Throughout the entire globe, all we seem to hear about lately is the term “Bitcoin”; it’s the new currency, it gives freedom and anonymity to payments, it’s the FUTURE! Does this sound familiar? It’s more than likely! Bitcoin is sweeping the nation in popularity, with some definite “disapproval” from traditional bank houses, the reason being, simply, that people all around the world can now purchase a virtual currency outside of traditional banking, carrying out purchases as they wish. What does this mean for you? A whole new opportunity in the world of your online casino entertainment! Keep reading to find out how you can use Bitcoin quickly and easily, and how it benefits your gameplay!


What Is Bitcoin, Anyway?

Bitcoin seems confusing to the masses, but it’s actually very simple, with the confusion likely lying in the fact that it seems ‘technical’; naturally, being a virtual currency, yes, it’s technical - however, not difficult.

First established in 2008, Bitcoin was invented to serve the purpose of everyday, regular people being able to make transactions between each other - without a central authority of such, like the major banks. The verification of transactions is done amongst the user network, or peer network, which is what makes Bitcoin transactions non-reversible, with low fees, and accounts cannot be frozen. In short, it’s a digital payment system which you control!

How are Bitcoins created, you may be wondering? Well, this part is the most technical of all, so we’ll try to simplify it as much as we can! Basically, Bitcoin is an ‘open source network’ which can be used by the network of people (‘miners’), in which they will then “mine” Bitcoins; this means generate Bitcoins (each ‘miner’ being thought of as a ‘server’)! They do so by helping the network by verifying transactions via the server, being rewarded Bitcoins for their efforts.

That said, when you want to purchase Bitcoins, you won’t have to get technical creating them yourself - You can easily buy them online!

How does this benefit you? First of all, Bitcoin makes you basically anonymous when you pay; you only have a code to identify you, and you’d have no reason to flash around your ewallet ID, anyway! It’s a very private banking method and only you know how many Bitcoins you have. With a Bitcoin account, as we mentioned, there are no third party involvements, so your funds are 100% safe. Money in Bitcoins can’t be stolen, there are no transaction fees, no chargebacks; what more can you ask for when it comes to keeping your money secure?

More and more of us are looking to Bitcoin as the go-to payment method; the method for the people, by the people. When you take a look at how it actually works, it’s not hard to see why!


How Can We Use Bitcoin at Jackpot Capital?!

Now that you have a bit of background information on exactly what Bitcoin is, how it was created, and in what way it can benefit you, let’s get to how you can use it playing here with us at Jackpot Capital! The way Bitcoin was created may seem very in-depth, however using it with us to play your favorite games and grab bonuses is just as simple as our other payment methods - Take a look!

Want to make a payment with Bitcoin?

First and foremost, in order to purchase Bitcoins, you need to register a Blockchain account, which is your Bitcoin wallet (there are many services which provide a Bitcoin wallet, however this is the most common). Once you have a Bitcoin wallet, you can receive, store or send Bitcoins; it’s that simple!

When you want to purchase Bitcoins, locate the Bitcoin ATMs (local sellers or via ewallets), easily transferring them to your Bitcoin wallet. With either Skrill, NETELLER or ecoPayz, you can deposit your Bitcoins to your ewallet here with us, and get to playing!

How about making a Bitcoin withdrawal?

When you want to add those winnings back into your account after making some cash with us, you can do it with no stress, no hassle, fast and easy, jumping on the Bitcoin bandwagon and taking a leap into the future of gaming.

All you have to do, is login to your account here with us, enter the amount requested for withdrawal along with your Bitcoin address, and it transfers instantly to your account! Your minimum withdrawal amount is $100, and the maximum is $2,500, with truly no simpler method available to this date - and no fees!

Bitcoin, and the reality of virtual currency is certainly an idea that has come and changed the financial world, so far. As it continues to grow in demand, the price of Bitcoins will inevitably rise, making now the time to get involved!

As for Bitcoin when you game with us, it just makes your experience that much better, and who can argue with that?! Check out our Banking page for more info on our banking methods, and make sure you get the most from your gameplay!

Ready to sign up with Bitcoin? Make sure you try it out, and remember to bookmark our blog for all the latest news and bonuses!

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