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Why Do Experts Advise against Using Betting Systems?

We continue to receive questions from gamers on how to win on slot machines.  We have covered this question in previous blogs so we will be short on the subject of strategy for slots.  We here at Jackpot Capital online casino felt that the time was right  to publish a blog on betting systems in general.

Slots Are a Pure Game of Chance

There is no specific strategy for winning at slots.  The great appeal of slots to millions of online gamers is that they have themes, great graphics, animation, and sound and, because you’re playing online, you don’t have to move to play a different slot.

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This means that online slots gamers have a huge advantage over land based slots players where players do have to leave one slot in order to play another. 

The reason that there is no specific strategy for winning at slots is that all online casinos use a Random Number Generator, or RNG, to determine every outcome of every game at the casino.  Land based casinos also use an RNG for slots, video poker, and other games that they offer at a terminal but roulette, poker, and blackjack, to name three games, are played “live” so in those games there is some strategy.

But not in slots!

In slots, the RNG determines when the reels will stop spinning.  The RNG is computer software that takes all strategy out of the spinning of the reels.  The only decisions/strategy that needs to come from the player is to decide how much to bet and on how many paylines.  Then, in the bonus rounds you may be asked to choose between a few number of free spins at a higher multiplier, or a larger number of free spins at a lower multiplier.  But these decisions could hardly be called strategy in the same way that there are complicated blackjack strategies.  

Conserving Your Bankroll

There are, however, some good practices many gamers use to play slots and still conserve their bankroll.  These are strategies for having more fun for a longer period of time playing slots rather than a strategy for winning.


Sometimes this is called volatility.  Many gamers play mostly slots with low variance.  This gives them many small wins instead of the occasional big win.  The return-to-player rate is based much more on the many small wins rather than on the less frequent bigger wins. 

So, a strategy of sorts in slots is to play slots that you can afford to play.  We offer many low variance slots in many theme categories so everyone, no matter the size of their bankroll, can enjoy slots here at Jackpot Capital.

Progressive Jackpots

Another strategy many players follow is to either not play for progressive jackpots at all or to play those slots much less than they play slots without a big progressive jackpot.

In order to even qualify to win the progressive jackpot, gamers have to bet the maximum on the winning payline.  So, in order to play longer, if you're looking for more playing time, many gamers play regular slots with low variance instead of progressive slots with high variance.

Play on Mobile

Many players like to take a few spins on our mobile platform when they have some free time waiting in an office or commuting home after a long day at work.  This is not a strategy as much as it’s a way to expand your gaming horizons and enjoy playing more.

Betting Systems

It is easy for us to say that betting systems don’t work.  Having said so, we need to show you why they don’t work.  We need to show you why they are not a viable strategy for winning.  In slots, they are a system for losing a lot more than is reasonable.  In games of skill, like video poker and blackjack, a betting system is no substitute for a sound playing system which means applying real strategy to every hand.

Gambler’s Fallacy

The first thing we need to talk about is Gambler’s Fallacy.  This is a very poor belief among gamblers that the odds of any one outcome either increase or decrease based on previous outcomes.  In all casino games, whether they are live games at a land based casino, or games played at a terminal either on land or  online through the RNG, the previous outcomes normally have no bearing on the upcoming outcomes.

One exception is card counting in blackjack.  If you can get a game with one deck, and if you can count cards successfully, then you can determine a greater likelihood of an outcome favorable to you in the next hand or the next couple of hands.

The increased likelihood of something good happening is not a guarantee since luck does play a part but if you can count cards, you can increase your chances of winning at blackjack.

However, this is not a betting system; it is a playing and strategy system!

The Random Number Generator

The RNG does not know what has previously happened so there is no way to predict the upcoming results and base a betting system on that prediction.  In roulette, any single number might come up many more times than simple statistics might expect and any other number might not come up even once in 100 or more spins.

The RNG is simply computer software with no mind of its own!

Martingale System

The most famous betting system is the Martingale although there are many similar systems as well.  The Martingale system basically says double your next bet after a loss and in the end you will recoup all losses with a small win.

Let’s say that you are playing roulette and betting on black.  This is a 1-1 bet that loses only if the ball falls on 0 or 00.  If you lose your first bet of $1, you double the bet the next time to $2.  If you win the second time, you recover your $1 loss and have a profit of $1 as well.

The big point in the Martingale system is that you might have a string of losses after which you don’t have any money left.  After losses, your bets might go $1, $2, $4, $8, $16, $32 and so on.  We all remember the gambit we played on dear old dad when we were in grade school in which we asked for just one penny on the first day and double the amount every day for a single month.  Dad quickly ran out of money!

The same principle applies to the Martingale system. After only six losses in a row, you have already bet $63 and your next bet is for $64.  If you were at the racetrack and a horse was such a big favorite to win that you had to put up $64 to win just one dollar, you would never do it!

So, why would you take the chance of being compelled by the Martingale system to do the same in a spin of the roulette wheel?

There is another problem with the Martingale system.  If you have a run of consecutive losses, you might find that the maximum bet is less than the bet you would have to make to continue following the system.

Slots and Betting Systems

No betting system will work when you play slots.  The best way to play slots and to enjoy them to the utmost degree is to see gaming as a form of entertainment.  Put your gaming budget in with your overall entertainments budget and then you’ll see clearly how much you want to devote to gaming, how much to concerts, how much to books, how much to restaurants and so on.

At Jackpot Capital online casino, we always encourage our gamers to play as a fun pastime.  That is by far the best playing system!

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