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Can Blackjack Make us Better Workers?

We recently spoke about how gamers can take advantage of Jackpot Capital’s offer of unlimited free play to step out of their comfort zone playing progressive jackpots slots and slots in general to play, learn, and enjoy all of the other games we offer here at Jackpot Capital.

So, we will discuss blackjack here. 

Slots are a Great Game to Relax With

It is very well known that many gamers love playing at Jackpot Capital online casino because it is so easily available on desktop, laptop, or mobile gaming platforms.  Many people just want to unwind, chill out, and relax while being entertained.

Of course, online slots are not the only way we can relax and unwind.  Some people listen to their favorite music while others watch a few episodes of a television series they are streaming.  Some might watch a movie.  So, online slots games are one alternative among many and playing online slots serves a very real purpose for those players who just like to relax in this way.

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Blackjack Rewards Keen Observation

Blackjack is a very different type of game with a very different gaming experience.  When you play blackjack, you have to make a decision on every hand and on every card within that hand.  We also offer several variations of blackjack so gamers who choose to play blackjack might need to learn several types of blackjack strategy.

We say that blackjack rewards keen observation because many people in their professional lives need to be keen observers.  Whereas slots are a pure game of chance which means that you can play slots in a more passive manner—exactly what some gamers need to unwind—blackjack helps you develop the powers of observation that can help you advance professionally.

Blackjack Rewards out of the Box Thinking

In many cases, blackjack strategy is very straightforward and easy to understand.  For example, in most cases, when you as the player have 15 or 16 points, you will stand simply because the chances of improving your hand are less than the combined chances of your going over 21 or the dealer going over 21.

In other words, standing with 15 or 16 points is obvious in most cases.  In some variations of blackjack, the player can surrender the hand.  This means that the player loses half of his or her original bet but keeps the other half.  This is the best play in many hands where the dealer shows a 7 or higher card and the player has 14, 15, or 16 points.

However, there are many situations where a blackjack player should hit even when a 10-point card will cause them to bust.  This is one example of out of the box thinking.  Blackjack players who learn not just to make out of the box strategy plays but to fully understand them and even to embrace them will find that they are more able to make out of the box observations or decisions in their professional lives!

Blackjack Rewards Patience

Some blackjack games also have a progressive jackpot.  In these games, you might win the big jackpot with a six-card hand as just one example.  Here we are talking about blackjack as a way to teach yourself patience.

You see, when you play blackjack well and you don’t play for that very elusive progressive jackpot, you might play for an hour and the amount of money that you will likely either win or lose is very, very small.  That’s because under normal circumstances, the return to player rate in blackjack is close to 100%.

This means that you can expect to win back almost or possible a little more than all of the money you wagered on the hands you played. 

So, no one, other than those who play blackjack for the progressive jackpot, plays blackjack as a way to win big on one hand!  If you're winning, it's a slow, steady climb.  Blackjack players play for the fun of staying alert and observant, making the correct decisions on every hand, and accepting the out of the box strategy plays that are the statistically best plays to make.

Blackjack is a Slow Game

One of the more subtle ways that blackjack teaches patience is by being a lot slower than the games of chance, especially slots.  Blackjack is slower for two main reasons.  One, you have to think about your next move.  In slots, you spin and win or lose and spin again.  That is the charm of slots: you play fast as a way of relaxing.

In blackjack, you play slowly as a way of training your mind to think more creatively.

Blackjack is a Game for the Long Term

The second way blackjack is slower than games of chance is that the benefits are much more long term.  There are many avenues in life in which long term benefits are important even though the possibility of great short term benefits is also present.  For example, you might win a progressive jackpot in slots!  This is certainly a great short term benefit! 

Most blackjack players will win or lose a very small amount of money in every session so the long term benefits are a lot more subtle.  Let’s look at a couple of other long term endeavors we need patience to benefit from.  When we invest money in a corporate stock, we hope that the value of our stocks will go up incrementally over the years.  This is the epitome of long term benefits.

We might hope to buy thousands of shares of a penny stock and see it quickly zoom ahead in value but this does not happen often.  More often we benefit by slow, small increases in the value of a stock.

In another example, many people go to university hoping to learn a profession and benefit greatly in the long term as their professional salary starts relatively high and goes up.  However, every page we read, every word we write, and every detail we commit to memory is but one page, one word, and one detail!

Only faith in the long term gets us through the rigorous four or five years it takes to get even a first degree!

Amazing as it may seem, playing blackjack in the long term, enjoying every hand in blackjack in the short term, and relishing the thinking that goes into so many strategy moves, can have far reaching benefits for you in ways aside from the game itself! 

And you thought that blackjack was no more than standing with 12 points! 

Play Blackjack at Jackpot Capital Online Casino

We know that slots are by far the most popular game we offer.  Still, we think that many slots gamers can benefit greatly by playing blackjack and the other games of skill we offer!  If you haven't yet....give them a try today!

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