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The Taxman is here and he is grinning wide eyed as he rustles through our pockets. We all know that we are fostering the feeling of despair around this time of year, where we resign ourselves to apathy and hope that our profits made from the daily grind will be invested in our well-being. But we here at Jackpot Capital don’t believe you have to simply sit and stare as the Taxman slips greasy palms through our earnings! That is why this tax day we will help you to Trump the Tax! Yeah, we know, maybe you saw that promo line coming, but hey! Sometimes the best things in life are easy. Plus, with our incredible offers, we can back up the talk and help you beat the Taxman!

Beat the Taxman Today!

Did you know the Beatles song ‘Taxman’ was penned by George Harrison in response to learning that 95% of their income was being taxed under the high levels of progressive tax legislation, the “Super Tax,” passed by the British Labour Government? Always the indignant, Harrison found out that for every British pound they made, they were giving over 19 schilling back to the government. There are 20 schilling in a pound. Hence the opening couplet from their famous song. This is one of the reasons why The Beatles ended up in America, along with other British bands like The Rolling Stones, leading to the label of “tax exiles.”

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‘Trump’ the Tax and get some of that hard earned cash back this year?! Be sure to get moving today before you miss out! Don’t forget to have fun while you play!

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