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Spin Logic’s amazing new slot, Egyptian Gold, has arrived as of November 10th, 2021 - and what a great new game it is! This slot has just about everything a player could ask for: great visuals and sound, interesting game design, various different features, and of course, big wins and huge payouts!

Right now, the Egyptian Gold slot is available at Jackpot Capital’s online casino. Even if you’re not a fan of this particular theme of slot, this content is so good and the production values on the game are so great that you’ll be drawn in anyway! Let’s jump right into the sarcophagus and see what this game is all about!

Win in all kinds of ways with 576 Paylines!

Spin Logic really created a winner with Egyptian Gold, and one of the main reasons is due to the number of paylines that the game possesses, as well as the different ways for the player to win! Egyptian Gold is a very generous slot because of this reason - players can expect to win often, and usually big, just because there’s so many different ways that the victory itself can be achieved!

While not every single spin will result in a win, having so many paylines is certainly the right step to allowing players a chance to win often and big! Shower yourself in Egyptian Gold when you go to spin in this game, because before long, you’ll be swimming in it!

Get Massive Payouts Using Random Wilds and Expanding Wilds!

Another aspect of Egyptian Gold, and one of the core features, are the various Wild features that permeate the game. Wilds are something that really raise the chance of winning in the favor of the player - it makes it far easier to turn a losing spin into a winning one if you’re lucky enough to roll a wild! Random Wilds can hit at any time and vastly increase your chances of winning any random spin.

Meanwhile, Expanding Wilds mean that when you get a win, you can make it far bigger, or possibly hit entirely different levels of payouts that you weren’t even close to reaching before! Wilds really change the whole game up, and since they’re so prevalent and present in Egyptian Gold, they really affect how often and how big you win in this game. Try and hit those wilds while you’re playing Egyptian Gold!

Magical Respins Make Your Winning Chances Even Bigger!

If you’re one that likes respins and free spins, you’re in luck too when you’re playing Egyptian Gold. Egyptian Gold features respins as a core part of its gameplay, which can really extend your ability to continue playing in certain situations. Respins make it so much easier to win! That’s the beauty of so much of the content that Egyptian Gold offers to its players: not only is the game itself fun to play, but many of the game’s core features and main aspects are designed to make winning far easier and make losing feel just a bit less punishing.

The respin feature goes even further because it is triggered at the end of a spin - when the spin happens to be a losing one, it gets triggered and usually awards a big win to the player. These kinds of anti-RNG mechanics are really very welcoming in a slot for the player, because they take away some of the inherent unfairness that can sometimes exist in games that are based around luck. The Magical respin feature, in that case, is one of the best features in Egyptian Gold, period.

Play Egyptian Gold at Jackpot Capital Tonight!

After everything you’ve read, it’s likely that you want to try out Egyptian Gold, right now. It launched on November 10th, so the slot is still brand new at Jackp

Another new slot from Spin Logic, Big Santa, is set to soon be hitting the market. Featured at Jackpot Capital Casino, Big Santa has 25 paylines, is a 5x3 slot, and features a whopping 50,000 times bet per line as its total possible payout for the player. Talk about a massive amount of cash! The Wild symbol in this game is Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and the Scatter symbol is a Gift Bag that Santa himself carries around.

The visuals and sound in this game are stunning, as are the overall production features. The features of the game - free games, wilds, scatters, huge jackpots and payouts - really fit in with the Christmas spirit that this game is based off of! So let’s dive right into all of the biggest features that Big Santa has right away, and we’ll start things off by exploring the Wilds feature that this game possesses.

 Big Santa Wilds: Huge Wins Practically Guaranteed!

As many online slots do, Big Santa features wilds as a part of its core gameplay loop. It’s expected and common for players to see wilds as part of their spins as they play the game. While wilds themselves are a rather common feature these days in online slots, the way that they’re utilized in Big Santa makes them just a bit different and a bit more effective.

Big Santa’s numbers are in the favor of the player: with a high RTP, massive payouts (up to 50,000 times the bet per line) and a general high volatility means that you can have huge swings and experience big wins frequently. All of this combined with wilds is a great thing: wilds really assist the player in turning lost spins into wins, and turning minor wins into successes that end up being far, far larger.

Wilds can substitute for any symbol except a Scatter, which is just fine, since you want plenty of those for one of the other major features that Big Santa has - free games. However, the sheer amount of paylines that Big Santa has is a whole other thing entirely, and worthy of discussion in and of itself.

5x3 with 25 Paylines Means Wins Happen Frequently in Big Santa

Big Santa is a generous slot with high RTP and plenty of different features that really allow the player to win big. The number of paylines it has for a 5x3 slot is yet another part of that: as players wouldn’t be able to win nearly half as much without so much support from the game itself!

Feel the Christmas cheer whenever you go to spin on this slot and try to get yourself a big win. The wilds and the number of paylines available will support you being capable of getting a huge payout! Don’t hesitate to try your luck with Big Santa if you like the math in your favor, as Big Santa is one of the most generous slouts out there.

Big Santa Offers Tons of Free Games to Players

The last major feature to cover is the fact that Big Santa offers tons of free games to players. Whenever a player manages to hit enough Scatter symbols, Big Santa offers between 10 to 20 free games, respectively. This would already be a great enough feature to encourage people to play, as every free game is potentially a spin that could result in a large payment without you having to risk any money. But that’s not all, as Big Santa offers these games with a win multiplier attached to them.

That’s how this slot is able to reach the ridiculous max bet per line that it boasts of when reviewing the game features. Win multipliers on the Free Game feature really help Big Santa get that math up in the player’s favor, and that’s something that any dedicated slot gamer or gambler can get behind, certainly.

Play Big Santa at Jackpot Capital Casino Tonight

With free games, wilds, a great number of paylines, a crazy max payout per bet per line, and a ton of other features, it’s not hard to see why Big Santa is one of the premier new holiday slots being released this season. No matter what way you look at it, Big Santa has something to offer to every player and really manages to keep players engaged and enjoying the game.

Don’t hesitate or wait any longer: try out Big Santa at Jackpot Capital Casino tonight!

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