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Can I Use the Skills I Learned from Blackjack in My Professional Life?

In the previous article on blackjack, we said that learning how to pay blackjack has many applications to your professional life and to life in general.  Here is an article that talks about those skills you learn from blackjack that carry over into “real life”. We, at Jackpot Capital Casino, feel that it is part of our responsibilty to you to show you how playing our simple games can help you in your life's challenges!

A Combination of Skill and Luck

As much skill as you develop in blackjack, you also have to understand that there is also a lot of luck involved.  The luck in blackjack is nothing like the luck you need to win a slot machine jackpot. The luck in blackjack is based on your skill in making the best decisions.  Your skill in blackjack puts you in the best possible position for luck to give you a win on that hand.

At Jackpot Capital online casino, we offer many variations of blackjack.  Learning them is similar to the challenge of learning how to perform many different tasks in your profession.

In any professional situation, you need both great skill and a large dollop of luck to get ahead and stay ahead.  A doctor may use all of her skill learned in medical school and from on the job experience but sometimes the best diagnosis comes from thinking outside the box.

There are so many stories about businesspeople making what turned out to be great business decisions although at the time they had no idea how good the decisions would turn out.

So, the lesson for blackjack players is to trust the statistics, trust the reality of the hand, and let your skill override your luck.

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This is actually a restatement of the previous point about luck and skill.  It deserves its own section because of the incredible importance of confidence in success in anything and everything we want to do well. 

When a businessperson starts to lose confidence, he or she will begin to make decisions that are not in the best interest of their company.  The leaders of the two large American retail store chains, Kmart and Sears, showed exactly the type of loss of confidence we are talking about here.

Kmart and Sears were competing with each other over the same urban and suburban market in the United States.  Rather than confidently understand that there was enough retail business in these markets for two big chains, each wanted to overwhelm the other.

The result was overextension on the side of both chains and in the end they each succeeded in overwhelming themselves!

Blackjack players need to develop the confidence that they are following the best strategy even when they lose several hands in a row.  A loss of confidence will result in poor decisions on bets and over the hands to come.

A loss of confidence in oneself often results in making a wildly large big bet as an attempt to recoup losses.  These wild bets often result in more losses!  A confident blackjack player knows that she can’t win them all.  In fact, every good blackjack player has the occasional very unlucky session.

Confidence is directly descended from skill.  Luck does not cause a player or a business manager to gain confidence.  So, as important as luck is in every game and in every endeavor, it is the skill we develop that ultimately determines how successful we will be.

Balance Work and Play

A chess player at the University of Illinois said to a friend way back in the early 1970’s that if you want to be a great chess player, you need to devote every spare moment to the game even at the expense of any social life you might want.

Businesspeople and blackjack players need to know that this approach leads to burnout in most cases.  Both hard work during work hours and hard work in “off hours” are important for success and that play in both off hours and on the job is also important to success.

Learning to balance work and play is a major element in the prescription for success in blackjack and in most activities.

Blackjack players do need to play many hands in order to quickly recognize what they should do to continue.  Hard work in blackjack applies especially to card counting.  It takes devotion and hard work to get really good at counting cards.  It is true, however, that counting cards can help you win more often in blackjack but card counting can do so only occasionally and only if you get a good count.

So, the hard work we put into gaining expertise at card counting will still pay off only on occasion.  Still, it can be the difference between finishing a session ahead or behind.

Successful People are Very Disciplined but They Also Know When to Let Go

This is similar to the above discussion on work and play in that it involves a true dichotomy.  You need to be disciplined to stay alert and to be able to make the best decision on every hand.  Getting distracted is the death knell of personal discipline which is why land based casinos have so many scantily-clad hostesses walking around the casino floor offering free drinks - distraction par excellance!

The drinks are not the big picture.  The distraction is.  The hostesses distract players even when they don’t take up on the offer of a free drink.  Those players who do accept the free drink will soon be distracted by the small amount of alcohol in the drink!

Discipline in blackjack involves stopping when you are hungry, stopping when you are tired, and stopping when you know that there are other things that you should be doing.  Blackjack is a pastime, not the reason that you travelled to a casino for the weekend!

Set a Budget

Actually, we recommend setting two budgets, one for gaming time and one for the amount you will wager in the gaming session.  Discipline is the character skill that lets you stop when the session has run out of time or budget.

Letting Go

People who can’t let go ultimately burn out.  When you are on vacation, you should be on vacation.  When you and your friends go bowling, you should enjoy the bowling to its fullest.  Knowing when to play is as important as knowing when to work.

In a real sense, online blackjack gives you both sides of the same coin at the same time.  Obviously, when you are playing blackjack, you are playing.  The concentration you need to make good decisions can be seen as work.

But it is still a game.  And you should always remember that it is still just a game. 

Never Brag about Your Wins

This is hard to do.  If you win a lot of money at blackjack, you really want to tell everyone about it.  You want to let people know just how good you are.  Don’t brag!

The same applies to any professional setting.  People who brag ultimately lose out.  Some call it karma.  Some say what goes around comes around.  The bottom line is don’t brag!

Have Fun to Win

All of the hard work, concentration, and discipline are for naught if you don’t have fun.  So, play blackjack, learn the best strategy for every variation you play, and always have fun!

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