the correct strategy on every hand.  This means learning the strategy charts perfectly and using that strategy even when it seems wrong.

Strategy in blackjack and video poker has been analyzed over millions of hands and even the strangest looking strategy is correct!

The pitfall, obviously, is to play by the seat of your pants.  This method will lower the return-to-player rate dramatically, making it next to impossible to have a winning session ever in these great games.

Never Play in Accordance to a Betting System

The pitfall is obviously to see the results of a betting system in which the odds follow a standard form such as win one, lose one, win one, lose one, and so on.

Let’s see what happens when the play follows this pattern: lose one, lose one, lose one.

The most famous betting strategy is the Martingale System.  This system is designed for even money bets.  First of all, there are no true even money bets in a casino.  In roulette, the 0 or 00 bely the idea of an even money bet.  Still, a lot of players ignore that big dumpling and assume that there are even money bets in roulette.

So, let’s take a look.  If you lose the first bet, you double the next bet.  Then, if you win, you win the size of your original bet.  If the casino world worked this way, this betting system would have bankrupted casinos long ago.

But what happens if you lose three spins in a row?  Here is a chart to show your progress:

  • Bet #1: $5.  Player loses.
  • Bet #2: $10. Player loses.
  • Bet #3: $20. Player loses.

Now, the player has to bet $40 to win back his or her original $5 bet.  This is a wildly poor bet!  And if you lose the fourth bet, you have to bet $80 in order to win back $5!  It gets worse and worse and eventually a player using this system will run into a short losing streak and the whole business goes haywire!

Pitfalls in Blackjack and Video Poker

We will finish with this by now very common pitfall.  It is all about not taking payout changes imposed by some land-based casinos seriously.  At Jackpot Capital, we pay 3-2 for a blackjack and 9-6 in video poker.  9-6 means 9 coins for a full house and 6 coins for a flush.

Many land-based casinos have changed the payout schedules so that they pay only 6-5 for a blackjack and 8-5 or even 7-5 in video poker.  These are very significant changes and it is a major pitfall to disregard them!

Jackpot Capital Strives to Remove All Pitfalls

We offer so many games and bonuses!  We want all gamers to get the most enjoyment out of gaming here at Jackpot Capital.  We publish our blog as a way of helping gamers get the most out of gaming here.

We take the convenience of online casino gaming seriously.  We said earlier that we would connect the convenience of an online casino with sound money management.

Since we are available on a 25/7 basis, we feel that gamers have no real reason to bet more than they can afford.  We encourage gamers to bet less than they can afford since the goal is to have fun.  Getting rich quick can happen but it is rare at any kind of casino.

By managing your money well, you will discover aspects of entertainment at Jackpot Capital that are not easily found at any land-based casino.


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