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What are the Many Blackjack Variations at Jackpot Capital?

It is not a secret that most gamers at Jackpot Capital online casino play slots more than any other game.  Everyone loves to win a slot machine jackpot, be it a massive progressive jackpot or a more subdued but still welcome regular slots jackpot.

That has not deterred Jackpot Capital from carrying a fine selection of games in a few other categories.  Today we will focus on the seven blackjack variations we carry here at Jackpot Capital casino.   Let’s take a look at these games; maybe a few thousand gamers will be convinced to play some blackjack too!

21 Blackjack

This is the flagship blackjack variation, what most gamers would call regular blackjack.  As you will soon see, 21 Blackjack is the primary form of a couple of other variations that include side bets in their gaming offerings.

What is Regular Blackjack?

For the truly uninitiated, here are the basics of blackjack.  The dealer deals the cards.  At Jackpot Capital, this is done digitally as is everything at the casino!  There is a lot to be said for the digital revolution in gaming but that is the subject of another article!

The player gets two cards both up and the dealer gets one up card and one down card.  The player has to go first.  This is the central fact about blackjack!  If the player goes over 21 points he or she loses automatically.  At a land based casino where there may be seven players at the blackjack table, a player may bust with 22 points and lose automatically even if the dealer later busts with as many as 26 points!

So, the player has to make some very important decisions!

If blackjack were just the player going first, it would be very much in the dealer’s favor so the game has developed many choices the player can make to even the odds.  The odds so close to 50-50 now that a lot of gamers play blackjack entirely for the fun of it, knowing that in any session they will either win a little or lose a little and have a great time doing so!

The options players have is to double down and receive one card only, to split pairs, the surrender, and to buy insurance.  In addition, blackjack pays 3-2 which gives the player a big edge since blackjack is not a rare hand!

The dealer has a rule that also gives players an advantage.  The dealer has to hit on 16 points or less and has to stand on 17 points or more.  The exception to this rule is that the dealer hits on a soft 17.

The player’s decisions are almost entirely based on his or her cards and the card that is showing from the dealer’s hand.  Some strategic decisions are a bit counter-intuitive which often separates good blackjack players from less good players.

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This is the British version of blackjack.  It has a number of rules differences so we have to list them here:

  • A blackjack is still a 21-point hand with two cards but it is here called a Pontoon.
  • All ties go to the dealer.
  • The dealer hits on soft 17.
  • Players can hit up to five times.
  • If both the dealer and the player have a five card hand, the dealer wins.
  • The player has to hit with 14 points or less unless she has a five card hand.
  • Players can split any pair and can split up to three times.

European Blackjack

This variation differs from the regular game in two important ways.  The dealer in European blackjack has to stand with 17 points even if it is a soft 17.  Also, players can double down only with 9, 10, or 11 points.

One other difference between European and regular blackjack is that in this version, the dealer takes her second card only after the player has finished his action.

Super 21

In this version of blackjack, players are encouraged to go for five-card and six-card hands.  If you get a five-card 21 point hand, you win at the 2-1 rate.  Any six-card hand wins automatically at the same rate.  If you get blackjack in diamonds, you win 2-1 instead of 3-2.  That alone makes Super 21 a good variation to play.

21 Face Up

This is a relatively new variation of blackjack and it is a very exciting one indeed!  The dealer deals all cards face up!  That means that the player sees the dealer’s hand.  If the dealer has 20 points and the player has 19 points, the correct course of action is to hit!

Here are the rules differences in Face Up 21:

  • If the dealer has to stand with her first two cards, the game will automatically hit your hand until you either win the hand or bust.
  • The dealer hits on soft 17.  This means that if you have 16 points or less up to 12 points and the dealer has a soft 17 hand, you should stand because the dealer has to hit the soft 17!
  • Blackjack pays even money.
  • The dealer wins all ties.  That is why the game will automatically hit your hand if you and the dealer both have 20 points!
  • This version uses the European rule that the player can double down only with 9, 10, 0r 11 points.

Face Up 21 is a very exciting variation of blackjack and with so many different rules we urge all gamers to learn the game well before playing it for real money.  That’s one reason why we offer free play!

21 Blackjack + Perfect Pairs

This variation follows the rules for the regular blackjack game with a side bet that you win when you get dealt a pair.  There are three types of pairs and three different payouts for pairs.  Her they are:

  • A Perfect Pair is two exactly identical cards.  Since the game uses several decks, it is possible to get two exactly identical cards!   This pair pays 25-1.
  • A Colored Pair is two cards of the same rank and color but not the same suit.  This pair pays 12-1.
  • A Mixed Pair is two cards of the same rank but opposite colors.  This pair pays 6-1.

Perfect Pairs adds another element of excitement by offering the side bet.  However, you can play the variation without making the side bet.

Suit ‘em Up

This is the newest blackjack variation from Real Time Gaming.  It involves side bets that can give wins of up to 60x your ante bet.  The game is played with standard rules including that the dealer stands on soft 17.

The player decides whether to play with 2, 6, or 8 decks.  Unlike in regular blackjack where the lower number of decks favors the player, in this version, the higher number of decks favors the player.

Here are the side bets and the payouts:

  • Any two suited cards pays 2-1
  • Two suited cards totaling 11 points pays 3-1
  • Any suited pair pays 5-1
  • A suited blackjack pays 10-1
  • Suited aces pays 60-1

Jackpot Capital is Much More than Just Slots

As you can see, Jackpot Capital is a diversified online casino with great choices in slots, table games, video poker, and casual games.  At this unfortunate time, in which so many people have far fewer choices, we are happy to be able to offer gamers so many good gaming options.

We hope everyone emerges from this epidemic in good health!

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