Celebrate in style with our red, white & blue firework Independence Day bonus! Could there be anything more patriotic than an epic win of your own, this July Fourth?

On July 4th, Americans celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence, which took place in 1776. The event, took place among great political and social unrest on the continent and in Europe, but today, we get to celebrate in the land of the free with BBQs, pool parties, and patriotism galore. While muffins smothered in red, white and blue icing are definitely a good way to celebrate, nothing says July 4th, like a sweet win of our own. This month, grab our Independence Day bonus and head to the reels of a designated slot with up to 50 Free Spins to use to your advantage! Make this your Independence Day and get your hands on the prize!


The Fourth of July is probably the most American Day of the year. Every state will organize parades, firework shows and other fun activities, and most houses will display an American flag. It’s a holiday you simply can’t miss. For expats, celebrations can be a little more complicated but are best done by spending the day doing the most American things imaginable. From baseball to hot dogs, check out Jackpot Capital’s guide to All Things American:

Play a Game of Baseball

You’d be hard pressed to find a more American sport. Football comes as a close second, but you’re also lot more likely to get injured playing a game of that.

Super Size Anything

Doesn’t matter if you’re going for some popcorn or a drink, get it in XXL with cheese sauce on the side. Yes, the drinks too.

Watch a Talk Show

Americans have dominated television since its inception. Sitting down for a late night session is customary in many households, and while funny, these programmes also touch upon a lot of current events and hot button issues, which is a good way to catch up on your American news!

Drive a Pick Up Truck

In automatic, of course. Nothing is less American than manual gears!

Survive a Tornado

The Midwest is actually full of these horrible things. You’ll want to stay clear of them unless you’re on the reels of Triple Twister<link>!

Eat a Hot Dog

Did you know Americans consume approximately 150,000,000 hot dogs, just on the Fourth of July? Why not join in on the mouth watering fun!

Grab an Independence Day Bonus!

Celebrate July 4th

A Flag of Bonuses

Out list could never be complete without one last all-American thing - fireworks! - and this year, at Jackpot Capital, we’ve prepared our own display in red, white and blue. Check out our set of bonuses, have your pick!

Nothing says July 4th like a good set of fireworks, and best of all, this particular set is burn hazard free! To get the most out of your gameplay, make sure that you always take advantage of all the other great bonus opportunities we offer. Head to the Promotions page to check out what else we’ve got in store for you besides our Independence Day bonus and enjoy lucrative bonuses to be used on many of our fantastic slots and table games.

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