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What are the Most Popular Chinese Themed Slots at Jackpot Capital?

There are many ways to divide slots into categories.  There are progressive jackpot slots and non-progressive slots.  There are slots with fixed playlines and slots where gamers can choose the playline they want to play. 

There are slots three-reel slots, five-reel slots, six-reel slots and even some slots where the screen may expand to as many as eight reels!

Here at Jackpot Capital online casino, we say that there are slots that are fun to play and slots that are fun to play!   One of the great virtues of modern video slots is that they are so flexible.  The themes and storylines can travel in both space and time. 

Modern slots can take on any subject at all.  In that frame of mind, we would like to talk about a couple of the most popular slots at Jackpot Capital casino: slots that derive their storylines and characters from Chinese folklore and mythology.

Cai Hong

This slot is based on the story of Caishen, the ancient Chinese God of Wealth.  Like all true gods, Caishen lives high above the Earth in the clouds and clouds form the backdrop for the game.  As sunset nears, the sky background changes colors, ultimately becoming a brilliant shade of purple.

It is quite interesting that the creative team at Real Time Gaming chose purple as the color of sunset.  In the Jewish tradition, people are permitted to begin the morning prayers when they can distinguish between black and purple in the meager light of the early morning.

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Caishen Celebrates with the Chinese People

Caishen is a prominent character in Chinese New Year’s celebrations.  Many other symbols in Cai Hong are also associated with Chines mythology and the New Year such as the ox, tiger, rooster, dog, rabbit, and pig.

The term Cai Hong means rainbow and this is the symbol that takes you to the free spins bonus round.  The free spins bonus round begins with 8 free spins and a 2x multiplier.  However, every bonus round also includes free picks which can bring more free spins. 

The number of free picks is determined by the number of rainbow scatters you get with the maximum number of free picks being four.  All in all, you can raise your free spins to 33 and you can also retrigger the free spins!

When you retrigger the free spins, you start out with 15 free spins and the multiplier can get as high as 15x.

Caishen is One of Many Gods of Wealth

In ancient Chinese culture, there were several gods of wealth but Caishen became the dominant one over time.  It is Caishen that makes his presence known at many Chinese celebrations.

In modern China, where religious practice is severely limited, Caishen represents the triumph of popular culture over government edict.  Caishen still plays a prominent role in Chinese culture even though everyone readily accepts that he is simply a figure from ancient Chinese mythology.

Caishen in New Year’s Celebrations

There are two important ways that Caishen plays a big role in modern Chinese New Year’s celebrations.  First, Caishen has Temples in his name and, during the entire two-week New Year’s celebrations, worshippers burn incense in the Temples hoping to attract the great wealth that Caishen embodies.

In Chinese religious tradition, the gods are happy deities so worshippers in the Temples are more celebrants than penitents which is the more western form of worship.  Thus, the Chinese worshippers will bless one another with wishes that the New Year will bring them great wealth.


This great slot is based on the mythological undersea dragon that guards great sunken treasures from thieves and undersea marauders.  As such, the Fucanglong are heroic creatures who remain in the deep as long as they are needed.   The Fucanglong also creates volcanic islands when it bursts forth from the ocean depths to meet and commune with the heavenly gods.  The Fucanglong owns a single pearl which it cherishes above all else.

Chinese mythology is replete with the dragon meme.  Dragons all have long sharp talons, short, stubby legs and bodies that twist in a snake-like manner in their natural state.

Fucanglong slot is one of the slots that attracts gamers who seek high adventure, a little danger of the unknown, and the promise of great wealth to the most fortunate among us.  As such, it contrasts well with the very light Christmas themed slots such as in the Naughty or Nice series.

Since it is so easy to go from game to game at Jackpot Capital, we suggest combining the ominous nature of the Fucanglong slot with the colorful and humorous Christmas themed slots.

The characters in this slot are all related to dragons.  There is a certain amount of darkness to the symbols because the deep ocean is very dark as no sunlight can penetrate that far down.  The darkness of this slot represents Nature in its most realistic manner rather than a darkness of spirit.

In fact, just as the gods of Chinese mythology are happy deities that strive to bring great happiness to everyone, the dragons are seen as heroic creatures which guard the people and can bestow great joy, vibrant health, and bounteous wealth upon us.

Expanding Wilds

In Fucanglong, the wild symbols expand in the free spin bonus rounds.  Getting to the free spins bonus round can be an adventure in its own right.  First is the standard three or more scatter symbol entry to the bonus round.  The scatter for this purpose is the dragon mountain. 

The free spins can be retriggered.  Each time you retrigger the free spins, you get three more spins.  More importantly, the multiplier also goes up incrementally by 1x every time you retrigger the free spins and you can reach a multiplier of 8x in this way.

The pearl is also a scatter and it brings you to an even more lucrative free spins bonus round.  In this round, if you haven’t won on your free spins an amount equal to the value of the pearl, the free spins keep coming.  The value of the pearl also increases on each extra spin so the multiplier has the potential to reach an amazing 888x the initiating bet!

The Importance of Legend and the Importance of Gaming

Every culture has legends that carry over from very distant times.  Modern people often are overly realistic and discount all ancient beliefs as just so much myth.  Thus, we have the phenomenon of beautiful churches in many European cities being use for concerts rather than for religious services.

The Chinese people seem to have found the way to incorporate ancient myths into their daily lives without losing the sense that they are in fact myths.  So, here are two cheers for Chinese folklore and mythology as they are brought to your gaming screen by the great slots duo Fucanglong and Cai Hong.

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