What would you do if you made a huge casino win with us, your ‘Virtual Vegas’? Millions of people every year travel from all walks of the earth to visit the one and only Las Vegas, experiencing the lights, thrills and excitement of being potentially closer to the win of a lifetime. That said, with the impressive advancements of technology, you can stay right at home (or anywhere on mobile!) and play all of your favorite games with the very same possibility of striking it big and making your dreams come true. We pride ourselves on making the unbelievable, well, believable, and this week we have a big news of yet another lucky winner, on route to live out the life he always wanted; talk about a happy ending!

One lucky player at Jackpot Capital makes a big casino win, celebrating by living out his childhood dream; ‘Virtual Vegas’ really does make dreams come true!

big casino win at Jackpot Capital

You can only imagine the look on someone’s face when they make a few light hearted spins on the reels, only to discover they’ve made a win of a lifetime. Has this happened to you? Was it one of the most grandeur moments of your life? We can only ‘bet’ the answer’s a definite ‘yes!’. We can all fantasize about this monumental potential moment in our life, and for Chris F., only 37 years old, this was his moment, and he is sure to celebrate every second of it.

It Only Takes One Spin to Make a Win

Chris F. has played with us here at Jackpot Capital for many, many years, always enjoying the large selection of games we have, and of course, our many ongoing and fresh bonus promotions. He had even become quite friendly with our Customer Support, as you may imagine. With his VIP player status you would definitely say Chris F. was a proclaimed ‘Pro’ at the slots; he had his very own playing strategies, tailored over the many years of playing, and one may also say he definitely had a ‘lucky streak’ within him.

It all started when Chris F. contacted one of our helpful VIP support staff, where he was questioning to change up his regular gameplay and opt for something different, something to boost the excitement factor to another level. We generally like to stick to the games we know, and his favorite slots to take a spin on are Crystal Waters and Goldbeard (some very thrilling slot titles, if we do say so ourselves).

When the VIP agent suggested he go for something different, perhaps turning luck in his favor, he then opted with testing a few spins on the medieval slot, Regal Riches, another popular game of ours. Well, I guess the name of the game hints clearly that you may have some serious winning potential here, but then again, you just never know unless you try. And try, Chris F. certainly did.

A few spins and definite few moments of anticipation later, Chris F. saw his bankroll skyrocket to an impressive $55,000 in wins, with $25,000 of that amount coming from a mere one spin only. Take a moment to imagine how you would feel if you were Chris F.; the first moment of feeling completely sedated, in disbelief. In the next moment, your body fills with excitement and adrenaline, while asking yourself “is this real?”. It most definitely was. It’s surely an emotional roller coaster, but one ride you most definitely want to take.

Check out the Gamblogger’s video on our latest Winner:

This Lucky Winner is Truly ‘Living The Dream’!

Chris F., at the age of 37, works as an Operations Manager with no wife or children, meaning he was very free in his decision of how to spend his newly discovered jackpot. When we asked Chris what he would do with his winnings, he did not delay or hesitate to answer: He was going out West, to live his childhood cowboy dream!

He told our Customer Support he has always dreamed to pack up, leave his day-to-day life for a while, and live out what he’s always craved. Thanks to the big win he made with us, that was all possible, and you can just imagine what it feels like to finally live the life you’d always wanted, with some extra cash in hand. Chris was quoted that this was his dream since a child, and he was soon off to Montana to embrace his wild side and live like a true cowboy. This is a true happy ending for this lucky player.

When we asked Chris F. if he had any advice for the many other players out there who want to live out their wildest dreams, he did not hesitate to give us his input. The advice Chris game for the many other eager winners out there, is to never chase a win if you’re on a losing streak; quit the game that doesn’t work for you, and try something else. As they say, “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket”.

And maybe it all comes down to just ‘being lucky’, or perhaps there’s more to it. Enjoy your gameplay, but be perseverant, don’t be afraid to try something else, and most of all, have fun. Playing with us gives you the real ‘Virtual Vegas’ experience we all crave, and who knows, you could be our next big winner! Take a look at one of our many bonus promotions and see if luck’s on your side - and don’t forget to enjoy the moment!


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