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Ah, the Summer Solstice. How great it is to see it again! The true start to the summer, the solstice is the longest day of the calendar year, marking the Earth’s most inclined axis point towards the sun, where it sits directly above the Tropic of Cancer. We say “sits,” because on this day, it seems as though the sun sits on the horizon, hanging for a brief period of time before beginning its slow march back towards the Winter solstice. But no need to fret, we still have a long summer ahead of us, with days full of warmth and sunlight. In true Jackpot Capital fashion, we have celebratory Summer Solstice bonuses, with Regular and VIP offers!Join us now to bring your game to new heights, and keep reading to learn more about our bonus offers as well as about the solstice!

Summer Solstice Celebrations!

Before we get further into things, let’s lay out the foundation of how a solstice occurs. We all know that the Earth is constantly in orbit, but it does not orbit upright, rather it is tilted on an axis by 23.5 degrees. There are two solstices each year, one for Winter and one for Summer, which have reversed effects on the North and South poles. During the summer solstice, the sun is at its northernmost point, giving the northern hemisphere longer days, while the southern hemisphere receives shorter daylight hours. This is then reversed during the winter solstice, as the sun is at its southernmost point. On the day that the earth has fully revolved back to the Summer solstice, at noon the sun can be seen directly overhead at 23.5 degrees north of the equator, which is the location of the Tropic of Cancer, an accepted imaginary line drawing encircling the globe. For reference, the Tropic of Cancer crosses the Bahamas, and is just north of Havana, Cuba.

Interestingly enough, while the Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year in the north, due to varying latitudes it is neither the earliest sunrise nor the latest sunset, though the sequence follows the same pattern. The earliest sunrise is sometime before the solstice, and the latest sunset is afterwards. While the summer solstice means different seasons for the north and south hemispheres, it has marked the “turning” of the year for many millennia now.

Throughout the history of civilizations, many cultures have derived a meaning of culmination from the sun rising and setting at its northernmost point. We have evidence that a diverse range of cultures thought the equinox to be an auspicious time of year, worthy of festivities. In most ancient cultures, summer solstice was a time to delight in nature’s bounty and honor the earth. Naturally this meant people sometimes partied hard. The ancient Chinese saw the summer solstice as an expression of yin and its feminine energy, which was balanced by the yang and its masculine energy of the winter solstice. For the ancient Celts, the longest day of the year also marked a short night of especially wild mischief-making and merriment on the part of nature’s nymphs, the forest spirits of good luck.

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We who play the casinos understand the necessity for honor and respect while gaming, the ideas of investing yourself into your environment. This is a quality that makes us human, and those who know how to properly respect the Game of Life, are those who benefit most from it. This rings true for everything from casinos, to mother earth, and it has been instilled in us since pagan times.

This brings us to Stonhenge. What would a discussion about the summer solstice be without a mention of its most famous tribute! Built between 3,000 B.C.E - 1,600 B.C.E in three different phases, the prehistoric structure has been a place of worship and celebration at the time of summer solstice for thousands of years, and is seen by many as a sacred site. The pagan monument is aligned to the solstices with different stones, including bluestones which were brought from hills more than 150 miles away (now that is some serious dedication), and the rising sun only reaches the middle of the stones on one day each year, when it shines on the central altar, or “heel stone.”

Despite this obvious connection to the sun and its solstices, we do not know the exact purpose of the circle, and we may never fully comprehend its full significance. However, we do know that this knowledge of the sun’s solstices was not limited to the pagans of ancient England. At about the same time as Stonehenge was built, the Ancient Egyptians constructed two pyramids and the Sphinx from their sands. Stand on the Sphinx during the summer solstice and you’ll discover the sun setting directly between the two pyramids. The Mayans of what is now Guatemala also had an astronomical altar for the king to display his power over the heavens. In the great plains of the America’s, the Sioux performed a ritual sun-gazing dance on an arrangement of stones designed to align with the solstice, which encircled a sacred cottonwood tree that symbolized the connected nature of heaven and Earth.

The sun does hang above for a glorious moment this June, but it will set. This rings true for our Summer Solstice bonuses as well! You may get lost in the awe of the solstice this week, so make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with all the amazement!

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