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How is the Coronavirus Affecting People around the World?

The coronavirus has had a major effect on the economy in China and that effect will spread to the rest of the world as products that China manufactures get taken off the market because the factories remain closed even though the closures might be temporary.

In this article, Jackpot Capital casino will try to have a calming effect on people’s frayed nerves and we will start by talking about a slightly humorous development on Google.

Beer is Beer Unless…

Some people have started to Google variations of the following: beer virus, corona beer virus, and beer coronavirus.

You see, the third most popular beer in the United States and the ninth most popular beer in the world is a beer from Mexico called—you guessed it—Corona beer!  Either people don’t know what a corona is or they have a very dark sense of humor!  Let’s see if we can set the record straight.

What Does the Word Corona Mean?

Corona is a word derived from Latin that means crown and, naturally, English developed the word crown from the word corona.  In everyday life, we use the word corona to describe the halo we often see around the moon on nights with a very high relative humidity but not many clouds and no rain.

The coronavirus is one of many hundreds of viruses.  It is called a coronavirus because under a microscope it looks like a crown.  Most coronaviruses are relatively harmless, causing only a simple cold or a mild flu.  This coronavirus is more dangerous which is why every country in the world is taking major precautions to keep people in some sort of quarantine in order to prevent the virus’s spread.  Surely, you have heard about the people who are in quarantine on a luxury cruise liner in the Sea of Japan.  They were placed in quarantine because there was the fear that one passenger had the coronavirus.

As it turns out, over 100 people on that ship have now been diagnosed to have the virus.  So, worldwide preventative measures are having a very positive effect on the spread of the virus.

Corona Beer is an Innocent Bystander

The company that brews Corona Beer chose that name to show that this is a beer of such high quality that even a King would make it the beer of choice of his court.  Anyone who has been watching one of the many historical television series such as Reign, about Mary, Queen of Scots knows that if a King or Queen makes any beer its exclusive beer, that beer benefits dramatically.

Having said all that, we must make the point that Corona beer has absolutely nothing to do with the coronavirus except to say that, if you choose to stay in instead of going out while the coronavirus is still not fully contained, Corona beer is a good choice to drink while you play some casino games here at Jackpot Capital!

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Are People Staying In during the Coronavirus Scare?

There is no hard data yet.  Certainly, in the countries where the virus has affected many people, the general trend is to stay inside and wait the virus out.  This also applies to cities where several victims have been diagnosed with the virus.

In most countries and in most cities where no one has been affected, it seems that life is going on as usual.  Crowds are still high at concerts and sporting events.  Supermarkets are still full on Friday night as people get ready for the weekend.

Most Viruses are Relatively Harmless

The reason that people are generally still going out in places where the coronavirus has not reached is that most viruses are quite common, everyone gets a disease caused by a virus from time to time, and most people easily ward off the virus with a few days of bed rest, lots of water, and spare eating.  Doctors tell parents that their child has a virus and by that the doctor means that there is nothing to worry about, the kid will get better soon, and to give him or her lots of water and rest.

Some people are now saying that the coronavirus that has people scared usually gives the same symptoms as the common cold.  Often the cold lingers so the patient goes to a doctor after about 10 days and the doctor says that they have the flu, not a cold. 

If the coronavirus gives the same symptoms as the common cold, then probably a lot of people have gotten the coronavirus, thought they had a cold, got better, and never told any doctor about it.

So How to Spend your Extra Time in the House?

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