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Like most online and land-based casinos, Jackpot Capital operates a loyalty program whereby gamers get loyalty points for playing and, when the time is right, get casino loyalty rewards in the form of casino credits.

Why Do Casinos Offer Loyalty Rewards?

This is a fascinating question since many businesses also have loyalty programs!  In most cases, a business outside of the casino business will probably call their loyalty program by a different name.  Do frequent flyer miles ring a bell?

Here are just a few reasons why so many companies have a loyalty program:

  1. To popularize the brand in the public’s eyes.
  2. To attract new customers.
  3. To retain older customers.  That’s why we call these programs loyalty programs.
  4. To increase sales.
  5. To achieve word-of-mouth recognition.

Obviously, airlines are by far and away not the only business that has a loyalty program.  Let’s look at the loyalty program here at Jackpot Capital and then we will look at other loyalty programs in other businesses.

Jackpot Capital Rewards Loyalty

We all know that there are a couple of thousand online casinos.  In 1994, only 30 years ago, there was one!  With Instant Play, which makes it unnecessary for a gamer to download a heavy casino to their computer’s hard drive, gamers can play at many online casinos.

The loyalty program at Jackpot Capital is but one reason our gamers keep coming back to play.

Satisfied Gamers Stay Loyal

Loyalty also implies satisfaction.  A gamer who is not satisfied with the product we offer can easily move on to another online casino.  Our loyalty reward program tells our gamers just how much we appreciate their loyalty.  Combined with the free spins and deposit bonuses we offer, the loyalty program gives gamers, who are already loyal to Jackpot Capital, to stay loyal to our brand.

How Does the Loyalty Program Work?

We give one loyalty point for each $10 wagered at the casino.  After a gamer accumulates 100 points, his or her loyalty account is credited with one dollar.  At first glance, it might look like gamers have to bet a lot of their own money to get enough loyalty points to redeem them for a substantial amount of casino credits.

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The Power of Compound Interest

We all learned about the power of compound interest in elementary school.  The interest adds to one’s funds and then interest is paid on the interest!  Loyalty points are similar to compound interest in an interesting way: gamers wager winnings!

If you are playing a slot with low volatility and the slot has a return to player rate of 97% (this rate is very common in the slots at Jackpot Capital), you might wager $1000 and have $970 left.  You might have gotten a bit lucky and have over a thousand dollars in your account.

The first thousand dollars you wagered gave you 100 loyalty points and you are embarking on another gaming session with almost the same money you started out with, or possibly more!

The Power of Compound Loyalty

The above analysis demonstrated how a gamer can accumulate a lot of loyalty points with just one stake.  On your way to having bet one thousand dollars, you will have ups and downs in your account.  The ups work for you in the same way that the original analysis worked but they are even better.

You win $10 and bet that amount and automatically you have one loyalty point.  On your way to a one thousand dollar wagering session, from which you could keep close to the same amount you wagered, you might have won enough to earn two or three hundred loyalty points or more.

The Power of the Return to Player Rate

The return to player rate in blackjack and video poker, assuming that the gamer knows the best strategy and uses it on every hand, is about 99.5%.  just as we saw that a gamer can earn a lot of loyalty points by betting their winnings again and again, so can players who play blackjack and video poker earn a lot of loyalty points at almost no cost!  Such is the power of the return to player rate.

Online Loyalty Programs Versus Land-based Loyalty Programs

Generally speaking, the loyalty programs at online casinos and at land-based casinos are the same.  Except when they aren’t:

  1. Players come to a land-based casino perhaps twice a year.  Players come to a great online casino such as Jackpot Capital many times a year thus they accumulate many more loyalty points here at Jackpot Capital.
  2. Land-based casinos award loyalty points only to games played at a terminal.  This usually means slots.  They might award loyalty points to video poker but not to blackjack.
  3. At Jackpot Capital, we keep track of loyalty points in our giant computer center.  Land-based casinos keep track of their loyalty points on the player’s card they give to all players.  Sometimes these cards get lost.  Sometimes a player forgets to take it with them when they go back to the casino.  Sometimes a player forgets where he or she put the card after the last long weekend at the casino!

How Do Other Businesses Give Loyalty Awards?

Many businesses have loyalty programs.  Sometimes they are in-house programs designed to reward employees for good work and long employment.

A retail business may have a loyalty program based on the amount customers have bought.  An ice cream shop may have a punch card so that after ten sundaes, for example, you get one free.

Sales are not exactly a loyalty program but they serve the same function in some ways.  They attract new customers; they retain older customers; they can be effective in spreading the good word from one person to another.

Every business that is interested in offering some sort of loyalty program will look for ways to convert the points into incentives.  In the business world, there are many companies that show other companies how to run a loyalty program.

The Big Three Loyalty Programs

These would be for airline travel, car rentals, and hotel or motel stays.  In fact, any business can have a loyalty program of sorts.  A privately owned used bookstore might have a program in which customers can return a book and get a discount on the next book.

Jackpot Capital is Much More Than a Loyalty Program!

We offer hundreds of great games.  We introduce a new slot every month as SpinLogic, our game provider, always comes through with a new slot every month.

We run many promotions.  Some are short-term promotions and some last a month or longer.  Our loyalty points program has been with us from the start quite a few years ago.  We are a safe and secure online casino through the power of encryption software.  Gamers of all walks of life, sexes, nationalities, ages, and every other demographic under the sun find a warm and welcoming online casino gaming venue here at Jackpot Capital.


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